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Customize a durable gable box – a hot favorite of every product seller – for party favors, cupcake packaging, holiday sales, food takeaway, or promotional packaging! Known for practicality, these incredibly versatile boxes entice sales with their fascinating shape that does not take up a lot of space and a super-convenient built-in handle for easy carrying. Being our pop-up design for gift packaging, they offer quick and easy assembly. Our Kraft boxes are best suited for lightweight items, and corrugated boxes for shipping various items. Keep your packed products nice and safe!

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Custom Gable Boxes: The Perfect Convenience Packaging

Make an impression on your customers using a unique style of custom packaging boxes - the Gable boxes.

Custom gable boxes for your product packaging are ideal, as they deliver convenience with durable handles at the top. Your customers can carry your items with minimum effort. Ultimately, it will urge your happy customers to return for a repeat purchase. Made of hard-wearing materials, gable boxes have a style that offers maximum space for printing attractive images and typography.

Our custom gable boxes are famous for their convenience, aesthetics, and versatility and are ideal packaging for inspiring your customers. Half Price Packaging is efficient in manufacturing boxes by adhering to rigorous packaging standards. It is considered a suitable pick for catering and food services. With excellent hard work and polished talents, we always bring brilliant personalization and branding ideas.

Get your desired one anywhere, anytime!

Constructed from a single flat piece of paper, it is bent into a stunningly shaped box that comprises a handle for easy portability. They are versatile enough to be used as a thank you, anniversary gift, birthday goodie bag, etc. Are you planning a theme for a party or a holiday? We design your custom bags in your desired palette, pattern, or design with finishes and add-ons. Shipped flat, they can easily be folded into shape when needed.

You must browse our huge gallery of gable boxes collection featuring enticing artwork, stylish handles, and eye-getting finishes.

Peak of Affordability!

Half Price Packaging offers top-notch boxes at reasonable prices, enhancing your brand's image while optimizing product costs. We offer bulk discount offers for wholesale gable boxes so you can pack your items, including pastries, baked goods, and gifts, at competitive prices.

Market Your Brand with Carefully & Creatively Designed Gable Boxes

Turn your custom printed gable boxes into an influential marketing tool with Half Price Packaging!

Whether you launch a new product in the market or simply promote the existing one, use gable top packaging with innovative designs. You can print your brand name and logo to present your brand effectively. It can help you achieve better brand awareness and product consideration. We have modern printing techniques, CMYK printing, digital printing, and offset printing. Brands can bring more sophistication and charm to their product display or subscription by opting this way.

Our packaging experts are well-versed in brand tactics, so we will provide you with the best-colored gable boxes to strengthen your brand's promotional campaigns. With us, pick event-oriented colors to customize your packaging accordingly. On Christmas or special events, you can pick red gable boxes or white gable boxes to present your products flawlessly. It frames your valuables packed inside with exceptional security and comfort.

Give a Modern Twist to Your Custom Gable Boxes Wholesale with Customization

Our selection of gable boxes is primarily crafted from sturdy stock between the thickness of 9pt and 24pt. This is how we strike a balance between lightweight design and strength! The premium quality boxes include sustainable kraft gable boxes and cardboard gable boxes. For a bold yet sophisticated touch to your product packaging, use corrugated material. They are suitable to carry bulky items, considering they come with multiple layered structures. These materials keep your valuable items protected from severe external conditions and any handling mishaps.

From plain, single-colored boxes to radiantly colored boxes, you will be delighted to see the various designs, textures, sizes, and styles that you can create. Whatever the theme of your party is!

Half Price Packaging has an extensive range of finishing and add-ons to make your gable boxes more functional and attractive. Choose from our library of finishing options, including aqueous layer, fancy gold foiling, holographic foiling, and subtle matte lamination. Also, add-ons make your gable packaging more enticing for your customers. Our collection comprises:

  1. Handles of various material and lengths in diverse colors
  2. Inserts to keep your products in place
  3. Dividers for a tidy presentation
  4. Soft cushions to promise safe shipping
  5. Personalized hang tags for more info on the brand or product
  6. Diverse shapes of patches to get die-cut window gable boxes

Get a Refined Look with Highly Functional & Sustainable Packaging

The folding template ingeniously incorporates a distinctive handle on top. It possesses ample strength to bear various weights. The handle's resilience is supportive of any custom gable box's content. The built-in handle facilitates easy transportation of takeout items while locking tabs enhance box stability. Moreover, the flat bottom ensures products remain stable, reducing the risk of tipping.

Need to impress eco-conscious customers? Do you intend to mark your print as an eco-friendly brand in the market? Or do you wish to compete with other brands complying with sustainable standards? Our premium Kraft paper and cardboard gable boxes blend eco-friendly materials, innovative designs, and advanced printing techniques. Going beyond material, we have sustainable ink varieties such as soy-based.

These sustainable gable boxes position you as a reliable and environmentally responsible business within the market.

Custom Gable Boxes to Turn Your Business into A Great Success

Our highly automatic production line enables us to control every aspect of the manufacturing process. That's why we can deliver you high-quality custom gable boxes in the shortest time. On your custom printed boxes, we give you the most spectacular designs with the company logo and product information displayed alluringly.

Half Price Packaging experts have years of experience in producing trendy packaging designs with the latest printing and die-cutting techniques. We promise to provide the best boxes for getting high brand recognition. Get our packaging services, including:

  1. High Quality and Eco-friendly Packaging Material
  2. Cost saving for wholesale orders
  3. Exclusive price-matching offers
  4. A variety of sizes, shapes, styles, and designs
  5. Easy-to-Assemble
  6. Protective finishing and add-ons to bring a royal touch to your packaging

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