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Packaging for cigarettes should be more than just beautiful. Buy completely customized cigarette box packaging that appropriately represents your company. These durable packaging boxes keep your cigarettes and other tobacco products safe from deterioration. Whether you want boxes for your pre-roll cigarettes or cannabis cigarettes, get them with a unique opening and closing mechanism and child-resistant lock system. We provide a number of material options, including cardboard and paper stock, to help you maintain and protect your cigarette packaging. To aid brands with this, we provide free design support services. As a result, whether you want customized cigarette cases or fine rolled-in cigarette boxes, we can accommodate all of your needs.

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Strong & Sustainable Packaging Material

Apart from being made with the sturdiest material, our custom cigarette boxes have a key feature; they are made of entirely eco-friendly FSC-certified resources. Nowadays, the world faces global warming, and we are aiming to save our planet by providing boxes made of biodegradable material. We prioritize and focus on the quality of the material used in creating these boxes. For the customer's satisfaction and the environment, cardboard or cardstock material is wisely chosen, which has fewer environmental impacts and should be biodegradable, reusable, and eco-friendly.

Full HD Printing

Printing may make or break the aesthetic attractiveness of a custom cigarette box, whether it's for shipment or brand promotion. Our differentiating factor utilizes cutting-edge printing and manufacturing technology that meets the highest regulation standards. With high-quality printing alternatives like digital printing procedures, quality perfection may be achieved. Using a premium color approach, such as PMS and CMYK, the cigarette box becomes more appealing and exquisite.

Exclusive Add-ons 

To tailor the packaging of their cigarette boxes, our clients may select from a choice of die-cut and window-cut patterns. We take pride in our signature custom cigarette box packaging, available in various shapes and enhanced with contemporary finishes like foil coating, gloss finish, metallic labeling, and embossing, among other exciting options.

Premium Coatings & Finishings

In addition, we provide a wide range of unique finishing techniques. To make the box impermeable, add eye-catching finishings such as spot gloss UV, aqueous, varnishing, and soft-touch coatings. If you keep your cigarettes fresh for a longer amount of time, it will last longer. Our superior box packaging is long-lasting and comes in a range of styles.

Child-resistant Lock System

You can add a custom lock system in your cigarette box packaging to prevent your young children from illegal smoking. For smoking enthusiasts, the taste of the cigarette is the priority, but the trendy style of the vape and e-cigarette boxes also inspires them. We can make cigarette unboxing more technical and legally viable. However, the locking system will never become stuck and will never disappoint you.

Be Protective, Extraordinary, Progressive

If you want your tobacco brand to become the talk of the town, then our fascinating cigarette boxes printed and designed with ultimate perfection are the best choice for you. You can avail quality packaging at minimal rates with customization of your choice. At Half Price Packaging, we ensure the flawlessness of your cigarette brand in all conditions by using high-standard robust cardstock to produce the boxes. We offer vast customization options for printing/finishing, designs, shapes, styles, and sizes so you can have a final product aligning with your taste and personal preferences.  Our creative design team welcomes your unique ideas and makes the perfect designs for custom cigarette boxes that attract client attention. The perks of our cigarette boxes don't end here, you can get top designed cigarette boxes wholesale packaging from us at competitive market prices. Moreover, Half Price Packaging offers additional discounts on bulk purchases with many add-ons such as samples, free shipping, designing, and more.

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