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Learn More About Custom Two Piece Boxes

Material Selection For Protection & Presentation of Two Piece Set Up Boxes

When it comes to the type of material used in a two piece box, it's better to first understand the level of protection your product requires. The material you select will directly impact the safety and appearance of your items during storage, transportation, and display.

Half Price Packaging carefully evaluates factors such as your product's fragility, size, weight, and sensitivity to tailor packaging solutions that perfectly suit your needs. From sleek 9pt to robust 24pt stock thicknesses, we offer a comprehensive range of materials to meet your unique requirements. Further, the collection includes:

Kraft 2 Piece Box: We provide the best sustainable alternative for a trendy, rustic, matte, and eco-friendly look. It brings a charming touch to retail product displays and is also used for food packaging like cookies, fast food, and more.

Rigid Chipboard: Two piece rigid boxes with sturdy construction - suitable for high-end goods like luxury watches - are also available. They are deemed perfect for office stationery, business cards, etc.

Corrugated Cardboard: Ideal for heavy and fragile items and provides excellent protection against impact and stacking pressure. We offer it in customizable flute options.

Paperboard: This is a versatile option for lightweight products; you can order it in various thicknesses. It may be the best choice for retail packaging.

Apart from these, you have the option to select from our existing library of materials (metallic, holographic, buxboard, etc.) or request custom-made options, whichever you find more convenient.

Personalized Printing Options To Put Your Brand In Spotlight

Want to make a statement? Our expert designers craft captivating prints for your two piece cardboard boxes, adding significant value.

To help you communicate your brand message and product information correctly and efficiently, we provide options for custom printing. Also, we're passionate about sustainability and, thus, prefer to use digital and offset printing methods with soy-based or water-based inks. Whether it's subtle designs or vibrant patterns, we're always on top of the latest color trends and styles. In addition, we're well-versed in both CMYK and PMS color models, ensuring:

  • Accurate color reproduction

  • Unparalleled consistency across your packaging

With us, say NO to dull packaging!

At Half Price Packaging, we offer logo embedding and custom designs on two piece rigid box packaging to magnify brand recognition. Your brand's name, slogan, contact details, and logo, which are prominently printed, will ensure long-lasting recall with customers. Plus, you have the flexibility to choose a palette, and our designers are on hand to guide you through the process.

Get Your Desired Shape & Size With Our Custom Two Piece Boxes

Being recognized as a reliable packaging partner, Half Price Packaging specializes in crafting custom two piece cardboard boxes to your exact specifications. No matter the dimensions you require, the box style you prefer, or the box shape you opt for! From spacious and durable to compact and precise, we cater to a large number of sizes and shapes. Further, we carry a wide assortment of white two piece gift boxes for festive events.

Explore the diversity of our two-piece box offerings - from Nested and Drawer-style to Round and Window designs and beyond!

Finishing Touches For Fancy Packaging

Choose from our impeccable variety of finishing options to add a premium touch to your packaging, such as:

  • Matte or glossy lamination

  • Soft touch/silk lamination

  • Embossing/Debossing

  • Holographic foiling

  • UV and soft touch coating

  • Foil stamping and more

Moreover, if you want to add a protective layer that shields the packaging from scratches, moisture, and general wear and tear, anti-scratch lamination, aqueous coating, and varnish would be the best choices.

Enticing Add-Ons For 2 Piece Cardboard Boxes

Last but not least, you can include various appealing add-ons in a 2 piece rigid box to enhance their visual appeal and practicality. We offer:

Hang tags: For branding, product information, promotional messages

Dividers: Separate compartments for multiple items - best for 2 piece subscription boxes

Sliders: For easy opening & closing without fully removing the lid or base

Ribbons & Bows: Adds an elegant and decorative finish in two piece gift box

Die-cuts: Creative shapes and patterns to show attention to detail

Inserts: To increase organization and protection

QR codes: For an interactive experience, authenticity, and credibility

Order Yours Now!

With Half Price Packaging, you can experience the real meaning of packaging excellence. Our customized two piece boxes are keenly designed and creatively personalized with branded elements. These can become your powerful marketing tool. When printed with captivating artwork and expertly covered with luxurious finishing, a premium touch to your packaging remains distinctive.

Whether you need heavy-duty corrugated or biodegradable Kraft, we bring you an extensive collection of sturdy materials. Functional add-ons are incorporated into your two-piece boxes for maximum functionality and lure.

For instant quotes, reach out to us now at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected] to get customized two-piece boxes at economical rates.

Frequently asked questions

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Can a two-piece rigid box have foiled logos?
Yes, two piece rigid boxes, just like other sturdy boxes, can have glossy foil added to them. This could be a shiny logo or any other part of the design that you want to stand out.
What is a shoulder rigid box?
Shoulder rigid boxes, also called neck rigid boxes, are stronger than regular two-piece boxes. They have an extra part (shoulder) glued to the sides of the base. This shoulder helps the top lid fit perfectly flush with the sides of the base. The shoulder not only looks nice but also makes the boxes twice as thick, which makes them stronger.
Can sleeves be produced for two-piece rigid boxes?
Absolutely! You can create custom sleeves with your brand's logo for your two-piece boxes. They're made from different sturdy card materials and can be printed to match your box design.
What are rigid gift boxes?
Rigid boxes, also called set-up boxes, are crafted from sturdy paperboard, typically 36 to 120 points thick. They can be covered in various materials according to your preference.
What is the best material to make gift boxes out of?
The grayboard paper box is often used for gift packaging. Even though it looks plain, it can be decorated with different materials like pearl paper, art paper, cloth, or leather.