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Want to increase the value of your precious items? Consider our customized metalized cartons made of moisture and weather-proof materials to provide both form and function.

custom metalized boxes

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Perfect Combo of Style and Durability for Your High-End Products

Custom metalized boxes are the best fit to be used across diverse industries. You can get them made in your desired materials, designs, sizes, colors, and shapes. Metalized boxes are often used in silver and gold foil, giving them an eye-catching and premium look. Considered robust and lustrous, these boxes ensure the safety of your upscale products while creating a memorable impact.

Whether you want modern display packaging, a peculiar storage option, or a resilient shipping/subscription box - our customized metalized boxes are an excellent way to present your luxury items with a blend of aesthetics and purpose.

Carry your brand statement with a class with Half Price Packaging!

These boxes are perfect for corporate gifting, promotional events, retail, and fashion, as they can be modified in a variety of ways to cater to businesses of all types and sizes. With premium finishes and exotic add-ons, they are not just packaging solutions but become your personalized identity.

Custom Metalized Packaging to Fascinate Your Customers

We offer high-quality holographic foil cardstock for metalized packaging with thicknesses from 9pt to 24pt. You can get a lot of other material options to select from, too. In general, gold and silver are the most commonly used ones. However, we also provide foils in different colors like green, bronze, copper, red, etc.

As far as dimensions are concerned, you can get metallic boxes in any desired shape and size. There are no limitations when it comes to measurements and styling. From tuck-end to tray-and-sleeve, gable to mailer boxes, we bring you an extensive library to keep the versatility alive.

Contribute to a Greener Future with Sustainable Custom Metalized Boxes

In addition to prioritizing first-class material quality, we are committed to crafting custom metalized boxes that align with eco-friendly principles. Our dedication to sustainability is reflected in our intelligent material selection, opting for eco-conscious options like cardboard and Kraft paper.

This strategic approach enables us to produce packaging solutions that are both biodegradable and recyclable, highlighting our devotion to the planet's health. Apart from materials, we implement eco-safe printing methods and inks where sustainable soy-based ink stands out.

Present Your Printed Boxes in An Extraordinary Style!

As a renowned wholesale metalized boxes supplier, we prioritize top-notch printing and graphics to enhance visual appeal. Our experts use advanced technologies like CMYK, Pantone, and digital printing. For metalized packaging, we offer options including metalized cardstock for easy printing or gravure printing for a direct, stunning metalized effect on lamination sheets attached to cardstock.

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We understand that typography, artwork, and graphics play a crucial role in creating packaging that resonates with your brand image. Our team ingeniously combines these elements into the printing process, ensuring that every detail, from company logos to other essential information, harmonizes seamlessly with the overall design.

Tailored Elegance: Custom Metalized Boxes with Unique Add-Ons

At Half Price Packaging, we offer an extensive range of customization options for all sorts of packaging solutions. Our skilled designers do their best to fulfill all your custom needs and requirements at affordable rates.

In addition to our core offerings, we pride ourselves on providing a spectrum of customizable add-ons to enhance wholesale metalized boxes. These include:

Hang Tags: To highlight personalized messages or exclusive offers

Sliders: For a sleek and functional opening and closing experience

Die-Cut: To make unique shapes and patterns that complement your brand image

Handles: For convenient handling

Compartments: To accommodate multiple items in an organized way

Ribbons & Bows: For infusing a sense of luxury and style

QR Codes: To guarantee authenticity and credibility while making tracking easier

Dividers: To ensure each component is secure in place

Inserts: To eliminate the risk of damage

Regarding finishes, you may go with anti-scratch lamination to keep daily wear-and-tear at bay or an aqueous coating to save the exterior from water/moisture. Also, there are options for varnish, spot UV, and embossing or debossing.

By integrating these features, you have the freedom to showcase your brand story distinctively and innovatively.

Never Go Out of Any One’s Sight with Our Custom Boxes

Being a reputable custom packaging partner, Half Price Packaging reflects a non-compromising attitude toward quality and compliance with standards. We comprise the best QA team for supervising the production of the boxes. You can pick any style of printing, palette, artwork, and branded elements for customization. While gratifying the customers’ demands, we never forget the trends. That’s why our personalized silver foil boxes make your product noticeable.

The creative and highly experienced staff is always available for design assistance to deliver the right packaging artwork. For Half Price Packaging, it does not matter if you have placed an order in small quantity or bulk.

Reach out to us now at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected] to get catchy boxes with all the required information.

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Frequently asked questions

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What are metalized boxes?
Cardboard, kraft paper, or any type of container where the material's surface is made with a thin layer of metal are called metalized boxes. The sleek metallic appearance with a protective coating makes them an ideal choice for premium packaging products.
What is the difference between metalized and aluminum?
Aluminum foils are made up of a light metal without any additional materials. On the other hand, metalized PET foils are a combination of plastic and a thin layer of aluminum. This blend offers both aluminum's shielding properties and plastic's flexibility.
What is the purpose of silver foil boxes?
Aluminum silver foil is a popular choice for gift boxes, luxury packaging, elite and fancy retail, food storage, drink packaging, wedding favors, and more due to its visual appeal and unique properties.
What are the benefits of using gold foil boxes?
These metalized boxes are used for brand differentiation and their attention-grabbing customization, versatility, and durability. They can be your option for special occasions, holiday seasons, and parties.
Are custom boxes worth it?
Considering the numerous advantages of custom packaging, such as increased revenue, brand recognition, product presentation, marketing opportunities, sustainability, etc., it is worth the investment. It allows you to tailor your boxes per your needs, establishing a strong presence in the market.