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Introducing our round gift boxes with lids – the perfect blend of style and functionality! Crafted for convenience, these boxes are ideal for presenting gifts with flair. The sturdy lid ensures secure closure, keeping your surprises safe. They give a sense of elegance to any occasion with their refined style. These attractive and adaptable boxes come in a variety of sizes and colors, making them perfect for any kind of present. You can maximize your gifting experience with these gift boxes, after all, every gift deserves a beautiful package!

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Vibrant Impressions with Precision Printing!

Unveil a world of possibilities with our cutting-edge printing services for large round gift boxes with lids. Choose from our diverse array, including digital offset, CMYK, and Pantone, to bring your packaging vision to life. We offer digital offset printing that ensures unparalleled detail and clarity, while CMYK delivers a spectrum of rich, dynamic colors.

You can also opt for Pantone for precise color matching, guaranteeing your branding remains consistent. Whether it's a bold logo, intricate design, or vibrant imagery, our printing options promise a flawless finish. It is your turn to enhance your gift presentation with these high-quality printing solutions, making your round gift boxes not just containers, but captivating works of art that leave a lasting impression.

Sustainable Elegance: Transforming Your Boxes Soy-Based Inks!

Discover a greener approach to packaging perfection with our exclusive soy-based inks designed for your gift boxes!

Our commitment to sustainability meets artistic finesse, as these inks not only deliver striking visuals but also contribute to an eco-friendly footprint. Crafted from renewable soybeans, they ensure vibrant hues while reducing environmental impact. Grow your packaging game by choosing from a palette of soy-based inks that not only make your tall round gift boxes visually stunning but also align with responsible practices.

Half Price Packaging invites you to embrace the fusion of urbanity and sustainability - every box is not just a vessel, but a statement of mindful sophistication.

Where Quality Coatings Meet Round Elegance!

Glossy finish: Our glossy coatings add a vibrant sheen, enhancing the visual appeal of round gift boxes with lids.

Matte coating: For a sophisticated and understated look, pick our matte coatings that provide a smooth, non-reflective surface.

Soft touch lamination: Experience a luxurious tactile feel with our soft touch lamination, offering a velvety texture.

Metallic lamination: With this, your boxes with lids by opting for metallic lamination, creating a shimmering and metallic effect.

Spot UV coating: Highlight specific elements with spot UV coating, adding a glossy and raised finish to selected areas for a stunning contrast.

Embossed texture: Introduce a tactile dimension with embossed textures, creating patterns or raised logos for a unique and upscale presentation.

Custom print laminations: Personalize your round cardboard boxes with custom print laminations, allowing you to showcase intricate designs, patterns, or branding.

Explore Our Exclusive Special Finishes!

Discover a range of special finishing options designed to boost the aesthetics of your prints. Our offerings include Cold Foil Printing, introducing a lustrous metallic element to your designs.

Opt for blind embossing to create a textured, raised effect that engages both the eyes and fingertips.

Achieve precision and alignment with registered embossing - a seamless presentation of your artistic designs.

For a captivating blend of textures, consider combination embossing.

Our window patching option allows for a clear display of contents, marrying visibility with aesthetic allure.

Choose from our selection of special finishes to transform your round gift boxes with lids.

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For increased customer satisfaction, Half Price Packaging develops sustainable and premium packaging solutions. Our personalized round Christmas gift boxes with lids are excellent for drawing in customers. Get your boxes now and save money by ordering in quantity. You are also free to submit ideas, which our designers will turn into reality.

To make this procedure as easy as possible, we always give free digital examples and the necessary 3D models. We make sure our customers are happy by offering packaging of the highest caliber. We also provide options for wholesale packaging. Make the most of your brand!

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Why Us?

Half Price Packaging creates versatile packaging in several shapes and styles to fulfill the needs of diversity and utility. Our expertly designed tall round gift boxes are ideal for luring customers by increasing product awareness. You can share your ideas with us and allow our skilled creative designers to bring them to life effortlessly. We always provide free digital samples and required 3D models to make this process straightforward. We manufacture these boxes in full color and bring various die-cut alternatives to improve their appearance. In addition, our company has creative printing specialists who create customized and fashionable packaging.

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Beautify Your Gift Boxes with Unique Add-Ons!

Unveil the extraordinary with our array of add-ons, transforming round gift boxes in bulk into masterpieces. At HPP, precision meets personalization as die cuts create windows to showcase your gift, adding a whiff of anticipation. We offer inserts that provide structure and poise, promising your item is cradled in luxury. Half Price Packaging has introduced cushions for a plush presentation. You can now tailor your boxes with compartments, which will offer an organized charm. From showcasing products to ensuring safe transit, these add-ons make a statement of sophistication. Redefine the art of gifting and presentation with these exquisite add-ons that leave a remarkable impression.

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