Custom Printed Kraft Boxes

Robust than standard cardboard, our Kraft boxes with minimal ecological footprint have multiple uses in protecting the product in transport, improving the brand's image, and intriguing interest during display. We allow creative freedom with design, style, and color choices.

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Pick Sustainable Custom Kraft Boxes to Display Your Brand’s Core Value

The rustic feel and sustainability of packaging kraft paper boxes are the key elements for exceptional branding.

To highlight your dedication to protecting the environment, use our sturdy Kraft packaging to showcase the natural beauty of your products. As your packaging provides a good impression of your brand’s commitments, it will help to lure eco-conscious customers to prefer your brand over the competitors.

Natural brown Kraft boxes add uniqueness to your packaging. The ability to endure more pressure and top-grade material with varying thicknesses between 9pt to 24pt make them an ideal choice for various industries.

Kraft Jewelry Boxes:

You can appeal to your target market with something fancy, like kraft jewelry boxes with magnetic closures or labels.

Custom Kraft Shipping Boxes:

Whether you have small, large/lightweight, or heavyweight products, use these boxes to deliver your products safely.

Custom Kraft Soap Boxes:

Get an authentic and natural look on your kraft paper soap packaging for presenting your organic soaps while reducing your carbon footprint with green packaging.

Kraft Food Boxes:

Kraft paper provides you with an opportunity to get cost-saving packaging solutions. Time to make your way into bakery products, fast food, cereals, and more!

Kraft Candle Boxes:

If your candles are longer in size, Kraft tube boxes are a more stylish and economical pick. Also, choosing boxes with window means showing off your candles and still having space to print artwork on the top.

Design the Custom Printed Kraft Boxes with Precision Printing

Print your brand logo, artwork, and specific color scheme more attractively with Half Price Packaging!

Our printing experts will put you in the driving seat during the design process and transform the brown surface of Kraft boxes into state-of-the-art visuals with the latest printing technology. You can select one or multiple colors for CMYK, digital, and offset printing without breaking your budget constraints. Apart from no color limitation, our ink varieties make us different. With biodegradable Kraft boxes, our sustainable soy-based ink goes best. Also, we have water-based and fluorescent inks promising non-fading and crisp results.

Choose From the Most Popular Kraft Packaging Styles

Kraft paper packaging is highly resistant to stains and dust and is available in functional and eye-catching styles, preserving the product for longer on retail shelves. Some of the inspirations for biodegradable kraft paper packaging are the following to give you an idea about the diversity of customization in the styles of our boxes:

Kraft Gable Boxes:

With handles, these boxes bring the convenience of carrying your products during transit. The high-end style of kraft gable boxes makes your product packaging distinctive and attractive.

Custom Kraft Pillow Boxes:

These are the ideal choices when you order kraft gift boxes for special occasions. Time to make your loved ones happy!

Kraft Boxes with Lid:

If your products need to be preserved after the first use, getting the kraft boxes with a clear lid or a non clear lid is a wiser choice to make.

Kraft Window Boxes:

For better interaction and engagement with your product, order our kraft boxes with window that will provide the required info to the customer to make a buying decision.

Kraft Round Boxes:

The round boxes made of kraft paper are durable enough to keep their shape intact without any breakage or deformation. They are perfectly suitable for custom kraft gift boxes to pack Easter eggs, party cookies, small gifts, and so on.

Kraft Paper Sleeve Packaging:

It provides a slide to reveal the unboxing experience and use for products like soaps, macrons, jewelry, or phones.

Custom Kraft Mailer Boxes:

Time to shift your packaging to eco-friendly mailer boxes with durable kraft material that is great for shipping your products without any chance of wear and tear.

Customize the Size of Brown Kraft Boxes the Way You Need!

To maintain a presentable and classic look, use our handy skills to customize the eco-friendly kraft paper packaging size according to your product requirements. The right size of kraft brown boxes benefits you in the DIM weight calculation and overcomes the chances of getting enormous charges for your product shipment. Also, we know the tricks to end voids that need to be filled in the letter stage and put your boxes in the category of excessive packaging.

Explore Our Add-ons & The Finest Finishings

For fragile products, you can use inserts to stop the products from rolling out into the packaging. Our functional add-ons, such as micro-perforation and compartments, organize your products and give them a neat look. Also, we design kraft mailer boxes with QR codes and RFID for seamless tracking and storage of your products. From colored ribbons to personalized hang tags, custom stickers to informative labels, our add-ons can be festive as well as practical. With aqueous finishing and anti-scratch lamination, your Kraft boxes wholesale are protected from environmental factors. If you need a punch of luxury, we have soft/satin lamination and spot UV coating.

Half Price Packaging: One-Stop Packaging Solution for the Wholesale Kraft Boxes

Whether it’s about customizing the shape of your kraft boxes with lid or printing your logo with minimalist typography, Half Price Packaging offers one-stop packaging solutions. Our dedicated experts are always available throughout the designing and ordering process to ensure that you get the high-grade and most economical Kraft packaging boxes suitable for shipping. We provide everything necessary for creating unique kraft paper boxes.

Reach out to us now at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected] to get premium quality custom Kraft boxes with logos.

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Frequently asked questions

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What are Kraft boxes made of?
Kraft boxes are primarily made from Kraft paper, which is eco-friendly, recyclable, and biodegradable. It offers both durability and a natural, rustic appearance.
Can I customize the size and shape of my Kraft boxes?
Absolutely! We offer full customization in terms of size, shape, and design to cater to your specific needs.
Is there a minimum order requirement for Kraft boxes?
We pride ourselves on having one of the industry's lowest MOQs, making ordering from us easier for businesses of all sizes.
Do you offer design assistance for Kraft boxes?
Our 3D design studio team is on hand to help bring your vision to life, ensuring your box design aligns with your brand identity.
Is the printing on Kraft boxes of high quality?
Absolutely! We utilize high-tech printing techniques to ensure that the designs are clear, vibrant, and long-lasting.