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Align With Green Values Through Sustainable Packaging Material

Be competitive in the tech market by opting for sustainable gaming solutions that have become integral aspects of business operations. We at Half Price Packaging have an extensive array of different types of materials that are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. We prioritize and pay close attention to the quality of the materials used to create these game boxes. We prefer to utilize cardboard or kraft paper, which have less harmful environmental consequences.

For high-end or collector's edition games, we have rigid boards that give a presentable and premium look. Our corrugated cardboard is ideal for shipping and storage due to its durability and strength. All our packaging material stock is available in thickness from 9pt to 24pt and provides adequate protection to gaming components during transportation.

Get Maximum Protection, Organization, and Presentation for Game Boxes

Shield your game consoles and controllers with our dual-purpose custom-printed gaming boxes.

We offer custom molded inserts tailored to fit the specific shape and size of gaming accessories. For a neat organization of game pieces like tokens or cards, we have partition inserts or dividers to create separate compartments within the box. You can cut these cardboard or foaming inserts to fit the box dimensions, providing cushioning and protection for delicate items like miniatures or fragile pieces. Choosing the right inserts enables you to maximize packaging efficiency, delivering a top-notch experience to your customers.

Make your Game Packaging Functional & Convenient

The packaging requirements for different types of games vary based on various factors such as their size, fragility, components, and target audience. The packaging for card games needs to prevent bending, tearing, or moisture damage. That's why Half Price Packaging offers gaming boxes in stylish yet practical styles to cater to various needs. These include:

  • Tuck Top with Auto Bottom – offers quick set up and secure closure

  • Sleeve and Tray Box – provides protection and an attractive display option

  • Two-Piece Box – allows for easy access to game contents

  • Display Box – designed with a clear window or die-cut holes to view the contents without opening the packaging

  • Gable Box – convenient handle for easy carrying, best for portable games

  • Mailer Box – provides efficient shipping and storage solutions with an option for custom inserts

We understand the specific needs of each type of game, so we design relevant packaging solutions. It reinforces brand identity and enhances user-experience

Catch the Eye With Quality Printing, Attractive Themes, and Premium Finishes

At Half Price Packaging, we specialize in top-tier printing techniques, employing digital and offset methods with CMYK and PMS color systems to deliver designs for gaming subscription boxes that pop with clarity and vibrancy. Committed to sustainability, we opt for soy/vegetable inks and water-based finishes to minimize environmental impact.

Furthermore, you can increase the visual appeal of your game boxes with our array of coatings, including Semi-Gloss AQ, Gloss AQ, Gloss UV, Matte UV, and Spot Gloss, along with Anti-Scratch Lamination, Soft-Touch/Silk Laminations, Embossing/Debossing, and more. These enhancements for custom toy boxes fortify your game boxes against UV degradation, moisture, abrasion, and dirt, ensuring they maintain their allure over time.

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Frequently asked questions

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What types of games can be packaged in custom game boxes?
Custom game boxes can be designed for a wide range of games, including board games, card games, tabletop games, role-playing games (RPGs), and more. They can accommodate various sizes and shapes to suit your specific video game box requirements.
Can I customize the design of my game boxes?
Yes, you can fully customize the design of your game boxes according to your preferences and branding needs. You can choose from our different materials, sizes, shapes, printing options, finishes, and additional features to create unique and eye-catching packaging.
What materials do you use for custom game boxes?
Our custom game boxes are typically made from sturdy and durable materials such as cardboard, corrugated cardboard, or rigid paperboard. These materials provide excellent protection for your games during storage and transportation.
Are your game board boxes eco-friendly?
Yes, we offer eco-friendly options made from recyclable materials. You can choose from our sustainable materials and printing techniques to reduce your carbon footprint and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.
What is the minimum order quantity for custom game boxes?
The minimum order quantity for custom board game boxes varies depending on the packaging provider and the complexity of your customization requirements.