Discover our wide selection of premium packaging materials, ranging from corrugated boxes to eco-friendly choices. We meticulously choose our materials to guarantee durability, safety, and a delightful finesse for your items.

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Our wide collection of premium quality eco-friendly packaging materials offers different strengths, looks, and textures to create versatile packaging boxes for your custom packaging needs.


Kraft Stock

Kraft Stock is a biodegradable and eco-friendly material made from recycled cardboard. Lightweight, durable, and customizable, it's an excellent choice for sustainable packaging. From lightweight products to tote bags and product wrapping, Kraft offers a blank canvas for creative branding, providing an admirable packaging solution.

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Corrugated Stock

Corrugated Stock is a reliable and robust material for heavy-duty packaging, featuring three sheets of paper with an inner fluted structure for added strength. Customizable in various shapes and styles, it offers maximum protection during shipping and storage. With superior protection against temperature and moisture damage, Corrugated Stock ensures your products stay safe during transit.

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Metallic Card Stock

Metallic Card Stock offers a luxurious touch to your packaging. Laminated with metallic foiling, it exudes elegance and sophistication. The holographic foiling option adds a modern twist. With unlimited color choices and sharp laser printing, it's perfect for beauty, fashion, and cosmetic packaging. Durable, lightweight, and customizable in unique shapes, our metallic stock steals the spotlight.

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Rigid Boxes

Rigid box packaging gives your company a significant competitive advantage. Half Price Packaging has a large library of high-end functionality boxes that will give value to your business. Rigid boxes come in a variety of forms, including Telescopic Rigid Boxes, Shoulder and Neck Rigid Boxes, Flip or Magnetic Rigid Boxes, and so on. You can select the best option based on your requirements.If you don't know what to choose? Contact our graphic designers, who will assist you throughout the process. We use innovative die-cutting equipment to help make your box's edges crisp and exact, making it easier and more convenient to use.

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Cardboard Box Packaging

Cardboard boxes have been used by brands as retail packaging, storage, and shipping essential for many decades. They can be flexibly customized in various shapes and styles with attractive custom printing to meet the desired marketing benefits. At Half Price Packaging, we only use the sturdiest cardboard stocks to provide you with highly protective shipping boxes. We give complete customization liberty in terms of the shapes, styles, sizes, printing, and finishing of the custom cardboard packaging. You can have your favorite graphics and brand information imprinted on them with our advanced printing technology. We also have the finest die-cutting and finishing options. You would love to enjoy our extra discounts on cardboard boxes wholesale. Moreover, our additional advantages and value-added services await you.

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Bux Board Packaging

Bux Board packaging is the most affordable yet winning packaging option for retail purposes. Its rugged surface ensures durability and offers enough protection to the packaged items. Bux Board, being a food-grade material, is used extensively for food packaging. It is a 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable material. Bux Board boxes are extensively customizable into various shapes and styles, thus effectively meeting your exclusive packaging needs. The custom Bux Board boxes can be adorned with your designed artwork and brand details with rich, vibrant, and high-resolution full-color printing. You can have die-cut windows on them for effective product display. Moreover, they can be furnished with premium finishes and coatings for improved protection, feel, and appeal. You can purchase Bux Board packaging wholesale to enjoy further reductions in rates. On top of that, our free shipping, free design support, low MOQs, and many more favors are there to amaze you.

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