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Deliver or display your toys and games fully protected with branded, affordable, and easy-to-assemble packaging that comes in a variety of stock materials, sizes, surface finishings, and styles. You'll find a never-ending list of personalization to serve your needs! Our Custom Toys and Games Boxes allow you to provide your customers with complete satisfaction with their purchase as we know what works best for branding your business.

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Endorse Your Toy Brand in This Humongous Market with Custom Toy Boxes

With each toy box carefully curated, your packaging embodies quality and creativity, making a lasting impression that resonates with your audience.

From eco-friendly kraft to recyclable papers, our custom toy packaging materials are chosen to match your brand's essence of going green and saving the planet. The options are endless, with smooth finishes for a modern charm, embossed surfaces for elegance, and vibrant prints that burst with life. Skilled designers know the tricks to highlight your brand's image and captivate the senses to attract kids to your toys. Our finishing choices aren't just enhancements; they're the crowning jewels that make your toy packaging boxes and action figure packaging boxes unforgettable.

Adding Colors to the Retail Shelves with Custom Packaging for Toys

Ignite the magic of imagination with our awe-inspiring custom board game box printing services that redefine brilliance.

We offer the best of the printing worlds, employing cutting-edge CMYK, digital printing, offset printing, and Pantone printing techniques. CMYK, the cornerstone of modern printing, blends cyan, magenta, yellow, and black perfectly, ensuring vibrant and accurate color reproduction that captivates young hearts and minds. But that's not all! We take it a step further with digital printing, introducing an exquisite array of custom-mixed colors.

Do you want to add a touch of exclusivity to your toys packaging box? Half Price Packaging has the solutions available! We bring the expertise and resources that let us print your brand name and logo, contact details, product details, or artwork, as well as illustrations. The use of sustainable and non-fading inks promises crisp, vivid, and long-lasting results.

Discover Our Diverse Stock Options

Are you ready to be mesmerized by our extensive material options? From customizable cardboard to heavy-duty corrugated, chic metallic stock to biodegradable Kraft, we offer an array of stocks that embody both sophistication and durability. CS1 to CS2 brings a touch of classic charm with its smooth finish and substantial weight, perfectly suited for creating a sense of luxury and refinement. The 9pt-24pt thickness options add a contemporary edge with its versatility to custom made toy boxes, allowing for structural stiffness and visual impact on kids toys packaging.

Whether you seek to evoke nostalgia or infuse modernity, our stock options provide the canvas upon which your custom packaging for toys dreams come to life.

Half Price Packaging presents an unparalleled range of sustainable materials equally for your girl toys packaging and boy toys packaging needs. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our diverse selection of custom game boxes tailored to enhance the beauty of your products.

Let Your Creativity Bloom with the Exquisite Finishing & Add-ons

Use our incredible add-ons to inspire your customers and enhance the appeal of your toys packaging box. From mesmerizing inserts and intricate box dividers to playful cut-out windows and interactive pull tabs, our specialties bring a touch of whimsy and sleekness to your packaging. We bring you the options for festive ribbons, vibrantly-colored custom stickers, and personalized hang tags to create excitement. Each add-on is carefully chosen to complement your brand's identity and ensure every moment of discovery is met with awe and wonder, leaving an indelible mark on your customers' hearts.

Our options cater to every aesthetic preference!

Our skilled team is ready to turn your packaging into a sensory masterpiece by giving you access to the world of textures and visual delight. We offer an array of finishing touches that add an extra layer of sophistication and wonder. Where you can choose high-gloss finishes for the luxurious gleam, no one can ignore the elegance of matte coatings on custom painted toy boxes.

The tactile allure of spot UV embellishments enhances key design elements, drawing attention and improving the overall unboxing experience. Moreover, our foil stamping services, with their metallic charm, lend an air of opulence and exclusivity that's impossible to resist.

Playful Yet Premium & Affordable Custom Board Game Boxes

Enjoy our smooth and multi-channel ordering process to get any toy box packaging, including custom card game boxes or custom video game boxes. You will never feel hassled or unguided during any stage of your custom toy packaging, from production to delivery. If you require to incorporate some changes while customizing your packaging, feel free to give us the details at our 24/7 exceptional customer service.

Reach out to us now at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected] and let your toy shine in kids toys packaging that's as remarkable as the treasure it holds.

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Half Price Packaging has innovative packaging technology and adopts a customer-centric approach that helped us win the trust of 5000+ clients in the USA, Australia, and Canada. Within 25 years of excellence, we have earned a 4.9 ranking at TrustPilot and a 4.6 ranking at Enjoy our exclusive discount offers with free shipping, free design assistance, and the lowest MOQs to level up your custom toy packaging!

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Understanding that the first interaction with a toy often begins with its packaging, Half Price Packaging provides an assortment of custom toy boxes, including window boxes, durable blister packs, gable boxes, and other timeless toy boxes. We can help you score loads of sales as we offer finishing options to add texture, depth, and a dash of extravagance to toys packaging boxes. Top-notch material, best-fit sizes, and full inside-out printing options bring a distinctive branding touch to aware, influence, and engage the buyers.

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Frequently asked questions

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What types of toy packaging does Half Price Packaging offer?
Half Price Packaging offers a wide range of toy packaging options. Our offerings include but are not limited to window boxes, blister packaging, mailer boxes, display boxes, custom board game boxes and custom printed boxes.
Can I customize the design of the toy packaging?
Yes, you certainly can. At Half Price Packaging, we believe in providing our customers with fully customizable solutions. You can choose from a range of box styles, sizes, colors, and finishes. Our design team can assist you in creating unique custom game boxes that reflect your brand's identity.
Can you accommodate packaging for irregularly shaped or oversized toys?
Absolutely. Our design and production teams can create custom toy box packaging solutions for toys of all shapes and sizes. Regardless of how unusual or large your toy may be, we can provide perfectly fit packaging.
Is your toy packaging eco-friendly?
Yes. At Half Price Packaging, we are committed to environmental sustainability. Our custom toy packaging materials are recyclable and biodegradable, aligning with eco-friendly practices.
What is the turnaround time for toy packaging orders?
Typically, our turnaround time is between 8-10 business days. However, this may vary depending on the toy packaging boxes design complexity and the order's size. Rush orders can also be accommodated for an additional fee.