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Classic box design with a vintage-like appearance will portray your elite cigar brand. With the ability to select your desired materials, including Kraft, cardstock, and corrugated cardboard, you can ensure that your custom cigar boxes have the desired strength for any occasion. You can have inserts in these custom boxes to ensure safe cigar shipping and handling. Moreover, you can get transparent windows, cutout shapes, handles, and child lock features to bring more eyes to your cigar box.

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Eco-friendly Rigid Packaging

Our packaging isn't just functional and decorative - it's also eco-friendly! When you order, those bulk empty cigar boxes can serve a whole new purpose as storage for your cigar accessories or as a display case for your prized collection. Remember to consider the value of these boxes for cigar storage. They're not just ordinary storage solutions but also versatile canvases for creativity. Our eco-friendly packaging is highly sturdy and offers enough protection for the packaged items.

Unlimited Customizations 

The various customization options in personalized cigar packaging allow you to create the most functional and unique box to fit your needs perfectly. Plus, we carefully size your packaging, so you never have to worry about damages during shipping. Best of all, our design support for box customization and digital samples are entirely free of cost, so you can get the perfect boxes for cigar packaging. We can also make transparent windows on the packaging to make the empty cigar boxes visible to the customers.

Premium Color Printing

Our exquisite boxes feature captivating designs with high-resolution imagery and beautifully stylized typography that leave a lasting impression on customers. You can choose CMYK or PMS color technology to achieve the most vibrant colors on the packaging, while our soy-based, richly pigmented printing inks ensure top-notch quality. With our expertise and attention to detail, your custom printed cigar box will genuinely stand out.


For added visibility, we can create transparent cutouts on your best cigar and custom cigarette boxes, allowing customers to make informed purchases and build trust in your brand. For a fashionable look, you can also style your company name and logo via embossing or debossing. In addition, gloss, matte, silk, aqueous, spot UV, spot gloss, and raised UV treatments are some of our premium finishing choices. They will give your cigar boxes an opulent touch, elevating their richness to a new level.

Attractive Finishings

For a unique glossy finish, you may choose eye-catchy metallic inks and raised ink printing to emphasize your brand message. Additionally, you can provide helpful guides at the back of the cardboard cigar boxes on how to use cigars or include a pamphlet to answer customers' questions.

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Why Us?

As one of the fastest-growing packaging companies, we bring efficiency and innovation to every project. Our commitment to easy price matching ensures optimal value for your investment, catering to budding businesses and established brands with the industry's lowest MOQs. Dive into the creative process with our advanced 3D design studio, where your vision for the cigar packaging comes to life. And, to cap it all, we proudly offer free delivery, ensuring that your packaging reaches you promptly and without any additional costs. By choosing Half Price Packaging, you're aligning with excellence in presentation and service.

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Timeless Cigar Box Designs for All Premium Cigar Brands

A timeless box design with a retro feel will elevate your premium cigar brand. Choose from a variety of materials for custom cigar packaging, such as Kraft, cardstock, and corrugated cardboard, to give your custom cigar boxes the robustness needed for any situation. Including inserts will enhance the safety of cigar shipping and handling. Furthermore, features like clear windows, unique cutouts, handles, and child-proof locks can make your cigar box even more attention-grabbing.

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Frequently asked questions

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What materials do you use for cigar packaging?
We use a variety of materials, including Kraft, cardstock, and corrugated cardboard, ensuring strength and durability for your cigar packaging needs.
Do you offer custom designs for cigar boxes?
Yes, we provide a personalized approach to our packaging, allowing clients to choose their desired designs, materials, and additional features.
Can I get inserts for the cigar boxes?
Absolutely! We offer inserts to ensure your cigars are safely shipped and handled without any damage.
Can I opt for any additional features in my cigar packaging?
Yes, we provide a range of additional features, including transparent windows, cutout shapes, handles, and child lock mechanisms to enhance the appeal and functionality of your cigar box.
What printing techniques do you employ?
We use state-of-the-art printing techniques to ensure the highest quality and vibrant colors for your cigar packaging.