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Nine Tips To Use Box Dividers in Packaging Wisely

The box dividers are very important in packaging your products. They make it possible to pack the products securely so that they can withstand any kind of movement or handling during transport. If you want to use them properly, it is important that you know how they work and what features to look for when choosing them.  

This article will discuss 9 tips that will help you use box dividers wisely.

Invest In The Right Shape

The right shape is a must. Good dividers are strong and flexible but also able to withstand pressure from the product itself. They should be able to bend in any direction without breaking or tearing apart.

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Dividers that can stand up under heavy loads will help your products stay on top of boxes better, so you do not have to worry about them falling out when you open up the box later on in transport.

Learn How To Form Protective Corners

To begin, you will need to cut off your box's top and bottom flaps. This is easily done with a box cutter or pair of scissors. Next, mark where each end of your dividers should be placed on your packaging by using a ruler and pen. Then simply use scissors to cut along these lines and position your dividers into place so they can be used as protective corners around each side of the package.

Finally, use craft knives to trim out any remaining corners carefully. This will ensure that nothing gets torn off during shipping or storage later on!

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Use Dividers As Protection Rather Than Just Fill

Dividers can be used to protect items in the box, organize them in the box, secure them in the box, and keep them dry.

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Use dividers as protection rather than just fill space. Varying sizes of boxes are available at most stores for sale, but how many times have you found yourself with an extra 3x5” cardboard box sitting around? If you want to use it for something more than just storing stuff, then place some paper peanuts or shredded paper on top of each layer before adding your contents so that they don't get crushed between layers while being shipped or stored at home.

This will help prevent damage from occurring with such thin materials like packing peanuts, and it will also keep dirt particles away from sensitive electronics such as laptops and tablets because there is nothing loose inside anymore.

Match The Dividers To The Contents

If you are shipping a small item like jewelry, use soft and small dividers. For example, if you are shipping earrings with a card that says "Thank You," do not use a large box divider. The same goes for books: if it is an art book with thick pages that need extra protection from getting bent out of shape during shipping, then use the largest size possible.

Look For Inexpensive Options

It's important to keep your packaging costs down. You can do this by using inexpensive cardboard boxes, but there are other options as well.

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For example:

Buy cheap dividers that you already have on hand and use them for packing purposes. These can be found at most craft stores or online in bulk quantities for a fraction of the cost compared to buying them from an online retailer like Amazon or Walmart.

Make your own dividers out of inexpensive materials such as plastic bags, empty boxes and more. This is another great way to save money while making sure your products look professional when they arrive at their destination.

Choose A Good Size For Your Box And Its Contents

When choosing the right size for your box, it is important to consider how much room you will have in your product packaging. The first rule is that the box should be big enough for all of its contents, but not too big. It’s also important that any packaging materials fit into that same space.

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Some boxes can take up more space than others, so make sure you measure everything before buying anything so there are not any surprise costs later on down the line when trying to transport something from home or wherever else it is going.

Secure Everything With Tape

You can use tape to secure your dividers in place, and also the box itself. Use double-sided tape, or any other kind of adhesive that will hold firmly.

Secure your dividers with double-sided tape by placing one side on top of the top edge of a divider, then pressing firmly until it sticks. Repeat this process for each divider you have placed in your packaging design.

Secure your box itself using double sided tape so that when you close up its lid, all edges stay together securely and nothing falls out during shipping or storage. This will prevent any leaks from occurring as well as making sure everything stays secure throughout transit time.

Place Heavier Items At The Bottom Of The Box

If you are going to use box dividers, it is a good idea to place heavier items at the bottom of the box and lighter ones at the top. This helps prevent damage to both boxes and helps prevent unnecessary wear and tear on both sides of each package. If a heavier item is placed too far down in its own box, it can shift as other items are added later on down through production runs.  

Similarly, if a lighter item is placed too far up in its own box during manufacturing processes, this could cause issues with shipping costs due to being able to reach into heavy spaces without needing additional materials for support, or even worse yet: using up valuable space in shipping boxes altogether.

Keep It Dry Inside Too

Keeping your box dry inside is another important step to take. You do not want water or condensation from the outside of the box getting into its contents, which could damage them over time.


If you are shipping items in a storage unit and need to put them away for a while, consider keeping them in an airtight container and then wrapping them in plastic bags before placing them inside another container, such as one made specifically for storing boxes.

You should also make sure that any cardboard boxes used for packaging goods are made from high-quality materials so they will last longer than less expensive materials like corrugated cardboard sheets which tend not hold up well under heavy use or weather conditions such as rainstorms or freezing temperatures during winter months when shipping happens most often.

Box Dividers Have Many Different Uses And They Help Keep Things In Your Boxes Safe

Box dividers have many different uses and they help keep things in your boxes safe. Box dividers can be used for many different purposes, but one of the most common uses is to keep things organized. If you are trying to decide what type of box dividers to use, then read on for some tips on how you can use them wisely.

You should always make sure that all of the boxes have a lid or cover on them so that if something should happen to fall out, such as when someone opens up a bag, then it would not go anywhere else besides where it belongs, inside of its own container. This will also ensure that nothing gets stolen from outside either which would mean losing money due to theft. This could be costly especially if someone buys expensive merchandise like clothing items such as jeans etcetera.

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Final Thoughts

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In addition to being able to protect your products, dividers can be used for a variety of other purposes. For example, you could use them to create handy storage boxes in which you can store things like books and DVDs, and even keep them organized. They can also help keep food dry during transport or storage, and they can even be cut apart into smaller pieces so that there’s enough room for more items than just one type like clothing might require.