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Our luxurious & desirable Custom tobacco and cigarette packaging keeps your total project costs low while keeping products presentable & safe from environmental factors. All sides of the boxes are fully customizable, even inside can be printed. A great advertising and promotional tool to make your mark!

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Distinguish Your Brand with Quality Cigarette Packaging

Get a professional cigarette box packaging crafted with high-quality materials and in creative shapes and styles that look stylish to carry, and can keep things in excellent condition for a longer period. Our cigarette packaging design is feasible yet smart enough to save your cigarettes from crumpling or scrunching. You can add inserts into the blank cigarette packaging for added elegance and protection. At the same time, the box exterior can be given a stellar look with our advanced printing options.

Our cigarette packaging design is feasible and stylish yet smart enough to save your cigarettes from crumpling or scrunching. You can add inserts into the blank cigarette packaging for added elegance and protection. At the same time, the box exterior can be given a stellar look with our advanced printing options.

Because of its versatility, the structural components of these cigarette display boxes can be modified in various ways. It serves as a great advertising and promotional tool for increasing the visibility of your cigarette brand. We have a choice of creative designs available, or you may share your design ideas with us, and Half Price Packaging will make the best cigarette packaging boxes and match packaging boxes ever!

Promote, exhibit, and protect your cigarettes with brilliantly designed and stunningly printed custom cigarette boxes.

Order Your Custom Cigarette Packaging Made of Long-Lasting Materials

Half Price Packaging aims to win the trust and loyalty of our valued customers; hence, we use a stock of high standards. Only premium materials well-known for their great feel, strength, and longevity! Robust cigarette boxes ensure the safety and purity of the cigarettes contained therein, and will be efficient in preserving their originality for longer. As a precaution, our professionals supply ecologically appropriate packing materials.

Which material do you want to use for your box? If you are unsure, we can provide you with a free consultation. Also, Half Price Packaging provides a wide range of cigarette box packaging materials, including the following:

Kraft: It is an organic substance and very lightweight, making it simple to handle and transport. The Kraft box's slightly hard structure helps protect the cigarette goods amazingly. The biggest plus of opting for this material? Paper cigarette packaging is completely recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Card Stock: Despite being a lightweight substance, cigarettes are kept safe from breaking into cartons. It is a strong substance that works perfectly for local deliveries. With the assistance of our designers, you may tailor the cigarette packaging Australia per your preferred color scheme, artwork, size, and style.

Cardboard: These cigarette boxes have a thicker texture than Kraft or paper. As a result, the cardboard cigarette packaging provides a maximum level of protection while shipping your cigarettes overseas.

Rigid Box: It is the stiffest and most elegant material, dramatically enhancing the cigarette standard. Considering cigarettes are highly delicate, get this box to safeguard them when transported. We also provide super-hard material and blank cigarette packaging.

There are more to explore, and if you can’t find what you need, contact our representative!

Exquisite Coatings for Cigarette Boxes’ Protection

Coating the boxes is a critical stage in the packaging of cigarettes. It protects all visual designs from damaging factors such as wind, water, dirt, and others along with producing a perfect glaze to enhance the visibility of products.

Aqueous cigarette packing coating is water-based and is considered the industry standard because of its low cost and high performance. It has a minimal gloss finish to add a little roughness to the appearance but is not excessive to detract from their charm.

In contrast, UV coating on custom cigarette boxes produces a luster look.

On the one hand, matte coating is great for luxury cigarette packaging USA. It is favored for adding a deep hue to the box. Its matte appearance is both beautiful and trendy. On the other hand, glass coating also promises an exceptionally shiny and smooth outlook.

Custom Printed Cigarette Cartons Luring Every Pedestrian

Making beautiful packaging takes time, money, and effort if you want to attract new customers. Your consumers will find your products worth buying only if you wrap them in a gorgeous box composed of high-quality materials.

