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Folding Cartons Packaging

Customizable folding cartons add unique flair and creativity as well as extra strength to your product presentation with vibrant prints, personalized typography, branded elements, and reliable structure design.

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Folding Cartons | Suitable Packaging for Marketing

Smart packaging is the right way to distinguish yourself from the rest, and nothing is more effective than our paper folding cartons to hit the mark.

Grow your business potential with Half Price Packaging’s custom folding cartons. We use high-quality, sturdy stock in various thicknesses to ensure your products arrive safely.

Half Price Packaging has expertise that enables us to deliver the best packaging options for all industrial requirements. Whether you need jewelry or food packaging folding cartons, we curate them for you at the most affordable rates. Our boxes are available in various paperboards, including coated unbleached kraft, premium grade solid bleached sulfate, and non-bending chipboard.

For more durability, you can change the thickness of these boxes from 9pt to 24pt to simplify product shipping. These well-made cartons can be used for packing fragile or heavier items with a fully customizable front, giving you the best storyboard to market your brand.

Need extra protection? You can explore other material or add-on options for cartons like reinforced walls, inserts, or laminated finishes for your specific requirements.

The Folding Carton Styles We Provide

Straight Tuck End (STE):

This is a classic style with flaps on both top and bottom that fold inwards for closure. It's simple to assemble, space-saving, and ideal for lighter weight products.

Reverse Tuck End (RTE):

Similar to STE but with the top and bottom flaps folding in opposite directions. This can offer a cleaner look on store shelves and is also suitable for lighter products.

Auto-Lock Bottom (ALB) or Crash Lock Bottom (CLB):

This style features a specially designed bottom that automatically locks into place when erected. It's very sturdy and ideal for heavier products.

Lock Bottom (LB):

Also known as a 1-2-3 bottom, this style has separate top and bottom pieces that lock together for secure closure. It offers good stacking strength and is suitable for a range of product weights.

Two-Piece Box:

This consists of a separate lid and base that fit together. It provides a premium look and can be ideal for luxury products, fragile items, or gift packaging.

Tuck Top Box:

Essentially, it is a two-piece box with the lid still attached to the base by a small tuck flap, offering a good balance of convenience and protection.

In addition to these basic styles, there are also variations with features like:

  1. Thumb Cutouts: Small indentations on the box to make opening easier.
  2. Window Patches: Transparent areas that allow customers to see the product inside.
  3. Display Boxes: Specially designed cartons for showcasing products at retail stores.
  4. Hanger Boxes: Boxes with a built-in hanger for hanging products on display racks.

How Can We Customize Your Cartons

Half Price Packaging offers folding cartons with a variety of finishes and add-ons depending upon the functionality, aesthetics, and branding impact.

Protect Your Products:

We offer laminations that create moisture barriers for food products or add extra protection with grease-resistant finishes. Let us help you secure your products further with our custom foam or cardboard inserts and improve user experience with tamper-evident or reclosable seals.

Amplify the Shelf Appeal:

Basic is fine, but you can reinforce your message further with our protective options. Brands may go with coatings that come in glossy or matte finishes to match your desired aesthetic. Want the brand distinction? Do it with our foil stamping in various colors or metallic accents. Further, ask our expert to add a touch of luxury with embossing or debossing that highlights your logo or design elements.

Our designers can help you draw attention to key details or your logo with our high-gloss spot UV coating and showcase your product directly with custom die-cut windows. This can be valuable in enticing customers without them needing to open the box. Add-ons turn simple packaging into a marketing tool. You can select inserts for a sleek look and keep the products from coming apart during transit. Also, custom stickers and labels with your brand name complement the product theme in CBD tuck boxes.

Printing Options to Make Your Box Look Branded!

For folding cartons we provide a variety of printing options to suit your design needs and budget. Apart from implementing eco-friendly printing practices, we use sustainable ink varieties such as soy-based ink. Our other options are fluorescent, vegetable oil-based, etc. Each selection delivers bright, smudge-free, and long-lasting prints that never fade.

You can choose from the following depending on your packaging requirements.

CMYK (Four-Color Process):

This is the most widely used method for kraft tuck top boxes. It employs four ink colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) that are combined in various proportions to create a vast spectrum of colors, ideal for full-color designs and photographs.

Pantone Matching System (PMS):

This system utilizes pre-mixed inks to achieve specific, consistent colors. It's ideal for replicating brand colors accurately, especially if your design uses a limited color palette or needs to match existing branding materials.

Digital Printing:

Absolutely a fast and cost-effective option for smaller print runs or jobs with variable data (like unique serial numbers). Also, it offers good quality for simpler designs but may not match the color vibrancy or durability of offset printing for complex designs on consumer gable bag tuck end.

Offset Printing:

The traditional method known for high-quality printing with excellent color accuracy and detail! It's ideal for large volume orders and complex designs with intricate elements. However, offset printing typically has higher setup costs compared to digital printing.

Flexographic Printing:

Known for its fast printing speeds and ability to print on various substrates, it is another option for high-volume printing, particularly for simpler designs using a limited color palette. However, it may not offer the same level of detail as offset printing.

Design Your Own Inspiration!

To manufacture unique, user-friendly folding cartons, our packaging experts at Half Price Packaging give you the autonomy to take your pick from convenient options like:

Create custom cartons for seasonal campaigns or specific events. This way, you can add your own custom design to meet your needs.

Or, dive into our customizable templates and see what catches your eye.

Also, you can let our talented experts craft a unique design just for you.

Once you're happy with everything, we'll take care of the professional printing and shipping for you!

But wait, there's more! When you entrust us with your packaging ideas, you also get free design support, 3D mockups, and samples.

Got questions or need help? We're available 24/7!

You can chat with us live, drop us an email at [email protected], or give us a ring at 866-225-2112 to order custom stickers for business.

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Frequently asked questions

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Do you offer eco-friendly options for folding cartons?
Yes! Many are made from recyclable paperboard. We can also discuss options for using soy-based inks or other eco-friendly materials to align with your sustainability goals.
How easy is it to design and order custom folding cartons?
Half Price Packaging makes it simple! We offer design assistance, or you can upload your own artwork. Our team will guide you through the process and provide a clear quote. Ordering is easy, and we'll keep you informed about production and delivery.
What is the minimum order quantity for custom folding cartons?
You can start with as low as 1 MOQ per order. However, we work with businesses of all sizes and can offer competitive quotes for both large and small orders.
Are folding cartons expensive?
Compared to some rigid packaging options, folding cartons can be a cost-effective solution. They're generally cheaper to store and transport due to their flat form. Half Price Packaging offers competitive pricing and can work with your budget to find the perfect solution.
How long does it take to receive my custom folding cartons?
Production turnaround time depends on the complexity of your design, chosen material, and order quantity. Generally, we strive to deliver orders within a reasonable timeframe. We will provide you with an estimated turnaround time when you place your order.