Learn More About Kraft Mylar Bags

What are Mylar Bags? 

Mylar is a thermoplastic film that's often used in packaging, especially for food items. It's available in both paper and plastic form. The material is made by bonding a polyethylene layer to one or more layers of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Mylar bags are flexible and strong, with an excellent barrier to oxygen and moisture. They are also resistant to tearing, puncture, and scuffing.

Types of Kraft Mylar Bags

The two main types of mylar bags are kraft paper mylar bags and kraft plastic mylar bags. Kraft paper mylar bags are made from kraft paper pulp with some other material added (usually cotton) in order to provide strength. They are thicker than plastic mylar bags, but still very flexible. They can stretch up to 65% without breaking. In addition to being lightweight and easy for you to carry, these bags come in a variety of colors and designs so that you can easily find what you need when you need it most.

 Both of these Kraft mylar types are available in features like zipper lock, resealable and heat sealable.

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