Learn More About Rigid Kraft Boxes

Ecofriendly Kraft Boxes To Protect Environment Health

Rigid Kraft boxes are made of Kraft paper that is ecofriendly and has many benefits over the regular paper used to make the boxes. Kraft papers require fewer trees for their production and are more preferred due to their overall expense of them. They are recycled easily which makes them best for use.

Aesthetic Appearance Of Rigid Kraft Boxes

Kraft papers are strong enough to provide durability and rigidity to the box making them strong enough to bear the burden of items placed inside them. These Rigid paper boxes are durable as they are made of the finest quality material and thick Kraft paper so they are preferable for placing even heavy items or sensitive items like glassware due to the toughness of boxes. 

The kraft paper provides an aesthetic look to the boxes making them attractive and easy to catch one's eye. Wholesale rigid kraft boxes and silk gift boxes are available in different colors that add grace to their look. Thus, making it presentable and useable for different purposes such as gift boxes, placing food items, packing glassware and utensils, and keeping clothes in it.

Enchanting Customization Options For Rigid Kraft Boxes

At Half Price Packaging, you can get Custom Rigid boxes. Customization can be done all based on your choices and you can get the best quality end result. You can get your boxes of any size i.e. small or large according to your preference. Furthermore, you can select any kind of shape like a rectangle, triangle, square, hexagon, etc. as desired. These shapes make them easier to be used for the desired product. Other than this you can get slogans, text, ingredients, templates, or personal designs for the kraft tuck top boxes.  You can show any template from your own collection or select any from the ones we have designed at Half Price Packaging. 

The printing is done with the latest technology and finest inkjets i.e. PMS, and CMYK that will make the overall print in the best form hence catching the customer's eye. As these rigid paper boxes can be used for different purposes therefore you can get them in any color which you like hence increasing the attractiveness.

Unmatchable Exciting Services

At Half Price Packaging, we provide our clients with the best services and facilities. We deliver our products as soon as we receive the final orders and try our best to avoid any hurdles and delays hence satisfying our customers. We provide 24/7 help service so you can get any kind of information required. Shipping in Canada and UK is free whereas wholesale orders are offered a further discount for delivery. So grab your boxes and order at www.halfpricepackaging.com to enjoy unlimited favorable discounts. Email us at [email protected]

Frequently asked questions

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What makes the rigid Kraft boxes from Half Price Packaging different from regular Kraft boxes?
Rigid Kraft boxes are designed to offer enhanced strength and durability, making them perfect for products like glassware. They're crafted using cutting-edge printing patterns and exquisitely packaged using advanced digital techniques and added inserts, emphasizing aesthetics and protection.
How do the added inserts in the rigid Kraft boxes help?
The added inserts provide extra support and cushioning for the product inside, ensuring minimal movement and increased protection against external pressures, especially for delicate items like glassware.
Can I get a custom design for my rigid Kraft box?
Absolutely! We offer cutting-edge digital printing patterns, allowing you to customize your box to align with your brand identity and product needs.
Are the materials used in the rigid Kraft boxes eco-friendly?
We emphasize sustainability and use organic and soy-based materials for our rigid Kraft boxes, ensuring they're both sturdy and environmentally friendly.
I need a specific size and shape for my product; can Half Price Packaging accommodate that?
Of course! Our advanced techniques and machinery allow us to craft custom shapes and sizes tailored to your specific product needs. Just share your requirements, and our team will assist you.