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Crafting custom candle boxes to successfully incorporate your branding and marketing goals to provide a tantalizing preview to your customers! Our candle boxes are easy to customize in any shape, style, and festive theme. With eco-friendly candle packaging, you can sharpen, enhance, and illustrate your green initiative optimized for reducing waste.

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Durable and Long Lasting Materials for Excellent Candle Boxes

Your luxury candle packaging boxes should showcase and protect your candles with grace. Our materials are thoughtfully curated to align with your brand's values and aesthetics. Our Kraft candle boxes embody our expertise and promise durability, safeguarding your candles while conveying your brand's essence.

Opt for our eco-friendly, recycled cardboard or corrugated to maintain sustainability and show how much you care for the environment. Also, you can pick luxury rigid boxes to provide the royal touch to your candle packaging or lightweight Kraft paper for a rustic and organic charm. All materials perfectly complement your natural candle collections!

Do you need to make your candles look extravagant? Half Price Packaging’s art paper selection ensures vibrant and intricate printing on candle subscription boxes that attract visitors. Textured paper or clear plastic improves a tactile and visual experience, enticing customers to explore further.

Choose the Designs for Candle Boxes That Speak to Your Audience

Defy the darkness with our latest printing technology for custom candle boxes including CMYK printing, digital printing, and offset printing. You can select the perfect colors scheme with our Pantone Matching system without losing touch with sustainability. Half Price Packaging adheres to sustainable printing solutions by using non-toxic and non-fading soy-based and water-based inks.

We offer no color limitation with the choices of 1/4, 2/4, and ¾. From printing your desired artwork to illustration, real-time product images to branding elements, product details to any instructions - we serve you in all fields.

Candlelight possesses a captivating beauty that is expressed well when vibrant colors for taper, scented, pillar, jar, and tealight candles packaging are used. Choose the packaging design relevant to your audience and styles of candles. If you’re creating candles for meditation, use mauve to add grace and subtleness to your candle packaging. Also, print your brand name, logo, and artwork against a deep blue background on your candle boxes to signify wisdom and truth.

Outstanding Finishings to Uplift the Aesthetics

Choose from our exquisite range of finishes for your Instagram-savvy candle subscription boxes to enhance the candle’s durability, appearance, and functionality. Whether you opt for a luxurious glossy finish or a subtle matte finish for a contemporary feel, our expert craftsmen ensure impeccable application.

Other impressive options for candle shipping boxes are soft touch lamination, linen texture, and holographic lamination. Brands go for hot gold foiling to highlight their significant design elements while embossing and debossing provide tactile feel to the boxes.

Personalize Your Cardboard Candle Boxes with Exotic Add-Ons

Unboxing is a sensory journey, and our selection of add-ons is designed to turn it into an unforgettable moment.

What else can be better than die-cut windows offering an attractive outlook of your candles and encouraging customers to engage with your candle box packaging?! Further, you can add a touch of grace with ribbons and bowties while creating an element of luxury that aligns with your brand's sophistication. Also, candle boxes with inserts ensure your candles are cradled securely within the packaging.

Where hang tags allow you to share your brand story or care instructions to foster a deeper connection with your customers, scented elements that infuse your packaging with a hint of your candle's fragrance can be a way to a truly immersive and multisensory delight that lingers in the memory.

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Half Price Packaging offers outstanding custom packaging boxes that are excellent for drawing in customers. Our services include free design assistance, manufacturing & assembling, custom designing, custom painting, and much more. Half Price Packaging ensures all clients are satisfied by providing premium-quality packaging. You are also welcome to provide ideas; our designers will execute them to craft the perfect candle boxes for you.

Bring us any pricing proposal, and we will indeed undercut it to make candle boxes wholesale more affordable for you! Also, we always provide free digital samples and required 3D models to make this process convenient.

Reach out to us now at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected] to get the best possible packaging deal for your branded items.

Make Your Candle Packaging the Star of the Show

The highly skilled team of designers works hard to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your candle boxes. Also, our minimalist candle packaging is perfect for raising brand awareness and leaving a mark in the competitive market. Order your monthly candle subscription boxes to always keep your customers on their toes while letting them experience something new every time. Our 2 piece candle boxes can be a perfect addition to your brand!

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Why Us?

Our candle shipping boxes are making waves worldwide. Why? We provide premium quality candle boxes at affordable rates with the lowest MOQs in the market, giving us a client satisfaction percentage of 100%, an exceptional 4.9 rating on Trustpilot, and a 4.6 rating on Our turnaround time is sure to make heads turn – shipping products in just 8-10 business days. We are offering custom box services to the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada along with providing free storage space (warehousing facilities) and the most straightforward price-matching option.

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Make Your Candle Packaging the Star of the Show

Creating perfectly customized luxury candle packaging boxes to support your branding & marketing objectives! The highly skilled team of designers works hard to enhance the unboxing experience for your customers. Also, our minimalist candle packaging is perfect for raising brand awareness and leaving a mark in the competitive market. Order your monthly candle subscription boxes to always keep your customers on their toes while letting them experience something new every time. Our 2 piece candle boxes can be a perfect addition to your brand!

You are welcomed to emphasize your brand’s commitment to eco-friendly candle packaging with us, as we help you discover a variety of sustainable packaging styles that align perfectly with your green initiatives.

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Frequently asked questions

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What is your turnaround time?
Our turnaround time is 8-15 business days. However, this time varies depending on the quantity of the order, the customization options you choose, and the preferred add-ons.
Do you provide a sample of the packaging before shipping?
Yes, we provide a 3D sample of the packaging before shipping your order. We emphasize reviewing the sample carefully in case any changes are carried out before final packaging production.
Do you provide windows in custom candle packaging?
Yes, you can incorporate window cutouts to make your luxury candle boxes stand out.
What is the cost determinant for your luxury candle boxes wholesale?
The price of luxury candle boxes wholesale depends on the choice of material, shape, style, printing, finishing, and add-on options.
What are the perfect candle boxes for shipping?
Use our rigid boxes with inserts or corrugated boxes as they are durable materials equipped enough to deal with all logistical challenges easily.