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Our silk gift boxes with a smooth and silky interior touch keep your items in the utmost care. These custom boxes are the real epitome of love and elegance, ensuring that your gifts remain in pristine condition until they are revealed. The main features of our silk line boxes include luxurious aesthetics and durability, which set them apart, as we spare no expense in pampering your product with the glossy texture and softness of silk. Where silk adds sheer opulence to your product packaging and makes the receiver feel more special, silk lined gift boxes become a shield against scratches, minor impacts, and dust.

Make Your Products Desirable with Unique Silk Lined Gift Box Designs! Customizable in any size, shape, style, and design, you can boost the demand for your gift-worthy items. When complemented with add-ons, our luxury box packaging echoes fashion. Also, we bring you several kinds of packaging materials for your selection, including environmentally friendly Kraft. Our packaging experts craft silk lined gift boxes with sustainable & rigid materials in compliance with the demand of your brand and product nature.

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Enjoy Exclusive Customization Options for Satin Lined Gift Boxes!

If you want to extend your products' shelf life, send them safely to shorter or longer distances, and retain the royal touch in your product presentation, silk gift boxes are the ideal packaging solution for you. The sleek appearance of our silk lined gift boxes screams your brilliant brand personality and creates a consistent brand experience throughout your platforms. Each box is a masterpiece in itself.

Extensive branding is imperative for every business when promoting your products or placing them on the retail shelf alongside your competitors. Our well-designed silk gift boxes give you an edge to get high recognition from your customers as you can print your logo and name, special branded elements, brand story, contact details, and personalized messages.

You can change the look of these boxes, including the size, style, and shape that is suitable for your requirements. We have silk available in a diverse range of eclectic colors, such as royal blue, ivory, black, white, navy blue, red, navy blue, charcoal, etc. The box can be personalized with a digitally printed interior that costumes your items.

Half Price Packaging is going truly limitless in customization for silk lined boxes for product display packaging, bridesmaid gifts, promotional giveaways, or custom subscription boxes.

Best Business to Take Advantage of Our Silk-lined Gift Boxes

Silk lined boxes are diverse packaging and are used in multiple industries because of their high functionality. Some of the sectors that often use these boxes to present their product unbearably.

Jewelry Packaging: Rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings can be presented exceptionally in silk gift boxes as they have an enduring design like your jewelry.

Gift Packaging: For birthdays, weddings, and special events, personalize your gift boxes by printing the recipient’s name or special message alongside your brand logo.

Cosmetic Packaging: A custom silk lined box has a smooth interior and exterior, which is right for delicate cosmetic products, including skincare, perfume, lipstick, etc.

Candle Packaging: To sell your aromatic candles, employ a candle box with silk, as they are the perfect option to entice buyers.

Apparel and Accessories: Use our silk two-piece gift boxes for apparel and accessories packaging - ties, pocket squares, and scarves - to induce grace.

Memento Boxes: Silk-lined boxes are elegant and serve as safe storage for mementos. These are useful for you when you sell antique items!

Bring Your Products To the Limelight with Finest Finishing and Add-ons

Our assortment of finishings and add-ons in silk gift boxes are compelling enough to inspire customers to smile at first glance.

To bolster the sheen of your brand and product name, we bring you the choice of hot gold or silver stamping. The foiling and metal accenting are equally appreciated for an extra flair. Suppose you need something classic that happens to be functional and useful. In that case, Half Price Packaging has water-resistant aqueous coating and anti-scratch lamination to reduce the wear and tear of the exterior of the silk gift box effectively. From holographic funkiness to eye-getting spot UV coating, we ensure that you get the desired attention on the shelf.

Need some embellishments or practical features to enhance the utility of the box? Dividers, sliders, trays, inserts, and cushions in the silk boxes lead to the enhanced safety of your valuable products. Also, by putting greeting tags or tissues with your brand logo, we enrich your connection with the customers. We can throw a festive ribbon as a specialty.

Ideal for sending ultimate love!

Designed To Captivate & Enchant!

Our innovative printing techniques include CMYK printing, digital printing, and offset printing with color-matching models that aid us in crafting the most vibrant colors. In compliance with your marketing goals and branding demands, we print quality designs in crisp hues. You can get peace of mind when you have a 2D, 3D, or physical prototype in your hand to analyze the potential of your coming bulk packaging.

Add an Extra Layer of Modernism with Amazing Silk Gift Box Styles

The crucial element in the custom silk gift boxes is their ability to be customized to any style suitable for large or smaller products. When you order from Half Price Packaging in bulk, you will get the various styles the way you desire. Some of our inspirational styles include:

  • Hinged Lid Boxes: Hinged lid gift boxes are one-piece boxes that are highly versatile to present and ship your products in the best possible way.

  • Two-Piece Boxes: Use our two-piece boxes with separate lids and bases for large and luxurious gifts. Their incredible attractiveness makes the nerve-wracking process of marketing and advertising easy for you.

  • Slipcase Boxes: Pick our drawer slipcase design with foam inserts that are flawless for gift packaging and presentation. This is a true luxury keepsake everyone will love!

  • Magnetic Closure Boxes: This classy packaging encloses, promotes, and presents all sorts of expensive items. These silk gift boxes open and shut swiftly because of the small magnet placed at the front of the lid, providing an unparalleled feeling of quality.

  • Collapsible Boxes: Use these boxes as an exquisite choice, as they modify their shape as soon as the recipient opens them to double their excitement.

  • Silk Pillowcase Gift Box: It’s a revolutionary style for a pillowcase - easy to tuck with a smooth finish and in various colors.

Take the gifting experience to unequaled heights with our deluxe collection of silk-wrapped treasures!

Let’s Craft Fantastic Luxury With Custom Silk Gift Boxes

Half Price Packaging curates silk gift boxes that are simply a league above the competition.

Whether you need cube silk gift boxes or packaging in any other customized shape, we have the expertise and technology that enable us to deliver to the mark. Running fingers over smooth, sumptuous silk and feeling the gentleness as your customers unbox the delights within – an exotic experience indeed! Our silk boxes will speak volumes about your discerning taste to make a statement like no other. We can shape them in accordance with your timeless classics of jewelry or contemporary marvels of watches.

Reach out to us now at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected] to get your envisioned custom silk gift boxes.

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Half Price Packaging pushes the limit of luxury and keeps on introducing new packaging ideas liked by our 5000+ clients in the USA, Canada, and Australia. We have 25 years of packaging experience and practice the customer-centric approach to delivering the best packaging solutions, evidenced by high ratings on notable review platforms, such as a 4.9 rating on Trustpilot and a 4.6 rating on You can get free shipping, free design assistance, and the lowest MOQs as additional perks from us.

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Present All Sorts of Products Stylishly with Silk Gift Boxes

Silk is a fabric synonymous with extravagance and refinement. Custom silk gift boxes are not just the packaging but the symbol of luxury. The size, shape, design, and style customizability make them a preferable packaging solution for divergent industries. Whether you need silk-lined gift boxes in bulk or are considering customizing your printing options, use our expertise to add an air of sophistication that will be irresistible for your customers.

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