What You Should To Know About Digital Printing in Packaging

digital printing in packaging

Several distinct applications frequently use digital printing.

There is a good chance you have used a digital printer before, whether at work, school, or home.

You have probably used a digital printer at your home or workplace, as they are frequently used to print papers.
But do you know the role of digital printing in packaging?

Let's find out!

What is Digital Packaging in Packaging?

Transferring a digital file (often a JPEG or PDF file) straight to a printer for printing on packaging materials is known as digital printing in packaging.


To communicate more precise color output from the screen to the substrate, digital files are converted into the CMYK color system.

Digital printers don't need physical labor to set up, unlike offset printers; therefore, there are no dies or paper rolls to be installed.

Digital printing is frequently used in packaging to produce affordable prototypes and samples for custom packaging.

Digital printing, however, may also be used to make some really stunning packaging artwork ideas!

Why Digital Printing Is Used in Packaging

Packaging is frequently printed digitally to save money and time during production.

Digital printing packaging suppliers typically perform very well for smaller order runs as setup time, and expenses are drastically reduced due to the minimal effort required to operate them.


Additionally, digital printing excels in creating minimalist packaging designs because it produces work of excellent quality from simpler artwork.

Not sure which corrugated cardboard specifications best suit your product's unique requirements?

Are you deciding what shape your corrugated container should be?

You might not know which corrugated digital printing packaging solution to select for your particular product line because many possibilities are available.

Consult a corrugated packaging expert to make the best packaging decision for your product and transportation requirements.

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Limited Runs and Sampling

Small runs are often more affordable to create in digital printing than offset printing.

Digital printing for packaging is the best option for orders of less than 100 units!

Digital printing wins over flexography and other traditional printing techniques regarding custom packaging samples.

It is simpler to create package samples with digital printing and choose offset printing for your finished product because of its lower costs and quicker printing timeframes.

This way, you avoid spending extra for a packaging sample that might require modifications and more time during the prototype stage.


Digital printing has the disadvantage of a decrease in image quality and, occasionally, is limited to smaller paper sizes.

It cannot generate prints using the PMS Color System, which makes it unable to compete with the level of color accuracy offered by offset and flexographic printing, among others.

A further drawback is the number of stock options.

While digital printing in packaging can print on more complex and unusual substrates, including corrugated, chipboard, grey boards, and other thicker paper stocks, digital printing can only be printed on specific paper materials.

In the end, digital printing works the best on the folding carton and, when used sparingly, can result in some high-quality designs.

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What Is Digital Flatbed Printing?

An inkjet printer is primarily used in flatbed digital printing to reproduce digital images. It is believed that inkjet printing will dominate digital printing in the future.

Digital images are printed on flat surfaces using a process that employs ultraviolet (UV) curable inks.

This procedure is crucial because it may print on various materials, including wood, metal, glass, and tiles.

The technique is more adaptable in the printing and packaging industries since it can print on materials with different levels of thickness.

The Advantages of Digital Printing

advantage of digital printing

Consistently higher quality: True digital flatbed technology costs more upfront than its competitors, but it prints with more accuracy, repeatability, and greater detail.

Environmentally favorable: Flatbed printing produces fewer waste cartridges and less air pollution than traditional printing, making it more environmentally friendly than the latter. A lower carbon footprint is left behind.

Flexible and inexpensive: Custom and commercial packaging look fantastic when printed on a flatbed. Its reduced pricing makes customization easier, and clients can create their designs for less money.

Unlike offset or traditional printing, which both use plates, digital printing does not. Instead, toner and liquid ink are typically used in the procedure.

Unlike traditional ink, which would often bleed through the substrate being printed on, digital printing ink frequently does not do this. Instead, the ink deposits a thin coating on the substrate's surface and attaches due to UV or laser heating.

While numerous printing options are available in the digital printing packaging market, flatbed digital printing is particularly efficient for small- to medium-sized firms trying to reduce the cost of their custom packaging investment.

Despite its widespread use, the packaging is rarely mentioned when discussing digital printing.

But it is an efficient technique in the packaging sector and saves a ton of time, especially while working under pressure.

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