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What are Display Boxes?

Display boxes, also known as shadow boxes or display cases, are typically enclosed containers with a transparent or open front panel designed to showcase and protect valuable or sentimental items. These boxes are often used to display objects like collectibles, memorabilia, artifacts, awards, and other small items of significance. The transparent front allows for easy viewing while protecting the contents from dust, light, and physical contact. Display boxes are commonly used in museums, galleries, homes, and retail settings to present items in an organized and visually appealing manner.

Our Custom Display Boxes

Utilize counter display boxes to effectively present your products in a prominent position at the checkout line within shops, retail stores, and shopping malls. These display boxes can be tailored to your preferences, available in diverse shapes, styles, dimensions, and designs. Countertop display boxes can be finished with soft matte textures for a refined touch, high gloss coatings to amplify colors, and embossing/debossing for a luxurious appearance and tactile experience. Leveraging cardboard display boxes enables customers to easily pick up and purchase your products, driving sales by swiftly attracting attention.

A cardboard pop display box serves as a potent marketing solution, enhancing your product packaging and delivering exceptional marketing reinforcement. We specialize in crafting bespoke cardboard display boxes at wholesale rates, offering swift and complimentary shipping across the entirety of the United States.

Cardboard Shelving Displays & Display Box Stands

Our collection of cardboard display boxes and stands is designed to make your products stand out in bustling retail environments, shopping centers, and stores. Crafted from durable corrugated materials, our display stands boast both strength and aesthetic appeal. Discover a diverse array of shapes and styles in our display box gallery for sale and reach out to us today.

Product Presentation Boxes & Counter Display Solutions

Enhance the visibility of your products by selecting the ideal packaging solution. Our product presentation boxes ensure that your items are showcased in the best possible light. Crafted from robust corrugated or paperboard stock, our counter display boxes offer both durability and style. Half Price Packaging presents a collection of professionally crafted countertop display boxes tailored to present your products in eye-catching packaging that drives sales.

Counter Boxes Elevate Your Product Presentation

Collaborate with our packaging and design experts to create retail display boxes that captivate and entice customers. Featuring your logo, custom artwork, and unique design, our cardboard counter display boxes transform your products into irresistible offerings that practically fly off the shelves. The right packaging can significantly bolster your marketing endeavors.

Innovative and Distinctive POP Display Designs

Our team specializes in crafting innovative and distinctive pop-up cardboard counter display boxes. Position your products in stores and retail markets to seize the attention of potential customers and encourage purchases. Our display boxes set a high standard, positioning you for success.

Tailored Printing Options for Enhanced Brand Exposure

At Half Price Packaging, we employ top-tier printing technology to produce customizable counter boxes. These options empower you to infuse your marketing concepts into your packaging, lending optimal support to your brand. Personalized packaging sets your brand apart from the competition.

Premium Quality Display Boxes with a Range of Finishes

Crafted from premium materials, our cardboard display boxes ensure superior quality. We meticulously construct our retail display boxes to perfectly accommodate your products. These boxes exhibit sturdiness while remaining lightweight, rendering them the ultimate choice for display purposes.

Tailor-Made Countertop Display Boxes

Our fully customizable boxes feature high-quality printing that renders them approachable solutions, inviting customer interaction and product purchases. Choose from a spectrum of pantone or CMYK colors and embark on the design journey for your display boxes today.

Discover a Plethora of Finishing Choices for Our Popular Countertop Displays

Opt for a soft matte finish for a pleasing tactile experience or coat the cardboard counter display boxes with a high-gloss finish to make colors vibrant and attention-grabbing. This strategic finishing ensures your box stands out amongst the competition.

Transitioning from Sealed Boxes to Display Packaging

Display packaging begins much like foldable boxes and cartons, featuring flaps that facilitate box closure. Display boxes also incorporate perforated lines, enabling effortless removal to transform them into captivating counter display packaging.

Presentation Box

With Dust Flaps: The generous aperture of the presentation box incorporates dual dust flaps on its sides, readily foldable by hand.

Without Dust Flaps: The expansive opening of the counter display box features perforations for effortless removal of dust flaps. Manual assembly is simple for these boxes.

Custom Box Inserts

Custom box inserts for display boxes are designed to enhance the organization, protection, and presentation of items within the box. These inserts are tailored to fit the specific dimensions and shape of the display box, creating designated compartments or slots for each product. They prevent items from shifting during transportation and display, minimizing the risk of damage. Custom box inserts can be crafted from materials like foam, cardboard, or molded plastics. They elevate the perceived value of products by ensuring a neat and professional presentation, making them an ideal choice for showcasing delicate or high-end items in retail, exhibitions, and packaging contexts.

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Why Us?

When it comes to packaging boxes, choosing us is an intelligent choice. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets us apart. We understand the importance of sturdy, reliable packaging for your products. Our wholesale display boxes are carefully crafted to protect your items during transit. We can meet your needs with our extensive selection of box sizes and customization options. Our quick and effective delivery will satisfy your packaging requirements on time. Trust us for top-notch packaging solutions. Your satisfaction is our priority. Reach out to us now at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected].

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Elevate your product presentation to new heights by choosing our custom display boxes. Crafted with precision and creativity, our packaging solutions offer the best features in the market. We've got everything covered, from eye-catching designs to durability and eco-friendliness. Our display boxes protect your products and make them shine on the shelf. Choose us for packaging that stands out, leaving a lasting impression on your customers. Elevate, Illuminate, Captivate!

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Frequently asked questions

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Do you offer design assistance for display boxes?
Certainly! Our 3D design studio is equipped to assist clients in visualizing, creating, and refining their packaging designs for the best outcomes.
What customizations do you offer for packaging?
We offer fully customizable packaging in shape, style, size, and color. You can choose from our wide add-ons to further customize it.
What printing options do you offer for custom packaging?
We offer various printing options, including digital, offset, and flexographic printing. Depending on your design and budget, we'll recommend the best printing method to achieve the desired results for your custom packaging.
Are there different styles and sizes of display boxes available?
Display boxes come in various styles, shapes, and sizes to accommodate different products and packaging needs.
Are display boxes durable and protective?
Display boxes are known for their durability and strength. They provide adequate protection for various products during shipping and handling.