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The Inspiring Client Story of Kind Laundry!

Two people were once battling the arduous task of washing their clothes in a small laundry room. The constant routine of purchasing plastic washing jugs, fumbling with measuring glasses, and tossing them into a recycling bin that perpetually seemed to be overflowing was getting to Angie Tran and Bernard Law. They were aware that there must be a better alternative.

As they began to research, they learned that they were not the only ones who were frustrated with this issue. Many others sought a more environmentally friendly and long-lasting solution to laundry detergent packaging. They had an idea at that point.


Angie and Bernard launched their own laundry detergent company aiming to be 100% environmentally friendly. This was a challenge, but they were eager to make it happen. They decided to name this company "Kind Laundry."

But they ran into roadblocks every time they tried to find a packaging partner. Other companies offered sustainable packaging but at astronomical and unsustainable prices for a small business like Kind Detergent.

They were starting to worry that they would have to compromise their values and settle for packaging that didn't align with their brand or their environmental commitment.

"Running a business can be tough, but compromising our values? It felt like we were on a never-ending spin cycle searching for the right partner. But we didn't give up, and now we've found a packaging solution that aligns with our brand and our commitment to the environment."

~Bernard Law, Founding Partner of Kind Detergent

But then, one day, they stumbled upon Half Price Packaging. At first, they were skeptical. How could a company offer eco-friendly packaging at half the price of its competitors? It seemed too good to be true.

But as they looked into Half Price Packaging more closely, they realized this was the real deal. They use recycled materials and biodegradable inks in their packaging and have a rigorous system to ensure their products are truly eco-friendly.

The pricing was incredibly reasonable. Kind Detergent could finally afford to order the bulk packaging they needed to grow their business without compromising their sustainability commitment.

They also needed to figure out how to ship their bulk orders without causing unnecessary harm to the environment. Once again, Half Price Packaging came to the rescue. They offered various shipping options, from recycled packaging materials to carbon-neutral shipping methods.


Kind Detergent was thrilled. They had finally found a packaging partner who shared their values and was able to meet their needs.

Kind Laundry reached out to the team at Half Price Packaging and explained their remarkable idea. They were looking for a packaging solution that was not only sustainable but also durable enough to withstand the asperity of the shipping.

Half Price Packaging was primed for the challenge. They understood that Kind Laundry was a company that was ardent about their responsibility to the environment, and they were willing to help them reach their target.

Despite being on a tight timeline, Kind Detergent requested to review the materials and receive sample boxes of their packaging before mass production. Although the processing time for this request may vary, our product specialists were prepared to carefully execute the process to meet Kind Detergent's needs while completing the project in ten working days.

Half Price Packaging provided them with premium 100% recyclable trays, sleeve kraft tuck boxes, and Straight Tuck End Kraft boxes. As per the client's request, Half Price Packaging used algae ink. This printing option has a range of eco-friendly benefits, including a negative carbon footprint, compostability, and resistance to UV light.

"It's refreshing to see a printing option that not only produces quality results but also aligns with our company's values and commitment to sustainability."

~Angie Tran, CEO of Kind Detergent

Angie and Bernard were ready to launch Kind Laundry once the packaging was in hand. They were confident they had a unique product that would appeal to a broad range of customers.


Kind Laundry was an instant success as soon as it was launched. Consumers appreciated the packaging's practicality as well as the laundry detergent's eco-friendliness and plant-based ingredients. With Half Price Packaging's bespoke packaging solution, customers could effortlessly scoop out the ideal amount of laundry detergent without any mess or fuss.

Today, Kind Laundry is one of the most prosperous laundry detergent companies in the United States. Their loyal customer base continues to grow every day. They are a proud company that has never compromised its sustainability commitment.

"Going green never looked so good! Our sustainable kraft packaging solution has got our customers seeing double-double the sustainability and double the style. We're thrilled to receive such positive feedback, and we can't wait to continue paving the way for a more sustainable future with Half Price Packaging."

~Angie and Bernard, Founders of Kind Detergent

To summarize, the story of Kind Laundry X Half Price Packaging is inevitably one of perseverance, ingenuity, and sustainability. It shows that making a significant impact globally is possible with the right partners and approach.

Half Price Packaging is proud to have contributed to the success of Kind Laundry.

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