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Make Your Custom Packaging a Gift to Remember

Custom box packaging sets the tone for the entire consumer experience. It's a pivotal moment where the essence of your brand meets the anticipation of your customers. One must use personalized packaging solutions that resonate with your brand identity. This is how you can establish a niche for yourself and lure your target audience.

With artistic knowledge, Half Price Packaging designs boxes tailored to the fit. It will compliment your item while helping you draft a positive brand image. You can choose any from our extraordinary collection presented by our specialist designers. Our exquisite box printing is completed with the following:

  • Tried-and-tested techniques

  • Sustainable inks

  • Superlative machinery

Give a jump start to your brand by getting the real worth of your efforts & resources. After all, we promise remarkable packaging solutions along with high-quality gift boxes, mailer boxes, moving boxes, etc. We have an extensive list of categories with thousands of further packaging products to deal with several clients worldwide.

How Custom Boxes Become “Brand Storytellers”

Nowadays, consumers are increasingly drawn to the stories and values that brands represent. Our custom box packaging offers an ideal platform for businesses to articulate their narratives. Consequently, you will surely connect with customers on a deeper level.

This symbiotic relationship between storytelling and tailor-made boxes creates an immersive and meaningful experience for modern consumers. It persuades your customers to prefer your brand over your competitors and win a continuous competitive edge in the market.

Whether it's through captivating graphics, carefully chosen colors, or cleverly crafted messages, our branded and shipping boxes enable brands to convey their essence and mission effectively.

Innovative Packaging for All Industries

Half Price Packaging creates custom boxes for various industrial sectors from retail to ecommerce with high-quality materials. Our boxes get more ground in packaging because of features like durability, reliability, and easy customization in aspects including size, shape, and design.

On the one hand, the perfect layout of the boxes allows you to get a breakthrough during the DIM calculation of logistical companies. On the other hand, the design makes your boxes more relevant to be effortlessly noticed by your audience. Bringing quality with creativity, our origami boxes are designed to convert into fascinating shapes after use - the classic example of repurposing your packaging.

From the addition of bar codes for easy inventory management to the incorporation of multi-sensory features, we will never fail to amaze you.

Take A Peek Into Our Hot Selling Styles of Custom Boxes

Box style matters most because it brings functionality, outlook, convenience, stability, and stackability to your custom boxes. Our discount boxes are versatile when it comes to style.

Is your product for one-time use or needs to be saved for longer? Don’t fret, you can have our custom box styles with easy opening and closing mechanisms. On the contrary, brands may choose child-resistant boxes for pharmaceutical or cannabis products.

Here is the list of our hot-selling styles of custom boxes:

  • Tuck Top Boxes

  • Reverse Tuck End Boxes

  • Gable Boxes

  • Straight Tuck End Boxes

  • Pillow Boxes

  • Lock Cap Auto Bottom Boxes

  • 6 Corner Boxes

  • Collapsible/Foldable Boxes

  • Magnetic Closure Boxes

  • Sleeve and Tray Boxes

Our Exclusive Packaging Materials

Durable packaging materials are the first line of defense against all the external forces. The smoothness of our material and feel tells about where your brand lies in the gradient of luxury and economy.

Luxury brands use our chipboard rigid boxes that enhance the integrity of their products, like perfume, cosmetics, jewelry, and more.

For natural and organic products, our eco-friendly kraft is a top choice for food, soap, and various other sectors.

Corrugated materials with flutes A, B, C, E, or F are appropriate lightweight packaging for shipping your products at shorter and longer distances.

Our cardboard is plain white stock packaging, which is ideal for getting the best printing results and is used for packing a wider range of products.

Incorporate the rainbow effect into your packaging boxes with our holographic material.

Provide a rustic look to your product packaging with a rugged Bux board.

Use our metallic stock, which comes fully laminated to give it a glossy appearance.

Can’t find your choice of material? We have many other options available. Contact our packaging experts, and they will help you find the most suitable one.

Get the Enchanting Custom Boxes with Vibrant Colors

Our packaging designers are aware of the facts about the informational hierarchy created on your custom-printed boxes. We make your text more readable by using unique typography. Also, we promise to produce a coherent experience for your brand by adopting a particular color scheme.

Half Price Packaging provides you a chance to create innovative and exquisite packaging logo designs by using our software if needed. We prefer only the latest printing techniques like CMYK printing, digital printing, and offset printing. You will never have an issue with sustainability as we use water- and soy-based inks in our entire printing process.

Irresistible Finishing and Add-ons in Custom Packaging Boxes

Our finishing and add-on options bring more functionality to your custom product boxes and make them graceful when it comes to aesthetic appeal.

  • Hot gold foiling provides a metallic shine to your brand name and artwork.

  • Make your boxes pop up from the retail store by breaking the clutter through gloss and UV coating.

  • For moisture resistance traits in your product packaging, use an aqueous coating.

  • Embossing and debossing introduce a tactile and 3D feel to the boxes.

  • Window patching builds your brand as more transparent and offers a clear inside look to your product without opening the boxes.

  • Add foam and corrugated inserts to keep the products in place during the transition.

  • Print QR codes for better traceability of your items for inventory management, storage, and handling.

  • Use silk, ribbon, and bows to convert your packaging to be gift-worthy on special occasions.

A Step Towards a Green Future!

Sustainability has emerged as a pressing concern for both businesses and consumers. Recognizing the importance of reducing our ecological footprint, Half Price Packaging prioritizes eco-friendly materials, printing techniques, and designs. These packaging solutions with the utilization of biodegradable, recyclable, and renewable resources aim to minimize environmental impact and contribute to greener practices.

Our modern custom box design solutions for larger orders have taken significant strides toward environmental responsibility. Certainly, they mirror the amount of effort put into getting cleaner and greener packaging solutions for brands.

Not Just For Custom Packaging But More!

Other than customized boxes, we offer various products, including but not limited to:

  • Double Sided Stickers

  • Branded Labels

  • Political Campaign Printing

  • Magazine Printing

  • Custom Booklet Printing

  • Letterheads Printing

Get Custom Boxes With Logo at Affordable Prices

Half Price Packaging continues to empower startups and businesses of all sizes. How? With high quality custom boxes wholesale made with sustainable materials. Moreover, we bring you a myriad of accessories - from packaging tapes to paper wraps. Our moving boxes not only house the items but also serve as an effective marketing strategy with the logo, brand name, and details carefully mentioned on the box.

You are welcome to avail yourself of free design assistance. Also, we let our clients order digital 3D mockups. We pride ourselves on providing our valued clients with creative and personalized boxes at minimum order quantity within 10-15 business days. Our packaging consultants are always there to provide customer service 24/7 to clients.

Reach out to us now at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected] to enjoy the perkiest packaging solutions awaiting you.

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