Learn More About Cardboard Cigar Boxes

Well Designed Custom Cardboard Cigar Boxes Go a Long Way

Whether it's a special occasion or just a normal day, cigars become an integral part of the smoker's life. Cigars have been around for centuries and inject a classy look into smokers personality. One of the most significant things about the cigar is its packaging. The way they are packed speaks a lot about them. 

We at Half Price Packaging create voguish custom cardboard cigar boxes which provide an outstanding presentation with ultimate protection. These empty cardboard cigar boxes are best for the effective marketing of your cigar items.

Keep Cigar Quality up to the Mark With Durably Built Custom Cardboard Cigar Boxes

We at Half Price Packaging manufacture blank cardboard cigar boxes with durable material to bear any external pressure. They keep your cigars protected and provide a robust structural layout. These boxes are strong enough to bear all rough handling and keep cigars secure from being crumpled. 

We apply protective coatings on these boxes to deter moisture. Whatever customization you want on your custom cigar boxes just tell us and we got you covered. We make blank cardboard cigar boxes in all sizes, shapes, and layouts as per your requirements by using our advanced die-cutting equipment.

Create Visual Appeal With Extraordinary Vintage Cardboard Cigar Boxes

To inject luxury appeal we apply gold/silver foiling on these vintage cardboard cigar boxes. By using state-of-the-art printing presses you print your all branding emblem on custom cardboard cigar boxes as well as cigarette packaging without any printing errors or smudges. With our CMYK color printing, we can apply any unique color to your boxes. 

If you have any doubts about the box design we will provide you with a 3D prototype. So you can recheck the design and finalize it for mass production. The added benefit is that this 3D prototype is free of cost. Plus, if you want to do any changes to your already existing box design you can avail of our free artwork assistance. To approach us you can dial 866-225-2112. Our friendly agent helps you with instant response. We are also available via live chat and email services at [email protected].