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Cello vs. Polypropylene

The majority of candy bags are either composed of polypropylene, which is an oil-based film, or cellophane. It is a film derived from wood pulp. Despite the fact that Cello Bags are made of polypropylene, the phrase "Cello Bags" has gained popularity among consumers as a slang term for candy bags. To choose the right material for your bag, it's critical to read the description of the product. For the storage and freshness of candies and cookies, both cellophane and polypropylene have particular advantages.

Let's discuss them for your better understanding:


Cellophane has a strong barrier to odor and oxygen and is naturally biodegradable. It delivers great transparency, but only a moderate moisture barrier. For things with more moisture, such as chocolates and sweets, cellophane sweet candy apple packaging is preferable. They have a crunchy texture and feel, and candy shops or retailers frequently employ them because of their eco-friendly qualities. 


Polypropylene is known for its exceptional odor, oxygen, and moisture barrier qualities. Both normal and high barrier polypropylene are offered in our clear polypropylene candy bags. For packaging low-moisture products like biscuits, crackers, dried pasta, or dried fruit, as well as candies, chocolates, and nuts, gourmet and candy retailers typically opt for polypropylene candy packaging bag with zipper. The bags made of polypropylene have a clear coating, but when they are packed together in a box, they can appear to have a slight yellow tint, which is common.

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Candy bags are available in ink or foil, with regular and seasonal designs. If you require, a cardboard bottom base is also available to add extra stability. 

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