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Learn More About 1-2-3 Bottom Boxes

Sustainable and Durable Material for 1-2-3 Bottom Boxes

Choosing the right packaging material, including all the necessary parameters, is the first step to creating successful packaging. Brands prefer to choose packaging that is not only sustainable and reusable but also recyclable so they can reduce their carbon footprint on planet Earth.

Half Price Packaging manufactures custom 123 bottom boxes with corrugated, cardboard, and kraft boxes. Where cardboard promises firm structure, corrugated stock can carry hefty items. The best trick to gain eco-conscious clientele is to opt for our biodegradable Kraft boxes with rustic charm. Each material is chosen for its resilience, sturdiness, long-lastingness, and sustainability.

Our 1 2 3 bottom boxes are highly durable packaging recommended for safely storage and transiting your products. To make your bottom boxes more durable, we let you modify the thickness for packaging between 9 pt and 24 pt. Whether you have a cosmetic business, sell gifts, or some fragile products, 123 bottom boxes are reliable. They are the keystone to shipping your products perfectly to your customers' doorsteps.

1 2 3 Bottom Boxes: A Top Pick for Global Businesses

With Half Price Packaging, you can print your design on custom 1-2-3 bottom boxes by using innovative printing technology, including CMYK printing, digital printing, PMS, and offset printing. We make sure that the signature color scheme, brand name, and logo will become the hook for better visibility among your competitors. Apart from advanced techniques, we use non-fading inks, including sustainable soy-based ink, to guarantee crisp and bright results.

Sharing your brand story is an authentic way to humanize your business with enchanting artwork and colors for interacting with your audience. Our designers help brands use the same palette on all platforms and build a reputation around certain products. It will go in vain if your customers don’t get the same feeling when they encounter your products in the retail store.

Meet Your Customization Requirements with Our 1-2-3 Bottom Boxes

  • Easy to Assemble:

You don’t need any tape, glue, or staples to retain the structural integrity of these boxes.

  • Align with Your Product Nature:

Communicate with our packaging experts about the nature of your product, and they will come up with the right thickness and materials for 123 bottom boxes.

  • Cost-Effective Packaging Solution:

Bottom boxes provide you with an edge during the DIM calculation by the logistics company and will cost you less during shipping because they are lightweight.

  • Eco-Friendly:

These boxes are manufactured with eco-friendly material so your business and customers can contribute well to the important cause of saving the earth for future generations.

Transform the Outlook of 123 Bottom Boxes with the Finest Finishing and Add-ons

Finishing and add-on options in 123 bottom boxes multiply the grace of these packaging boxes manifold.

You can grab your customers' attention instantly when you use hot gold foiling or holographic stamping to display significant information. UV, Matte and gloss coating bring shine to the packaging surface and complement your artwork more. For added protection, you can go for our aqueous and anti-scratch lamination.

Half Price Packaging offers plenty of add-ons to double the safety, convenience, and functionality. From foam inserts to dividers, our boxes keep fragile products in place and prevent them from rolling inside the snap lock boxes. You can also introduce windows by using die-cutting technology to make your brand look more interactive. Need more? Our experts offer:

  • Bow ties

  • Ribbons

  • Sliders

  • QR codes

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Get the desired 1-2-3 bottom boxes with Half Price Packaging! We have an extensive design gallery with a plethora of trending designs for all sorts of custom packaging boxes. Our packaging experts will put you in the driving seat and help you select the size, shape, and material that accommodate all of your needs.

Reach out to us now at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected] to get premium packaging boxes at affordable prices.

Frequently asked questions

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What is a Custom 1-2-3 bottom box?
1-2-3 bottom boxes are snap lock boxes without adhesive to assemble because of the flaps' interlocking mechanism. However, the top configuration of these boxes can be changed to RSC top, tuck top as closure.
Which products need 123 bottom boxes?
Use these boxes for product packaging if your product is heavy and fragile, such as perfume, electronic devices, beverages, medicines, and luxury gifts.
What are the customization options available in 1 2 3 bottom boxes?
You can change these boxes' size, shape, design, and material according to your brand and product needs. Displaying your specific artwork in an aesthetically appealing color scheme is way simpler when you have the right packaging partner on your side.
What is the difference between snap lock boxes and auto-bottom boxes?
In Snap lock boxes, you have four interlocking flaps that hold together to bring a certain shape to the boxes, while in auto bottom boxes, overlapping flaps are created and need glue to join them.
Are 123 bottom boxes ideal for product shipping?
Yes, these boxes provide a stable foundation to settle down your products on the flat surface of the interlock bottom, so the risk of product damage reaches zero.