Custom Printed Display Boxes

From cosmetics to apparel, jewelry to toys, food to pharmaceutical – custom display boxes are used for storage or displaying products in retail settings, trade shows, and exhibitions for swift marketing. With no blurry or pixelated prints, unique finishes, durable materials, and ability to stand repeated use, display packaging makes a good first impression and wholly improves your sales. Being experts in designing the most demanded display boxes, we provide you this imperative tool for your marketing arsenal!

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Use Custom Display Boxes to Grab the Eye of Your Audience

Our display boxes, shadow boxes, or display cases are enclosed containers with a transparent or open front panel. They are designed to showcase valuable items on store shelves, at a pop-up event, or in retail settings in an organized and visually appealing manner. Where the open front allows easy product viewing, a transparent patch protects the contents from dust, light, and physical contact.

Collaborate with our packaging and design experts to create retail display boxes that captivate and entice customers.

At Half Price Packaging, we employ top-tier printing technology to produce customizable retail display boxes. These options empower you to infuse your marketing concepts into your packaging, lending optimal support to your brand. Perfect for lightweight objects, it helps you make an unforgettable impression, ultimately increasing your products’ sales.

Being specialists in producing the most demanded display boxes, Half Price Packaging puts all efforts into making the dream packaging come true.

Feel The Difference with Our Wide Options of Customizations

These custom display packaging can be tailored to your preferences in diverse shapes, styles, dimensions, and designs. With no color limitations, have them ordered in any shade, a mixture of two, or a medley. We provide the best-snugly fit for a neat presentation – from small to medium to large to single to multi-pack.

Exquisite Styles & Shapes

With Dust Flaps: The forward-facing open space of the presentation box features dual dust flaps on its sides, making it readily foldable by hand.

Without Dust Flaps: The opening of the cardboard display box has holes for effortless removal of dust flaps. Manual assembly is simple for these boxes.

Need a standing display box in the square? Do you imagine your custom cardboard display box in a rectangle? Our fully customizable packaging can take any shape. With a client-centric approach, we listen to our customers and satisfy their packaging demands.

Handpicked Finishes

With utter attention to each feature, our gold stamping brings the best exhibition of your items. On the other hand, holographics can be your real people-magnet. With packaging standards smarter than the industry trends, our specialized team of professionals creatively applies our spot glass UV and raised spot UV finishings. Further, embossing or debossing for a luxurious appearance and tactile experience is another quality that personalizes the customer experience.

By adding value to your brand, our combination of special finishes helps you improve the delivery of your product.

Quality, Non-Fading Inks

Every type of ink we use for printing is of utmost quality and approved by the specialists. Being a reliable name in the market, Half Price Packaging has a collection of:

  1. Water-based inks
  2. Fluorescent ink
  3. Soy-based/vegetable inks
  4. Oil-based inks

The Finest Coatings & Laminations

If you need your white or black cardboard display boxes to stay as new as the first day for longer, without scrapes or fading designs, our anti-scratch lamination must be your priority. It protects the box’s surface from regular wear and tear. Additionally, silk and soft laminations are ideal for a refined touch and doubling the charisma of product display in your competition. The matte and gloss coatings bring a unique feel with regard to the impression of packaging on a buyer. Regardless of your end goal with the display box, our laminations can grace any product.

Rest assured, our workmanship delivers the outcome of your choice!

Whether large or small boxes, they get ruined or torn apart due to common exposure to humidity in retail displays. To overcome this challenge, opt for our aqueous coating. It keeps the water damage at bay and keeps your products secure from losing quality.

Decorative & Functional Add-Ons

Half Price Packaging only provides first-quality boxes for promotions. With add-ons, we turn a simple display into an effective marketing tool. Some of the top choices include:

Die-Cut Windows: A window is a visual element of any shape and size that gives buyers a glimpse of the product inside.

