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Learn More About Custom Cigar Boxes

Meet Your Eco-values By Engineering Elegant yet Functional Custom Cigar Boxes

Our cigar boxes do not only serve looks and usefulness – they are also safe for the environment.

Half Price Packaging crafts cigar boxes in various styles and shapes using sustainable, 100% recyclable materials. All our stock options are biodegradable, eco-friendly, and FDA-approved, ensuring they pose no serious health risks to consumers.

Our remarkable material options for cigar boxes include but are not limited to Chipboard, Bux board, Kraft paper, Paperboard, Corrugated cardboard, Art paper, Recycled paper, and cardboard.

Corrugated cardboard tends to be more economical compared to other materials, which can be advantageous for budget-conscious projects. It is a great alternative for shipping a large number of cigar boxes in huge cartons to:

  1. Avoid physical damage

  2. Excessive stacking weight

  3. Pressure during transit

On the contrary, rigid board and cardboard cigar boxes are the most suitable options for creating regal packaging for an expensive cigar brand. They are durable and presentable and also increase the shelf life of tobacco products.

Create Best Cigar Box Styles For Multiple Purposes

From packaging individual cigars to designing boxes for multiple cigars, we have an extensive style library to choose from. Sleeves and tubes are ideal for packaging a single cigar, while hinged lid boxes or drawer boxes are commonly used for multiple cigars due to their increased practicality and excellent presentation capabilities.

Besides this, Half Price Packaging offers some other cigar and lighter box styles that provide easy access to cigars while offering a sleek and sophisticated look. The stock thickness ranges from 9pt to 24pt. These include:

  1. Slipcase box

  2. Magnetic closure box

  3. Lift-off lid box

  4. 8-9-8 box style

  5. Shoulder box

  6. Two-piece box

  7. Window cut box

You can adjust the number of cigars in these boxes depending on your brand needs and specifications. These box styles, along with any custom options you prefer, can also be customized with cardstock inlays and paperboard trays. This enables the creation of folded partitions for added organization and neat arrangement.

We also have paper sleeves, holders, and wraps to keep different kinds of cigars separated in a weed subscription box.

Leave a Lasting Impression With Premium Color Printing on Cigar Boxes

The professional designers at Half Price Packaging are skilled enough to create eye-catching cigar boxes using classic design elements. We use ornate borders, vintage illustrations, or embossed logos in the artwork that resonate with the cigar culture. Minimalistic designs with simple typography can also convey elegance.

Our experts are adept at employing advanced printing techniques such as offset or digital printing, which can effectively reproduce intricate designs and vibrant colors. They give you the option to select either CMYK or PMS color technology to achieve vivid text on the cigar boxes. The competent team ensures that the artwork complements the brand image efficiently. The printing inks we utilize are soy-based and richly pigmented, guaranteeing exceptional quality.

Depending on regulations, Half Price Packaging provides essential product information such as cigar type, size, blend, strength, and country of origin. This helps consumers make informed purchasing decisions. We also guarantee that all required legal information, such as warnings about underage tobacco use, is included in the paper cigarette boxes according to local laws and regulations.

Coat Your Cigar Boxes With Some Attractive Finishes For a Bold Statement

Applying surface finishes to your custom cigar boxes is a powerful way to emphasize qualities like time-honored techniques, attention to detail, and a dedication to quality. We at Half Price Packaging provide various coatings and laminations that can add significant value to your packaging solutions. To add a luxurious and premium feel to your cigar packaging or custom cigarette boxes, you can consider the following:

  1. Matte lamination

  2. Gloss lamination

  3. Soft-touch or silk lamination

  4. Spot UV coating

  5. Aqueous coating

  6. Gold stamp foiling

  7. Embossing and debossing

  8. Textured finishes

  9. Metallic inks

We have all these varieties of finishes and more to enhance the color, graphics, and printing on the cigar box. These options can also be combined creatively to achieve a bespoke and upscale look for your custom cigar boxes.

Note: order custom match boxes along to enhance your personality.

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Frequently asked questions

Personalize your unboxing experience with a small surprise.

What materials do you use for cigar packaging?
We use a variety of materials, including Kraft, cardstock, and corrugated cardboard for custom cigar boxes, ensuring strength and durability for your cigar packaging needs.
Do you offer custom designs for cigar boxes?
Yes, we provide a personalized approach to our packaging, allowing clients to choose their desired designs, materials, and additional features as per their requirements.
Can I get inserts for the cigar boxes?
Absolutely! We offer inserts to ensure your cigars are safely shipped and handled without any damage.
Can I opt for any additional features in my cigar packaging?
Yes, we provide a range of additional features, including transparent windows, cutout shapes, handles, and child lock mechanisms to enhance the appeal and functionality of your cigar box.
What printing techniques do you employ?
We use state-of-the-art printing techniques to ensure the highest quality and vibrant colors for your cigar packaging.