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Customizable folding cartons adding unique flair and creativity as well as extra strength to your product presentation with vibrant prints, personalized typography, branded elements, and reliable structure design.

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Versatile Material Options for Folding Cartons Packaging

Smart packaging is the right way to distinguish yourself from the rest, and nothing is more effective than our paper folding cartons to hit the mark.

Half Price Packaging has expertise that enables us to deliver the best packaging options for all industrial requirements. Whether you need jewelry or food packaging folding cartons, we curate them for you at the most affordable rates. Our boxes are available in various paperboards, including coated unbleached kraft, premium grade solid bleached sulfate, and non-bending chipboard. For more durability, you can change the thickness of these boxes from 9pt to 24pt to simplify product shipping. It is a versatile solution for various products.

These well-made cartons can be used for packing fragile or heavier items with a fully customizable front, giving you the best storyboard to market your brand. With us, you can pick either single-wall or double-wall cartons, considering the load requirements. Our experts create innovative hinged-lid cartons for the luxury goods and fashion industry. They serve the purpose of being resistant and hard-wearing while offering a brilliant impact on marketing and advertising.

Using Advanced Printing Techniques to Create Masterpieces!

The secret of success lies in the custom printed folding cartons design and how your customers perceive your brand through it. Half Price Packaging uses innovative printing techniques, including offset printing, digital printing, PMS, and CMYK printing, to create outstanding packaging design as envisioned for your brand.

Where offset printing is perfect for large orders to speed up our production process, digital printing uses electrophotographic imaging to produce highly premium results. Moreover, CMYK printing uses four basic colors to create the exact color scheme in compliance with the Pantone Matching System.

Apart from implementing eco-friendly printing practices, we use sustainable ink varieties such as soy-based ink. Our other options are fluorescent, vegetable oil-based, etc. Each selection delivers bright, smudge-free, and long-lasting prints that never fade.

Choose From the Essential Styles of Folding Cartons Packaging

Styles and types of folding cartons are synonymous in the packaging industry. Every style of our carton packaging has its strengths and weaknesses that make them apt for your products. Some of our choices are the following but not just limited to the given list.

Straight Tuck Folding Cartons

Straight tuck folding cartons carry their name from their structure as the top and bottom closure panels are on the same side of the boxes. The end slit in a straight tuck keeps the tuck lock in place. You can order these boxes for light to medium-weight items.

Reverse Tuck Folding Cartons

They are identical to straight tucks, but their top and bottom closure exist on the opposite side of the boxes. If your brand needs our white reverse tuck folding cartons or black, the color scheme is customizable, just like size and shape.

Auto Lock Bottom Folding Cartons

When you assemble these boxes, their bottom has an automatic locking mechanism that closes. The top flap of the auto-lock bottom boxes is tuck top. Our auto-lock bottoms are sturdy and designed for holding heavier, delicate, and fragile objects.

1-2-3 Bottom Folding Cartons

These boxes derive their name from their three-step assembly system and typically have two sorts of bottom, called lock bottom box or snap bottom box. The bottom flap of the 1-2-3 box, when pushed a little bit their flaps settle down in the locking place.

Two Piece Folding Cartons

With completely detached top and bottom halves, it creates a double wall to add more protection when the tray and lid come together. These boxes are most of the time used for luxury products like clothing, jewelry, or confectionery.

Add More Embellishments to Differentiate Your Carton Packaging

Finishing and add-ons in clear carton packaging give the product more grace and charm.

Using embossing and debossing influences customers’ perceptions because of interesting visuals and texture. On the other hand, foil stamping, spot UV, and gloss lamination have their separate functions to make packaging more useful, so they work wonders. If you want it to be safe from wear and tear, opt for our varnish, anti-scratch, and aqueous coating options.

Add-ons turn simple packaging into a marketing tool, such as die-cut windows, to give your customers a glimpse of your inside product without opening the cartons. You can select inserts for a sleek look and keep the products from coming apart during transit. Also, custom stickers and labels with your brand name complement the product theme.

Half Price Packaging: Your One Stop Packaging Solution

From sizing to designing, finishing to printing – Half Price Packaging creates boxes that are perfect for your product, whether you are stacking or displaying. In combination with personalized design options, we optimally cover almost every industry with this multifunctional product packaging. As a folding carton manufacturer, we provide a unique price-matching system for building trust among our customers.

This particularly strong and stable packaging is tremendously resistant to unintentional shocks and offers enough space for company- and brand-specific imprints. It can serve as your real marketing booster!

Whatever the folding cartons quantity you demand, reach out to us now at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected], and let us create.

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Half Price Packaging has served 5000+ customers with 25 years of packaging excellence. We hold to a client-centric approach that helps us earn high ratings at notable review platforms, including a 4.9 rating on Trustpilot and a 4.6 rating on You can get benefits from our additional perks, like the lowest MOQs, free design support, and free shipping in the USA, Canada, and Australia.

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Folding Cartons - Present Your Brand in an Efficient and Cost-Effective Way

Folding carton packaging provides endless possibilities when it comes to presenting your brand and fostering your distinctive image in the market. You can print your brand logo, product info, and design elements in the most vibrant colors by using our advanced printing technology. Besides design, the style, shape, and eco-friendly materials with add-ons and finishing are enough for folding cartons to highlight your product on the retail shelf.

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Frequently asked questions

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How thick is a folding carton packaging?
With Half Price Packaging, you can choose the required thickness for your packaging between 9pt and 24pt. The higher the thickness of the boxes, the higher the toughness and strength.
What are the benefits of custom folding cartons?
The benefits of custom folding cartons are limitless; some of them include eco-friendly packaging, cost-effectiveness, and durability. Also, they can be found in various styles for meeting special requirements such as child-resistant packaging.
What materials are used in folding cartons packaging?
It comprises four major materials: bleached Kraft paperboard, recycled paperboard, micro-flute courage, and unbleached Kraft paperboard.
How are folding cartons packaging measured?
You need three basic dimensions: length (L), width (W), and height(H). They appear in the order LxWxH, the standard followed by packaging companies in the USA.