Learn More About Custom Printed Match Boxes

Use Durable Packaging Materials for Custom Match Boxes

Materials play a pivotal role in the safety of your products. We create custom match boxes from cardboard and kraft materials and make them studier by increasing the thickness of the material between 9pt and 24pt. For accumulative storage of custom match boxes, you can use our corrugated boxes, which are the ideal packaging for mass transportation of your matches.

Choose Between Unique Styles of Custom Made Match Boxes

Our custom match boxes come in a variety of styles and shapes. The exciting shapes help your brand to create something that does wonders when your customers have them. Our custom match boxes include:

  1. 30 strike Match Books

  2. Classic Match Boxes

  3. Square Match Boxes

  4. Mini Match Boxes

  5. Candle Match Boxes

  6. Cigar Match Boxes

  7. Lipstick Match Boxes

  8. Triangle Match boxes

  9. Barrel Match Boxes

Innovative Designs of Custom Match Boxes

Our packaging experts have a philosophy about packaging - design without purpose has no purpose.

If you are looking for personalized matchboxes, use our packaging and printing technology to get the best custom printed match boxes. For sponsors in any music festivals or games, promotion can be done with this packaging. The high-resolution results from our latest printing techniques, including CMYK, offset, and digital, will assist you in grabbing the attention of your audience.

Improve Your Brand Reputation with Finest Finishing and Add-ons

Our finishing and add-ons uplift the packaging outlook and reinforce other aspects like convenience, protection, and more. You can print your brand name with hot gold stamping that makes your custom match boxes suitable for any special occasion. The UV coating, varnish, and aqueous coating keep your match sticks survive in the most humid environment without any effect.

The add-ons like QR codes help you to trace your match shipment and other stats with only one scan. Further, the use of inserts or dividers can be helpful for neat presentation and extra safety.

Order Custom Match Boxes Wholesale from Half Price Packaging

Are you looking for a packaging supplier for match box wholesale? Half Price Packaging is your best bet for top-notch packaging and printing solutions at unbeatable prices. Our expertise encompasses all sorts of boxes - from custom candle boxes to custom tobacco & cigarette boxes, and more.

We offer match boxes bulk at very economical rates and our customer service is unmatched. Need help? Our reps are ready to assist you around the clock. Enjoy free shipping on all US, UK, Australia, and Canada packaging categories.

Place your order now at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected] for the perfect custom packaging boxes.

Light Up Moments with Our Crafted Matchboxes!

At Half Price Packaging, our matchboxes are not just a mere utility but a blend of precision, artistry, and functionality. Every matchbox we craft is meticulously labeled, ensuring clarity and brand visibility. Our innovative design approach allows for both sleeve and tray configurations, offering dual-layered protection and ease of use. Beyond the structural design, we invest in superior coatings and laminations that enhance the aesthetic appeal and add to the box's durability.

Frequently asked questions

Personalize your unboxing experience with a small surprise.

What are the materials used in matches box?
We use durable cardboard and kraft packaging material for the production of custom match boxes.
What are your MOQs for custom made match boxes?
Half Price Packaging has no MOQs for any sort of boxes. You can get a minimum number of custom match boxes as you need for your brand.
Can you customize match boxes for promotional campaigns?
Whether you are trying to promote your brand or music festivals, your elaborative designs on the boxes will grab the attention of your audience and make your campaigns successful.
Are custom match boxes sustainable?
Our custom match boxes are made of 100% recyclable and biodegradable materials and help your brand to achieve your zero carbon emission commitment.
What is the common shape of a matchbox?
We create cuboids as the most typical match boxes for our clients, but you can change the shape to triangular, square, and more.