Usually, the preferred shape of the cigarette boxes is either square or a rectangle while featuring a flip-able lid on top for the product’s security from dust, moisture, and heat. Half Price Packaging can design an eye-catching box that will immediately capture the attention of spectators.

Make your boxes a style statement everyone would want to follow!

We, the recognized manufacturers of cigarette packaging boxes wholesale, provide a wide range of accessories and lamination options. Depending on your preference, pick one or more. You may include a die-cut window for a simple appearance.

Our additional alternatives, such as raised ink, debossing, embossing, foiling in gold or silver, and metal accenting, can hypnotize your customers.

Moreover, we offer an insert of every size for cigarette boxes that will safely store your brand's pre-rolls. The inserts split your pre-rolls with paperboard so they may be arranged any way you like. Dividers can be placed between each pre-roll or every few joints. For complementary safety, we have a variety of padding and cushing present.

Get Your Cigarette Packaging Boxes Delivered Quickly

Half Price Packaging brings your items directly to your front door!

A tempting and easy-to-use high-quality packaging is vital for the popularity of the brand and particular product collection as well. Our team is familiar with all the secrets to faultless packaging that resists any harmful condition and shields the delicate product inside from all possible damages.

We've chosen reliable supply chain partners. Half Price Packaging distinguishes ourselves from other companies not only in terms of design and production but also in terms of delivery.

We have a faster turnaround time, free shipping inside the United States, and offer urgent delivery if you have a tight deadline. Our customer support team is accessible via email at [email protected] and 866-225-2112 to resolve all your queries and concerns. Cost-effective custom cigarette packaging is just one click away!

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Why Us?

Half Price Packaging gives significant wholesale discounts, free design support, free shipping of cigarette packaging in Australia, the USA, and the UK, quick worldwide deliveries, and the lowest MOQs to give you the maximum value. We follow modern technology and standard practices along with state-of-the-art printing techniques, guaranteeing 100% commendable results for customers. We hold a record of serving 5000+ satisfied clients with a 25-year experience. Our client-first approach has helped us reach a 4.9 rating on TrustPilot and a 4.6 rating on REVIEWS.io.

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Boxes Turning Your Business into a Brand!

Half Price Packaging specializes in supplying distinctively designed custom cigarette packaging boxes that are developed with the customer's needs in mind. Any changes for cigarette cartons – a new brand logo, a color change, or a size or shape alteration, for example – can be requested by the buyer. Our knowledgeable curators will put together personalized boxes for you. Our design ideas are not only artistic or colorful but conspicuous enough to invite everyone from a multi-millionaire to an ordinary layman to buy your product. Exclusive cardboard cigarette packaging is an economical source of branding. Our professional designers will work with you to ensure that Half Price Packaging creates the custom cigarette box of your dreams at the most economical price, whether you want a design with gold foil, spot UV, or other premium printing options. You may also order bespoke samples before we begin printing.

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Frequently asked questions

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How can I calculate the dimensions of my cigarette box?
The length of the box is computed from left to right. The breadth of the box is measured from front to back. The box's height is measured from top to bottom.
What parts of the cigarette packaging boxes can I customize?
The front, rear, top, bottom, exterior, and interior are all entirely modifiable. Even the flaps that fold into or are situated within the folded box on the outside and inside are modifiable.
Will I be shown a sample before my custom cigarette packaging is manufactured?
Before proceeding with production, our professional team will send you a digital 3D image of your custom cigarette packaging boxes. Before commencing the production process, you can check to verify and analyze the final design and make any necessary adjustments or approvals.
What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) for cigarette packaging boxes wholesale is determined by the specific product line and amount of customization requested. Please get in touch with one of our product consultants for additional information on the minimum order quantity for cardboard cigarette packaging.
When sending photos and graphics, which resolution should I use?
The resolution should be adjusted to 300 dots per inch (dpi). Please remember that graphics and photos acquired from the internet may have a poor resolution—generally less than 100 dpi. Avoid utilizing these graphics since printing will cause them to become pixelated and fuzzy.