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Pie is a soft and delicate bakery item that needs a sturdy packaging that will never allow any change of shape of your bakery items. These special pie boxes have sturdy six-corners that perfectly fit pies inside the box. You can customize the box with a clear cellophane window to display your delicious pies to the customers. Our boxes are designed with food-grade water-based ink to keep the food taste original and fresh. Box is made of recyclable cardboard or cardstock material to ensure eco-friendly packaging. Our pie packaging is fully customizable and budget-friendly. 

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Why you Need Boxes in Pie Shape

Pies are one of the best traditional desserts and a permanent craving for many people. It is one of the most consumed products in the market as it is an excellent option for every kind of event and occasion. Bakeries have started using creative and stylish window pie boxes that exude functionality and innovativeness. Creative pie boxes with full customization will provide a much-needed boost to your brand.

Exclusive Customization

We offer super trendy custom pie boxes that are exclusively designed to accommodate all customer requirements. We provide complete customization of boxes according to size, shape, color, and design. Our expert team aims to design custom packaging that can perfectly fit your pies. We also offer a complete packaging solution to our clients to create their brand impressions, which are supposed to be printed on their boxes. We are providing free assistance to our potential customers regarding the customization of the mini pie boxes as well as mini burger boxes.

Impeccable Printing

Colors that are lively and vibrant draw a lot of consumers to your pies. To meet the demands of your clients, these packages may be customized with sophisticated printing choices and produced in any size or dimension. The kraft pie boxes become more appealing and exquisite when giving a present on a particular occasion by utilizing a high-quality color approach like PMS or CMYK. Printing on these boxes via offset printing, digital printing, screen printing, lithography, and laser printing is made easier by modern technology. With high-quality printing alternatives like digital printing procedures, quality perfection may be achieved.

High Standard with Minimal Rates

We offer premium quality with a clear display to showcase your delicious pies. The box material has a vital role in the manufacture of custom boxes. Pie is a delicate bakery item, and it requires considerable care and protection. We provide wholesale pie boxes at the lowest rate that will fit your budget and ensure that the pie retains its taste and quality.

Keep Your Bakery Items fresh & Noticeable

Pie is one of the most craved snacks for every event and occasion. They are supposed to be packed in a durable box for their longer shelf life. Half Price Packaging offers pie boxes that prevent your brand's pie products from losing shape. Your business needs perfect branding and quality custom pie boxes to compete in the industry. We use the latest printing technologies with eco-friendly cardboard material and inks. Our company delivers wholesale pie boxes that will fit your budget. We provide you with the option to design your boxes. You can order them in bulk at a low cost to increase your brand sales. Our pie boxes with windows are genuinely sophisticated and unique and better than our competitors. We utilize high-standard materials for your custom boxes that will set your brand apart from others. To keep your pies fresh and protected from external germs, you must order quality customized pie boxes. An elegant and tempting design is essential for any packaging to grab the customers' attention in the present era.

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