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When your items are fragile or luxurious and require safety but must also arrive in style, our custom Ecommerce boxes are your ideal pick available in all sizes with impressive designs and robust product protection to ensure they can withstand drops and bumps. From crash lock security base to peel-and-seal adhesive strip, boxes promise not only secure closure but also quick opening. Bolster your profits & maintain your professional image by adding branding and logo to the box!

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Custom Ecommerce Packaging: Chosen by You & Customized for You

Try Half Price Packaging and explore all the customization options you need to present your product and grow your business.

Whether your E-commerce Business model is B2B or B2C, your packaging preference and aims always remain the same: to send your products safely to your customers' doorsteps. But without knowing what is ecommerce packaging and who is the best custom e-commerce packaging supplier in the USA, you will never get your required packaging standards. Half Price Packaging has all the expertise and cutting-edge technology to create the perfect custom ecommerce boxes.

We provide a variety of shipping packaging designed to deliver items in their original form. You can have fully customizable boxes that suit your product and brand. Our custom Ecommerce packaging and mailer boxes fit all your needs and are ideal for businesses dealing in clothing and accessories. Choose our bespoke product boxes, as they are ideal for cosmetics, electronics, appliances, and other items as well.

Impact of Using Sustainable eCommerce Packaging Solutions on Customer Behavior

Eco-friendly packaging has now become the chief parameter when it comes to consumer buying behavior. D2C (Direct-to-customers) and e-commerce companies are beginning to recognize the significance of eco-friendly and sustainable packaging to connect with an eco-conscious customer base. All of our boxes are designed with sustainability in mind.

Whether you want an FSC-certified box or recyclable box materials, Half Price Packaging has everything that helps reduce your brand's carbon footprint and interact with eco-conscious clients.

To have top-tier branded packaging, use our biodegradable material alternatives that can be printed in vibrant colors and with elegant designs. We provide customizable, easy-to-use, and sturdy ecommerce shipping boxes that eliminate the possibility of product damage during transit and promise your things will always arrive in outstanding condition.

Present Your Brand Outstandingly with Ecommerce Retail Packaging

Highlight your ecommerce brand logo and use a relevant color scheme on your packaging so that your customers don’t face any challenges in recognizing your brand. The effective branding of ecommerce delivery boxes assists you in:

  1. Striking high sales points
  2. Establishing powerful first impressions
  3. Positioning your brand in the minds of your customers
  4. Keeping your customers’ retention rate high

Our packaging experts are aware of shipping tests and standards like ISTA 6 testing and Amazon's frustration-free packaging criteria. We make sure to deliver excellent and error-free ecommerce shipping boxes to our clients.

Order Our Cost-effective eCommerce Packaging Bags

For the ecommerce industry, corrugated boxes are the best packaging material because of their peculiar features: lightweight, affordability, and sturdiness. You can use our ecommerce shipping boxes to deliver heavy or fragile products, as these are made of double-walled cardboard material. To avoid infills because of oversized boxes, Half Price Packaging offers exact-size packaging. With precise size selection, our team helps our clients bypass the FedEx, UPS, and USPS penalization for oversized cartons. Saving you money, right?

Custom Ecommerce Boxes: Your Silent Salesman!

We welcome you to design sustainable ecommerce packaging with your brand colors and add labeling with product information to win the trust of your customers. To create a retail-specific display on your Ecommerce site, it’s wise to put both your product and packaging side by side. So, your customers can determine what they will receive when your product comes to their homes.

Use our sturdy ecommerce packaging material, including cardboard, Kraft, corrugated, and rigid, with the perfect thickness varying between 9pt to 24pt for secure dispatching. You can tailor the style of ecommerce boxes according to your needs, like using Gable Boxes with handles or tray and sleeve boxes created with rigid material with add-ons.

Explore Our Finest Add-ons & Finishes to Delight Your Customers

With our innovative packaging technology and amazing add-ons, we turn simple boxes into an effective communicative tool with your buyers. Some of the trendy options include:


If your eCommerce products are ordered within a town, it’s feasible to pack them into gift-ready packaging to offer your friends and family members. These bring the real festive vibes.

Personalized Cards:

For better connectivity with your customers, add branded cards with greetings. You can use it to explain your brand story, product features, or any discounts on ecommerce packaging bags.


When you need to deliver more than one product into the same ecommerce mailer packaging boxes, inserts play a vital role in creating a sleek look. Ideal to keep the presentation tidy!

Handle & Straps:

For easy carrying of the packaging boxes, providing convenience to customers.

Hang Tags:

For additional information, add custom hang tags that can be removed by customers effortlessly.

QR Codes:

Print scannable QR codes to streamline the process of storage and handling to custom e-commerce packaging.

Our finishing options retain the vibrant color of your printing while acting as a protective layer. When you use anti-scratch gloss or matte lamination, it will nullify the effect of abrasion. Soft and silk lamination, on the other hand, provides a charismatic look to your ecommerce boxes while keeping the sense of refined touch intact. Need something extra? Add aqueous coating, embossing, gold stamping, or debossing to bring more aesthetic appeal and functionality to your packaging.

Meet Your Packaging Needs with Half Price Packaging

Half Price Packaging has extensive experience and expertise in packaging. We provide insightful eco friendly ecommerce packaging solutions based on your brand’s mission. You can use our easy-to-deliver sustainable boxes that mitigate the risks of any product damage.

Reach out to us now at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected] to get the perfect ecommerce packaging solutions aligned with the latest trends.

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Why Us?

Half Price Packaging has 5000+ satisfied clients in the USA, Canada, and Australia. Our cutting-edge packaging technology, combined with 25 years of excellence, helped us to reach a 4.9 rating on Trustpilot and a 4.6 rating on We offer free shipping, free design support, and the lowest MOQs as additional perks to our customers.

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Experience Elegance with Our Premium E-Commerce Boxes

We provide stunning ecommerce packaging solutions to both large and small ecommerce businesses. Our striking designs combined with premium materials bring nothing short of luxury. Half Price Packaging brings you the freedom to customize ecommerce boxes in any size, shape, and colors while incorporating exquisite add-ons. We rely on sustainable ecommerce box materials to revolutionize your packaging. By printing your brand logo and tagline, we let you build a strong connection with customers.

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Frequently asked questions

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What is your minimum order quantity for ecommerce boxes
Our minimum order quantity for ecommerce boxes is 500 units.
How long does it take for you to ship ecommerce packaging bags?
Our shipping time is between 8-10 business days however it can vary depending upon the order quantity.
What customizations do you offer for ecommerce delivery boxes?
We offer fully customable ecommerce boxes in terms of shape, style, size and color. You can choose from our wide collection of add-ons to further customize the box.
Is your ecommerce packaging eco friendly?
Yes, our customer ecommerce packaging is completely eco-friendly. We make sure to use sustainable materials in order to reduce the carbon footprint.
Do you provide samples of ecommerce packaging?
Yes, we provide samples for our custom packaging. In fact, we urge our customers to review the sample before placing a bulk order.