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Versatile Box Materials

Order your custom packaging in the most luxurious to sturdiest, thickest to most lightweight variety of materials that precisely fit your aesthetic preferences and brand's values, going beyond mere protection.

Customize Your Packaging

Material-Based Box Selection

With an extensive choice of top-quality & sustainable packaging materials of diverse textures, thicknesses, weights, and strengths, you can create boxes that stand out in the customer's mind, as well as protect products during delivery and storage.


Kraft Stock

Being the eco-friendly champion for designing durable custom packaging with a rustic appeal that also reflects versatility, Kraft stock is ideally made from unbleached wood pulp. With long fibers and the least refining, it carries a minimal environmental footprint. All industries prefer Kraft's natural color and texture for high-end, sustainable, functional, and long-lasting boxes and bags. Half Price Packaging has a vast collection of kraft papers for producing retail boxes, shipping cartons, or gift packaging. Each variety shows impressive puncture strength, excellent tear resistance, and structural integrity.

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Corrugated Stock

Suitable for creating custom boxes with bold graphics, different finishing and embellishments, and intricate patterns, our corrugated stock is a premier choice of reliable and robust material. With an inner fluted structure to defy the rigors of shipping, we offer a variety featuring one-to-many sheets of paper for heavy-duty packaging. Choose the one that meets the requirements of strength, rigidity, and protection of your product! The fluted medium serves as a buffer, absorbing impacts to avert damage. Half Price Packaging ensures a blend of sustainability, usefulness, and sturdiness in one.

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Metallic Card Stock

Need luxurious yet sustainable packaging with enchanting shimmer, reflective sheen, and sturdy construction? From subscription packaging to retail boxes, our metallic stock comes in unlimited color choices and is customized with sharp laser printing to enhance the product’s desirability. Our hard-wearing and lightweight boxes - with amazing printability - are fully laminated with metallic foiling. We also offer holographic foiling for a dazzling visual impact. Consider it a winning combination of functionality & aesthetics, as metallic stock ensures your brand differentiation in the marketplace.

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Rigid Boxes

Half Price Packaging designs high-end functionality boxes with robust stock (such as chipboard or cardboard) to boost your business's value. Customizable in a variety of sizes, styles, and shapes, we use innovative die-cutting tools to help make your rigid boxes’ edges crisp and exact. It carries a low environmental impact, brings exclusivity, and ensures ease of printability. Whether you need a box to house fragile items, convey the brand’s messages, or make sure that your retail packaging upholds its structure on store shelves, rigid boxes deliver on all fronts.

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Cardboard Box Packaging

Being a staple material for shipping boxes, retail packaging, gift boxes, or product displays, cardboard promises adaptability coupled with resilience and sustainability. From protecting your products with its innate strength to enhancing the box’s functionalities with its customizable features, cardboard box packaging allows brands to ensure that products arrive at the desired destination in mint condition. You can have it made with die-cut designs, corrugation, luxurious finish, window, or inserts – serving as a powerful branding tool. Half Price Packaging engineers each box to perfection with an accurate fit, offering a multitude of perks for businesses looking to leave a positive impression.

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Bux Board Packaging

Bux Box Packaging is a lightweight yet enduring choice for boxing heavy to light, single to multiple items. Such bags and boxes are made from a diverse selection of materials that are best suited to the brand's aesthetic preferences. Being a sustainable solution, it lets brands design boxes with convenient features and secure closure mechanisms that not only shield their products but also meet functional requirements. They are fully customizable in any size, shape, design, and finishing to grab attention and for brand differentiation.

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