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With candy brands popping up left, right, and centre, hit that sweet spot with our playful candy packaging designs featuring vibrant colours, sustainable materials, and ideal printing methods to mix & match your assortments. Let’s make Candy & Sweets Packaging that doesn’t just attract children, but the adults too.

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Get The Best Candy Packaging with Bulk Discounts & Eco-Conscious Solutions

Have you understood the benefits of personalized candy boxes for increasing sales and strengthening your brand value? If you are done wasting your money on ordinary, clumsy, and unattractive boxes, Half Price Packaging is offering premium packaging options at affordable prices. Whether you need a small quantity or a bulk order, we provide competitive rates and discounts. Our team of experts will assist you in finding the perfect packaging solution that meets your specific requirements.

At Half Price Packaging, we understand that candy packaging boxes not only protect the product but also create an attractive presentation. That's why we offer a variety of add-ons, finishes, laminations, box styles, and colors to make your sweet boxes more fascinating, functional, and convenient.

To dazzle the passersby with a fantastic look on the retail shelf, custom candy bags strengthen brand recognition while becoming an exclusive part of your brand’s signature.

Long-Lasting Materials & Customization – A Winning Combination!

Purchases are usually influenced by the packaging’s material, and for unforgettable packaging, you need to make it sturdy, functional, resistant, and enduring. Half Price Packaging makes it possible by handpicking robust, eco-friendly, and highly customizable materials. Our materials stand out as true game-changers! Ensuring the protection of your candies from moisture, dust, sunlight, and hard-pressing, our structural design and materials ensure buyers receive top-notch packaging quality–every single time.

With a dedicated QA department, each material is checked for pressure, falls, and abrasions before enlisting.

To complement your sweets’ value, we have cardboard, corrugated, kraft, rigid, and many other materials, boasting exceptional strength and durability. The real showstopper? Our holographic material captivates customers with its mesmerizing visual effects, making customized candy bags a treat. Also, we take pride in providing biodegradable materials to recyclable alternatives for custom candy boxes.

Types of Stocks for Sweet Packaging

Stock comes in a variety of thicknesses and weights to keep the variety broad for easy picking.

Selecting the right stock is essential if you're wondering how to package candies effectively. We offer stock options such as 14pt, 16pt, 18pt, and 24pt White SBS, C1S, C2S, and more. These stocks ensure sturdy and reliable packaging, allowing you to store and transport your sweets safely. Our team will guide you in choosing the ideal stock for your packaging needs.

Exceed Your Packaging Goals with Stylish Yet Functional Add-ons

With a keen understanding of the confectionery industry's unique needs, we offer various packaging options that preserve the freshness and quality of the treats. Also, we bring you an exceptional variety of add-ons, including:

  1. Eye-catching, colorful ribbons in diverse patterns, cuts, and styles
  2. Festive bows to keep the holiday packaging theme alive
  3. Personalized inserts to securely hold your sweets
  4. Firm yet soft-felt cushioning for safe transportation
  5. Single to multi dividers to make compartments for a well-ordered presentation

Got a unique box idea? These add-ons will make it unique-er by providing an extra dash of style and professionalism!

Printing For the Finest Packaging Solutions

Candy box packaging requires advanced printing and non-fading inks to produce vibrant and attention-grabbing designs. We offer various printing options, including CMYK, Pantone, and digital offset along with diverse inks: soy-based, water-based, fluorescent, etc. We promise to deliver aesthetic boxes with accurate color representation.

Our expert team will guide you in selecting the superlative printing technique and inks that align with your brand image and packaging requirements.

Premium Finishes Highlighting the Freshness & Deliciousness of The Candies

Half Price Packaging caters to diverse preferences, from elegantly designed custom candy boxes for chocolates and truffles to mylar bag packaging for gummy bears and candies. When it comes to creating captivating sweet packaging boxes, our range of finishing options never comes second.

  1. The classic gloss finish enhances the vibrancy of colors and exudes a luxurious sheen, making your sweet treats irresistible to customers.
  2. The matte finish lends a velvety texture that exudes grace and understated charm for a more sophisticated appeal.
  3. To ensure both protection and visual allure, we offer an aqueous coating, providing a water-resistant layer that adds durability to the packaging.
  4. Our Spot UV finishing is ideal for those seeking to create an eye-catching focal point.
  5. Embossing elevates specific design elements, adding a glossy, raised effect that commands attention.
  6. Soft/satin lamination to keep the surface smooth and subtle but exclusive.

Our commitment to excellence doesn't stop there!

We also offer services for debossing, gold foil stamping, holographic lamination, varnish, and anti-scratch coating. Incorporating the perfect finishing touch to your custom candy packaging wholesale elevates the overall presentation.

Industry-Specific Packaging Curated by Our Professionals

Your product presentation in candy packaging bags is always your brand's primary touchpoint!

Half Price Packaging’s boxes are personalized with typography, printing, color palette, material, and finishes, all influencing how buyers perceive, feel, and truly experience your brand. You are also welcome to provide ideas; our designers will make them a reality. We always provide free digital samples and the required 3D models to make this process convenient. Additionally, our company has creative printing specialists who create customized packaging with the greatest of their abilities and experience.

Our skilled team is on hand to benefit you at a price that you’ll appreciate almost as much as your bespoke sweets packaging.

Whether you’re unfamiliar with the packaging manners or already have a loved sweet and candy brand, our packaging service is ready to help you succeed! We offer various add-ons, bulk discounts, finishing options, printing techniques, materials, and stock choices. Half Price Packaging can make your edibles stick out online and in retail display, satisfy your sustainability goals, and justify regulatory standards. Reach out to us now at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected]

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Half Price Packaging’s commitment to client-first approach, and customer satisfaction sets us apart, helping us reach a 4.9 rating on TrustPilot and a 4.6 rating on We hold a record of serving 5000+ satisfied clients with a 25-year experience. After your order for packaging for candy has been approved, we will deliver these packages within 8 to 10 business days. We offer free shipping services, significant wholesale discounts, free design support, and the lowest MOQs

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Sweeten Your Treats with Our Custom Candy Packaging

Indulge in the sweetness of our candy and sweet packaging options, designed to captivate kids and candy connoisseurs! Need guidance to explore the right box shape and style, dimensions, material, and design? Our packaging experts are only a call or text away! And yes, the free designer assistance, too, for making every step easier – from vision to design to production to shipping to display! Whether it's vibrant customized candy boxes with inserts, charming custom candy bags, custom sweets boxes wholesale, or personalized candy wrappers, our creative designs ensure your confections look as irresistible as they taste.

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Frequently asked questions

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Can I customize the candy packaging with my brand logo and design?
Absolutely! Half Price Packaging offers customizable candy and sweet packaging or candy boxes with inserts, allowing you to add your brand logo, artwork, and unique designs.
How does Half Price Packaging ensure the freshness and quality of candies and sweets during packaging?
We employ manufacturing techniques to ensure the freshness and quality of your candies and sweets. Our candy packaging boxes are designed to protect the contents from external elements, such as moisture and air, preserving the taste and texture of your treats.
Does Half Price Packaging offer eco-friendly candy packaging options?
We are committed to sustainability and offer eco-friendly candy and sweet packaging options. We use recyclable and biodegradable materials to minimize the environmental impact of their packaging solutions.
Can I request candy and sweets packaging samples before placing a bulk order?
Yes, Half Price Packaging allows customers to request samples of their candy and sweet packaging boxes before placing bulk orders.
Does Half Price Packaging offer international shipping for candy packaging orders?
Half Price Packaging offers international shipping for personalized candy boxes orders. We cater to customers worldwide.