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Learn More About Auto Lock Boxes

Enjoy Exclusive Customizations in Auto Lock Boxes

The auto lock bottom boxes usually carry fragile and heavy products so durable packaging material is essential for safe transit. This is possible with our fleet of materials, including cardboard, corrugated, Kraft, and rigid. To make your packaging boxes sturdier, you can pick the higher thickness for your boxes, which varies between 9pt and 24pt.

Moreover, brands can impact their customers' decision-making positively with appealing designs. We design custom auto lock boxes that have enough space to print your brand name, logo, and other product info to enhance your product visibility and entice your customers. You can be trendy without missing the small details in your packaging boxes, whether you desire to print a minimalist design, elaborate design, or floral motif on your custom auto-bottom boxes.

Our cutting-edge printing technology, including CMYK, digital, and offset printing, provides high-resolution results to level up your packaging game.

Excellent Coating & Finishing to Add Grace

Finishing helps your auto lock boxes stand out on the retail shelf and grab your customers' attention. At Half Price Packaging, our experts use hot gold stamping with embossing or debossing to allow your boxes to shine brighter. Aqueous coating, UV coating, matte, or gloss provides a special smooth texture to your boxes and protects them against environmental factors like light and moisture.

Enhance the Aesthetic Appeal with Functional Add-ons

Custom tab lock mailer boxes may include window patching options to display your products creatively. Also, you can add handles to make these boxes easy to carry and insiders and dividers for neat organization.

Ahead of easy product handling, print QR codes on auto lock boxes to trace your product effortlessly with one scan only. Don’t forget to use our ribbon tabs or magnetic closures for luxury and royal touch in your auto-bottom boxes.

Go Green with Sustainable Auto Lock Bottom Boxes

Brands are revisiting their packaging and thinking proactively about choosing sustainable packaging materials. Our custom auto-lock boxes are made of biodegradable materials, and they decompose easily without adding any harmful components to the ecosystem. You can make your carbon footprint zero with our snap lock bottom boxes!

By buying your products, your customers will feel as if they become a part of the shared value of saving the environment for the coming generations.

Half Price Packaging: One-Stop Packaging Solution

Half Price Packaging has the latest printing and packaging technology to meet all sorts of packaging demands. Our packaging experts will put you in the driving seat to control every aspect of your custom auto lock boxes when it comes to customization. Brands will get accurate dimensions, high-resolution printing, and premium-quality packaging without worrying much about budget constraints.

Reach out to us now at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected] to get the perfect custom packaging boxes.

Frequently asked questions

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How do you close a lock bottom box?
Auto lock boxes have flaps at the bottom. When you squeeze them together, they will interlock with each other and provide a stable surface for your product to stay on.
What is the difference between auto lock and snap lock?
Auto lock boxes are easy to assemble on the product line and shipped flat. Snap boxes are termed 1-2-3 bottom boxes. When four bottom flaps of snap boxes lock together, they provide a stronger bottom than auto-lock boxes.
What materials can be used to create auto-lock boxes?
You can use kraft, corrugated, and cardboard materials to craft the best auto-lock boxes.
Are lock boxes safe?
Auto lock boxes are a safe packaging solution for delicate products because their bottom flaps lock together and withhold the products effectively.
What parameters can be changed during the customization of auto lock boxes?
You can change the size, shape, and design of custom auto lock boxes to comply with your brand and product needs.