Ribbon/Bow Attachments: Need your sustainable display boxes with clear lids to be elegant and festive for holidays? We can attach a vibrant-colored ribbon or bow.

Personalized Cards: Add colorful or branded custom inserts and/or cards for interactive communication.

Inserts: Made to fit the specific dimensions and shape of the display box, it created designated compartments or slots. They prevent items from shifting during transportation and display, minimizing the risk of damage. Custom box inserts can be crafted from foam, cardboard, or molded plastics.

Stickers & Labels: Order your CBD display boxes with decorative stickers or labels that complement the product theme as well as convey important information.

Handles & Straps: For easy carrying and convenient transportation, add handles made of rope, cardboard, ribbons, etc.

Hang Tags: We also offer a variety of hang tags that can comprise additional information and can be easily removed by the customer.

QR Codes: Half Price Packaging designs packaging with QR codes or augmented reality elements for an interactive experience.

Custom Printing and Branding with Color Accuracy & Versatility

We always deliver clear, sharp, and vibrant images because our printing techniques are superior and performed by professionals with cutting-edge equipment. Our team's dedication to maintaining professional standards in the printing process is unparalleled. Featuring your logo, custom artwork, and unique design, our counter display boxes transform your products into irresistible offerings that practically fly off the shelves.

Maintain the integrity of the brand's color palette and ensure that the collection display boxes reflect the desired visual identity.

We offer CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) and Pantone options. These high-quality methods are best used to showcase your brand logo, product images, or other graphics on the packaging in a spectrum of hues. Where CMYK is a four-color printing process commonly used in full-color printing, Pantone provides a standardized color-matching system. Offering both options allows for a broad spectrum of colors, ensuring accurate and consistent color representation.

A Range of Durable Materials and Stock

We acknowledge the significance of admirable visual representation for branding, and that’s why Half Price Packaging presents a collection of professionally crafted custom display boxes tailored to present your products while protecting them from environmental damage. Thanks to our sturdy stock with the options of sustainable materials!

  1. Each box exhibits sturdiness while remaining lightweight, rendering it the ultimate choice for display.
  2. Kraft – a lightweight and biodegradable material made from recycled cardboard.
  3. Corrugated Stock – a reliable and robust material for heavy-duty packaging, ensuring superior protection against temperature & moisture damage.
  4. Metallic Card – for luxurious beauty, fashion, and cosmetic packaging to radiate grace in unique shapes.
  5. Rigid Box Packaging – ideal for high-end functionality boxes featuring crisp and exact with innovative die-cutting equipment.
  6. Bux Board packaging – the most affordable and food-grade material yet winning packaging option for retail purposes.

Order Your Shelving Displays & Custom Display Boxes Stands

Retail display boxes are designed to enhance the organization, protection, and presentation of items. They elevate the perceived value of products by ensuring a neat and professional presentation, making them an ideal choice for showcasing delicate or high-end items in retail, exhibitions, and packaging contexts. Our cardboard pop-up display box serves as a potent marketing solution, enhancing your product packaging and delivering exceptional marketing reinforcement. Reach out to us now at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected]

Utilize display boxes to effectively present your products in a prominent position at the checkout line within shops or shopping malls.

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Frequently asked questions

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Do you offer design assistance for display boxes?
Certainly! Our 3D design studio is equipped to assist clients in visualizing, creating, and refining their packaging designs for the best outcomes.
What customizations do you offer for packaging?
We offer fully customizable packaging in shape, style, size, and color. You can choose from our wide add-ons to further customize it.
What printing options do you offer for custom packaging?
We offer various printing options, including digital, offset, and flexographic printing. Depending on your design and budget, we'll recommend the best printing method to achieve the desired results for your custom packaging.
Are there different styles and sizes of display boxes available?
Display boxes come in various styles, shapes, and sizes to accommodate different products and packaging needs.
Are display boxes durable and protective?
Display boxes are known for their durability and strength. They provide adequate protection for various products during shipping and handling.