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Custom Pillow Boxes

Custom Pillow packaging with a sleek, elegant appearance can be a head-turner especially when we couple them with stylish customizations. From luxurious gifts to food items, jewelry to apparel, pillow boxes give a distinctive & personalized touch to your product. We can deliver them printed with a logo to market your brand or aluminum foiling to increase the shelf life of products as well as die-cut windows to help you garner attention.

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Lightweight & Quality-Made Custom Pillow Boxes

Half Price Packaging offers endless possibilities where your ideas shape through our diverse customizations. From captivating design details to personalized touches, we offer tailor-made solutions - bespoke sizing, elaborate die-cut patterns, exciting color choices, and embossed signatures. We ensure that our clients are satisfied by providing premium quality packaging that corresponds to the individuality of their products.

Explore Our Palette of Premium Materials

Our curated selection includes but is not limited to CCNB for a sleek foundation, natural brown kraft evoking organic charm, and white kraft exuding pristine grace for your kraft pillow boxes. We bring:

  1. The purity of bleached kraft paper
  2. A sturdy canvas of corrugated stock
  3. The enigmatic allure of Black Kraft

Each material of custom printed pillow boxes embodies a striking personality – from contemporary to rustic authenticity. Our materials inspire innovation!

Durable Laminations for Customized Pillow Boxes

Our comprehensive range of coating and lamination solutions caters to diverse needs, guaranteeing an impeccable finish and improved durability against wear and tear for your custom pillow boxes. Our offerings include:

  1. Aqueous Coating, providing a subtle finish
  2. UV Coating for an eye-catching, high gloss effect
  3. Spot Gloss UV to accentuate specific areas
  4. Soft Touch Coating for an extra flair of elegance coupled with a velvety feel and tactile allure
  5. Anti-scratch Lamination for preserving aesthetics in high-contact scenarios

Whether seeking heightened aesthetics, protection against scratches, or tactile appeal, our array of coatings and laminations ensures your products stand out visually and endure the test of time.

Vibrant Creations: Explore Our Ink Varieties & Get Masterful Printing

Our printing expertise spans the spectrum, offering cutting-edge digital offset for precision and efficiency alongside the timeless allure of Pantone colors. Our adept team knows how to make use of the brilliance of CMYK in digital offset, where intricate details are complemented with unmatched clarity. Pantone shades, for fascinating consistency, are best to boost your designs.

Are you seeking rich, traditional tones or modern, eye-catching shades for custom pillow boxes? Our ink collection caters to every creative aspiration. Half Price Packaging provides responsible printing without compromising on quality. Committed to sustainability, we offer various options that harmonize stunning color with environmental consciousness. Our soy-based inks are formulated to deliver pulsating and sharp impressions while reducing ecological impact.

Step into a world of enchanting hues with our diverse selection of soy-based inks!

Eco-friendly pillow boxes printed with long-lasting, no-smudge, or easy-to-fade inks enliven your designs and contribute to a greener tomorrow. At Half Price Packaging, you can experience the fusion of color and eco-friendliness with our extensive ink range.

Bring Creativity with Die Cuts, Inserts, Cushions, and Compartments

Dare to go beyond conventional design boundaries with our captivating array of add-ons tailored to transform your custom printed wholesale pillow boxes into stunning experiences.

  1. Mesmerizing die cuts helps you add dynamic shapes to captivate attention and curiosity.
  2. Elevate functionality and engagement with Inserts, providing space for additional information or surprises.
  3. Experience luxury with Cushions, where delicate items find a secure and elegant resting place.

Each add-on intertwines creativity and practicality, enabling you to craft unique pieces. Consider our range of add-ons a gateway to exceptional storytelling and unparalleled aesthetics.

Order Your Custom Printed Pillow Boxes with Specialized Finishes & Add-Ons

Experience the art of refinement with our gamut of special finishes that transform your custom pillow packaging into gorgeous works.

  1. With our shimmering allure of Cold Foil Printing, let’s add extravagance to your box style.
  2. Create tactile masterpieces with Blind Embossing, where textures speak volumes without uttering words.
  3. Witness precision in embossing, bringing beauty with scrupulous detail.
  4. Open windows to the imagination with Window Patching

Whether it's about reflecting brand identity, celebrating special occasions, or making a brand statement, our customization expertise empowers your pillow packaging boxes with distinctiveness. Take your designs, packaging, and promotional materials to new heights by harnessing the magic of our comprehensive customization offerings.

Avail All the Perks!

With custom Paper Pillow boxes, you can give a distinguishing expression to your product. These exclusive yet simple boxes are picture-perfect and insta-savvy for products like jewelry, chocolates, and gifts. Being an excellent alternative to standard boxes, their exclusive shape and size make them stand out.

We take things to a broader level from their printing and finishing to their overall styling. Our eco-friendly pillow boxes with window for your products offer the same unique appearance and strength but minimal footprint.

Our team is here to help you at every step for easy packaging. You can reach us at 866-225-2112 or email [email protected]

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Frequently asked questions

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What materials are pillow boxes made from?
Pillow boxes are typically made from paperboard or cardstock, which provides durability while allowing for easy customization and printing.
Can I customize the design of the gift boxes?
Yes, our boxes are fully customizable. You can choose from various sizes, colors, and materials and add your logo branding.
What is your minimum order quantity for the pillow boxes?
Our minimum order quantity for boxes is 500 units.
How long do you ship the pillow boxes?
The delivery period for these boxes typically spans 8 to 10 business days, although this timeframe may vary based on the order quantity.
Is your packaging eco-friendly?
Yes, our packaging is entirely eco-friendly.