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Custom Shaped Boxes

Hexagonal to triangle, hanger to auto-lock, and folding to sleeve – Our custom shape packaging goes beyond the traditional types, designs, and colors. Each box tailored to fit your product's requirements allows you to customize it with the brand's logo, typography, and other artwork by using top-notch printing technology for extraordinary clarity and precision. Whether needed for displaying or shipping products, high-end special-shaped boxes save you costs.

custom shapes boxes

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Give Your Packaging a Unique Edge with Custom Shape Boxes

If you want to exhibit your products in the market in an outstanding way, then quit using the ordinary packaging and say yes to our distinctive product boxes made in exotic custom shapes.

Our artful add-ons redefine storage solutions within your designs, ensuring seamless organization. Also, the unique laminations bring aesthetics combined with practicality to maintain the balance of beauty and functionality. Whether it's packaging, promotional materials, or artistic endeavors, our variety of add-ons empowers you to craft creations that leave an everlasting impression with our magnetic shape shifting box.

From cold foil printing introducing metallic allure precisely to blind embossing for completing intricate textures, we promise every detail is flawlessly executed. Also, each material of custom shaped cardboard boxes is a testament to our years of excellence in customized boxes shapes and styles

Order From Our Stock Collection

Our versatile stock options are carefully tailored to keep items safe, in their original form, and as new as the first day.

CS1, known for its smooth surface and sturdiness, provides a canvas that guarantees your designs make a bold statement. From lightweight 9pt to heavy 24pt, our spectrum offers choices that align with your creative vision. Each weight imparts distinct qualities to your custom shape boxes, making sure it faultlessly resonates with your brand's essence.

These stock options for triangle shape box are thoughtfully selected to ensure:

  1. Durability
  2. Print clarity
  3. The ability to bring intricate custom shaped boxes to life.

Half Price Packaging fetches you a brilliant chance to uplift your packaging and marketing materials with stocks that mirror your dedication to excellence, sustainability, and innovation.

Explore Our Diverse Materials | Creative & Sustainable

From cardboard providing a sturdy foundation to natural brown kraft communicating the organic charm, our materials are ideal for eco-conscious people.

  1. With white kraft you experience the real meaning of pristine elegance.
  2. With the bleached kraft paper you understand how sophistication is best-defined.
  3. Black kraft offers an enigmatic allure that stands out remarkably.

Each material is a canvas that mirrors your creativity, assuring your custom-shaped cardboard boxes. Our materials encompass a range of textures and hues. Our assortment of materials not only reflect your aesthetic values but also upholds durability and quality, transforming concepts into tangible marvels.

Color Chronicles: A Journey into CMYK and Pantone Printing

Our printing services for heart shape boxes offer diverse opportunities, including the dynamic duo of CMYK and Pantone.

CMYK Printing blends four primary colors - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (Black) - to create a full spectrum of hues. Ideal for various projects, CMYK promises precise color replication for vibrant and intricate designs for your shape boxes. On the other hand, Pantone Printing is the epitome of color precision. Using a standardized color-matching system, it brings out the most accurate and consistent shades on heart shape chocolate boxes, perfect for brand identity and visual impact. With Pantone, you can infuse your projects with unique tones that stand out remarkably.

Whether it's CMYK's bold vibrancy or Pantone's dainty accuracy, our printing techniques amplify the visual storytelling of your designs!

New Design Horizons: Discover Our Customization Marvels

We introduce you to a world of enchanting details with our range of finishing that transform hexagon shape boxes into stunning works of art. Where die cuts introduce captivating shapes that intrigue and engage, window cutouts offer glimpses into your products, teasing curiosity. Further, innovative collapsible designs add convenience to storage and assembly. You can go for our embossing and foil stamping for an extra depth and elegance, rendering a tactile and visual allure, both visually and sensually, to custom shape boxes.

Having a very fragile product like candles, glassware, etc.? We can add cushions, letting your delicate items find a secure and elegant resting place. Moreover, our variety of handles and closures fuse functionality with visuals for a holistic packaging solution. You can have the boxes designed with branded inserts and multiple partitions. It enables extra space to show additional information or hide surprises. We offer myriad textures and laminations to sweeten unboxing experiences for your custom heart shaped boxes. For example, spot UV that focuses on specific elements, creating contrast and highlighting intricate designs, or the gloss laminations that safeguard the packaging’s exterior while adding a smooth touch and a subtle sheen. These customizations for heart shape jewelry boxes are the essence of originality, allowing your creations to echo your vision flawlessly.

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