Sleeve and Tray Packaging

Tray and Sleeve boxes - customized into all shapes & sizes - feature a lightweight, narrow, and convenient layout for quick loading. With the options of double wall trays, dividers, sliders, and inserts, it is made suitable for shipping luxurious gifts as well as promotional packaging for retail. Where our material promises safety and durability, we also print the branding elements innovatively to pull in and charm the crowd. From trendy flip-flops to rollover and sliding styles, it adds value and style.

sleeve and tray packaging

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Bring Creativity to Your Product Packaging with Custom Tray and Sleeve Boxes

Half Price Packaging is bringing you a chance to upgrade your packaging with an eye-catching box style and attract more customers by providing better product presentation and outlook. You can use custom tray and sleeve boxes as they are flexible enough to induce all sorts of customization to achieve innovation. With custom tray and sleeve boxes with window, one can create a strong visual connection. It is especially true for their jewelry products like rings, necklaces, and bangles, bakery businesses, and cosmetic products including eyeliners, lipsticks, mascara, etc., because your customers can see what is inside the boxes.

Nothing is more effective than using a custom rectangular tray and sleeve boxes to win the customers' hearts!

Half Price Packaging helps brands stand out on the retail shelf by providing premium tray and sleeve boxes with limitless customizations. We have decades of experience that enable us to tailor every aspect of the tray and sleeve packaging to serve the requirements of our clients.

Diversity of Material in Custom Boxes to Meet Your Needs

The material of varied thickness and strength for custom tray boxes and sleeve boxes adds multiple features including luxury, eco-friendliness, and durability to make your packaging more functional. And yes, incredibly fascinating, stylish, and tempting!

Rigid Material:

To improve the aesthetic appeal of your tray and sleeve boxes, you can use rigid material. It has become the ideal packaging for expensive products like watches, rings, perfumes, and necklaces.


Using the easily customizable cardboard material for customer tray and sleeve boxes fetches class and fineness that grab the customer's attention and convince them to buy more.


If your brand has the vision of taking the initiative to save the environment by taking eco-friendly measures, use Kraft to create unorthodox tray and sleeve boxes.

These boxes are perfect for handmade organic products like soaps to communicate originality.


Does your product need to cover longer distances and require more safety? Our experts recommend you use corrugated material for your boxes.

Still not clear about the selection of material? Contact our packaging specialist. They will collect info about the nature of your product and extract insight to arrive at a well-rounded decision about the packaging material.

Speak loudly about your brand with sleeve boxes!

Add Grace by Customizing the Size of Custom Tray and Sleeve Boxes

Pack your products including small toys, electronics, accessories, or stationary items in small custom trays and sleeve boxes to make your packaging more charismatic and tempting for every passerby. Long tray and sleeve boxes on the other hand are suitable for packing products like pencils, crayons, eyebrow pencils, makeup brushes, and colored pencils. Whether your product is small or large, just brief us about the nature of your product and provide the exact product dimensions so we come up with impressive custom packaging, ensuring a snug fit. We use flatbed die-cutters to create tray and sleeve boxes of exact fit for your product organization and packing.

The valuable and tremendous products find secure coverage within tray and sleeve boxes!

Depict Your Brand with Stunning Artwork!

Our unique selection of hues and advanced printing techniques help create the desired perception of customers about your product. For instance, print white and black to attract customers who like vintage trends and designs, whether in apparel or electronics products.

We are capable of turning your plain boxes into branded tray and sleeve packaging by adding the brand logo, taglines, and brand name. These boxes become insignia for your brand and remain in the minds of customers for a longer time. Half Price Packaging promises non-fading prints that never crack or chip away because of our hi-tech multi-color digital printing, CMYK, and offset printing techniques.

Take the appearance of your tray and sleeve boxes from ordinary to extraordinary by printing the design elements, fonts, and colors relevant to your brand and product nature.

Printing is graceful but you need a protective layer for keeping it fresh for a longer time. Half Price Packaging offers a range of finishing options including matte and gloss lamination, spot UV, aqueous coating, varnish, anti-scratch lamination, and the list never ends. To keep the style alive, hot foil stamping and holographic layering are the best shots.

Get Spell Binding Custom Tray and Sleeve Packaging Available in A Myriad of Sizes & Styles

Give your product an unrivaled sense of lavishness using stylish and sliding-out custom tray and sleeve boxes.

With innovative add-ons, you can bring novelty and sophistication into your custom sleeve and tray packaging. Pack your candies, pods, and small fictional characters into sleeve boxes with drawer pull ribbons. The unique opening and closing mechanism of pulling the ribbon provides an outstanding unboxing experience to customers. Half Price Packaging offers various add-ons to bring your products into the limelight. Some of our prominent ones include:

  1. Die Cut Window - a front, transparent patch of any shape on tray and sleeve boxes, providing a thorough look of the inside product.
  2. Ribbons/Bows of vibrant colors for a festive, holiday theme.
  3. Hang Tags seem suitable for adding additional information. They can be easily removed by customers anytime.
  4. Personalized Cards can be your secret to improve your product attractiveness among customers.
  5. We can print your QR codes on these boxes to streamline the handling and storing process.

If your product is chocolate or candies, use these boxes to get the sleek look for your product presentation along custom boxes with inserts. They subdivide the compartment and protect the delicate products from breakage such as perfumes.

Tray and Sleeve Boxes for Slide-to-Reveal Unboxing Experience

Enjoy the freedom of customization with Half Price Packaging. We change the size, design, and material of custom tray and sleeve boxes and let you choose the finishing options necessary for your product packaging. Our packaging experts listen to your requirements and analyze them to deliver the boxes you envisioned for your brand. Ideal for lightweight products as well as luxury items, they showcase your brand in full.

Our distinguishable foldable tray and sleeve boxes are delivered flat to help you save big on shipping costs. The material stock always yields brighter and more vibrant colors, thanks to the use of our eco-friendly soy- and water-based ink varieties. Whether you need a smooth & soft look or a velvety touch, we bring you a diversity of laminations, finishes, and coatings.

Reach out to us now at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected] to get the perfect tray and sleeve boxes.

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