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Learn More About Paper Cigarette Boxes

Create a Unique Visual Appearance to Your Cigarette With Elegantly Designed Paper Cigarette Boxes 

These days smoking a cigarette is a symbol of style. No smoker likes to pluck out a cigarette from an orthodox box. Therefore, every cigarette manufacturer tries their best to make their empty paper cigarette boxes more appealing. So whenever the customers see cigarette boxes, they will pick them up without any delay. No matter whether you are selling medicated cigarettes, tobacco cigarettes, methanol cigarettes, or cannabis cigarettes, custom paper cigarette boxes are best to present them all. We at Half Price Packaging manufacture custom paper cigarette boxes as per your demand.

Custom printed paper cigarette boxes make customers well-informed about the true quality of your cigarette 

We at Half Price Packaging use an automated printing press to flawlessly print your provided design, artwork, color, or texture on custom paper cigarette boxes. To remove all the errors and ambiguity before mass production we provide you with free 3D pre-assessment. So you can easily recheck the die-line design of your paper cigarette boxes for sale. If you want to do any changes to the design you can consult with our expert designer. They will help you remove all the errors and add the elements to it as per your guidance. This artwork assistance is free of cost.

Protect Your Cigarettes From Being Spoiled or Damaged Through Custom Paper Cigarette Boxes

By using advanced die-cutting equipment we cut and crease empty paper flip top cigarette boxes in your desired shape and sizes. Whether you want flip top paper cigarette boxes or any other style just tell us and we will provide you all. We apply gold foil on these boxes and give them a distinctive appearance from other products. We also print your brand name in the stylish font on these boxes to strengthen your brand.

Reliable Packaging Company Half Price Packaging 

With the latest technology, we pay extra care to craft the perfect paper cigarette boxes for our clients. Our high-end printing technologies and skillful approaches allow us to give all types of packaging solutions to our customers. We deal with both short-run and bulk blunt boxes orders at affordable prices. Book your order right now by calling on 866-225-2112. You can also contact us through a live chat and email services at [email protected] 

Frequently asked questions

Personalize your unboxing experience with a small surprise.

Can I order custom-sized paper cigarette boxes?
Absolutely! We cater to custom sizes, ensuring the boxes fit your cigarette packs perfectly.
Do you offer design services for cigarette boxes?
Our 3D design studio is equipped to help visualize and perfect your packaging design.
What's the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for the paper cigarette boxes?
We pride ourselves on having one of the industry's lowest MOQs, accommodating businesses of all scales.
Is there any additional cost for shipping?
No, we offer free delivery as part of our commitment to providing our clients a seamless and cost-effective experience.
Can I get a sample before placing a bulk order?
Certainly! We can provide a sample so you can assess the quality and design firsthand.