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Learn More About Small Candy Boxes

Produce FDA-Approved Small Candy Gift Boxes

Preserve the quality of your candies and uphold your brand's reputation with secure packaging solutions from Half Price Packaging.

Our cost-effective candy gift boxes are an ideal choice for both commercial candy producers and distributors. We provide candy trays and pads that offer added protection and a touch of professionalism. For eco-friendly and safe packaging, we use:

  • Food-grade paperboard

  • Kraft paper

  • Sustainable cardboard

  • Corrugated cardboard

  • Recyclable rigid boxes

  • Cellophane and more

All these materials are completely safe to use and do not pose any hazards. They are thoroughly tested for safety and are certified to meet regulatory standards. For custom food grade paper, you can choose the thickness and strength from our options ranging from 9pt to 24pt, depending on what level of durability you prefer.

Create Small Candy Boxes In Trendy and Distinctive Styles, Ideal for Informal Gatherings

At Half Price Packaging, we offer a diverse selection of small candy boxes for favors featuring fun styles and shapes, perfect for all occasions. These boxes are ideal for packaging candies, truffles, sweets, and other small gifts, making them suitable for wedding favors, bridal shower gifts, and birthday party favors. Our most sought-after styles are:

  • Mini gable boxes

  • Pull-out drawer style

  • Belly-band boxes

  • Pop-up small boxes

  • Tube-shaped boxes

  • Pyramid style

  • Cube boxes

  • Pillow boxes

  • Bow-top style boxes

You can further decorate them to match the event’s vibe. If you need small candy boxes for wedding favors and have a particular shape, style, or size in mind, just let us know. We are all ears and happily construct them exactly the way you envision it! Besides, we specialize in laser-cutting candy packaging tailored for wedding gift boxes.

Get the Best Designs With Full-Color Printing & Spot Color Branding

We craft the finest small candy boxes in the town for every kind of celebration - corporate functions, anniversaries, graduations, or special moments like baby showers, engagements, or Halloween. You can trust us for standout designs and prints. Our advanced tools and printing techniques – offset and digital – allow for highly detailed and customized designs.

Digital printing enables VDP (variable data printing), which means each candy box can have unique elements such as individual names, messages, or images.

For achieving a wide range of colors and intricate designs, we employ CMYK color models. It is great for elements like background colors, gradients, or designs with photographs. On the other hand, PMS is best suitable for branding elements, specific colors that need precise matching, or areas where color consistency is crucial.

By combining both these systems, we create visually appealing and brand-consistent small candy box designs. As far as sustainability is concerned, our experts make sure to use eco-friendly inks that keep your ecological footprint low.

Get Started Today!

Looking to add a sweet flavor to your special day? Our custom small candy boxes are perfect for party and wedding favors. Along with unlimited customization options, you will also get free design support, sample kits, and bulk discounts on wholesale orders.

Why wait? Experience the convenience of complimentary worldwide shipping, and get your orders delivered to your doorstep within 8 to 10 business days!

For further information, you can reach out to us anytime at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected].

Frequently asked questions

Personalize your unboxing experience with a small surprise.

Do you offer customization, or do you have standard or pre-made small candy boxes available?
We provide both alternatives to cater to your specific requirements. You have the flexibility to choose tailored customization that aligns with your needs, or you can explore our variety of pre-made samples to select your favorites.
How can I request a price quotation for small boxes of candy?
Acquiring a price quote is straightforward and convenient. You can easily share your specifications with us via live chat, email, or by reaching out through our various contact methods.
What is your turnaround time for small boxes of candy?
Our standard timeframe for the entire process, covering printing, production, and delivery to your location, typically falls within 8 to 10 business days.
What sets CMYK apart from Pantone (PMS)?
CMYK and Pantone (PMS) represent distinct color options employed for custom-printed small candy gift boxes to achieve precise color tones. CMYK utilizes a combination of four colors, while PMS relies on solid, predetermined colors.
What stock options are available?
We offer three primary stock choices: Cardboard stock, Corrugated Cardboard Stock, and Rigid Stock.