Best Ways to Strategize Typography in Your Packaging That Pop Up on Retail Shelf

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Behind every great packaging is great typography and design. That's why, to create a unique typography packaging design, you need to streamline your brand message, the nature of the product, and the cultural norms of the society with your audience's preferences. Also, it’s an effective way to communicate and spread your message on a three-dimensional medium where the packaging visuals with appealing typography work wonders to engage more customers.

You can make your packaging prominent when you have a clear idea about the criteria for selecting the typography, its technicalities, and recent typographic trends. They will help you to figure out which typography packaging design aligns with your goals.

Criteria for Selecting the Correct Typeface for Typography

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When you opt for a graphic design for packaging, make sure to give extra weight to the packaging fonts. Use innovative fonts that must be merged with your custom packaging style and sophisticated enough to invoke the customers' emotions. Moreover, they must convey the intended message that inspires them to take favorable actions.

The following are the imperative parameters that you need to consider while picking the perfect packaging typography.

Nature of Product

The nature of the product influences the font style. For instance, you can’t choose the same font for food packaging and gadget packaging. If your product is categorized as a business product, use a font like Bodoni, Avenir, Futura, etc.

Boxes Shape & Size

The physical attributes of the boxes, like size, style, and shape, affect the packaging typography. The unique shapes of packaging mandate unique font styles, so they must complement the overall aesthetic appeal of the custom packaging boxes.

About the size, keep the negative space in mind along with the number of images. Choose the font that fits ideally within the provided space for typography without overwhelming the design.

Product Labeling

The font for product labeling must stick to the predefined administrative guidelines as it carries important information that should be delivered vividly. It is advised to use fonts like Georgia, Garamond, Open Sans, and Helvetica for efficient and legible product labeling.

Target Audience

Display your product info and brand message by extracting insights from typography science.

According to this, you need to collect the demographic data of your audience, such as age, gender, language, and culture. If your customers are children, you need to use exciting and stylish fonts to attract kids. On the contrary, you might prefer huge fonts for the elderly community.

Design Visuals

Take care of the text structure and set it properly without affecting the hierarchy of information. The primary, secondary, and tertiary info will help you to decide the placement and size of the font among design logos, photographs, diagrams, and icons.

Important Technicalities in Packaging Typography

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It’s time to delve into the techniques of typographic information. These aspects will allow you to execute your ideas competently and skillfully. Moreover, experts mostly use product packaging software to finalize the graphics of their packaging design by considering the following parameters.

Limiting Your Fonts

The number of characters on your packaging matters most to create a consistent look for your packaging designs. Designers use specific themes to arrange all the visuals in the given space of your packaging while adjusting the text in appropriate sizes amidst them.

The Tone of the Fonts

In typography science, every font has a set of traits that develop specific moods, voices, and impressions in your customers. For example, if you try to create a minimalist design, you need to use sans-serif fonts to provide a modern and sleek appearance for your packaging.


Typography composition is also termed graphic design composition, which is used to creatively yet sensibly place numbers, letters, and other elements in the design. The perfect layout also plays a vital role in the readability of the text on the packaging boxes.


Alignment in the packaging typography gives structure to information and adds emphasis to the pivotal brand message. It’s the process of developing visual connections with the typography and the four major arrangements (primarily center, vertical left, tilted to left, and tilted to right).


Scale in the typography deals with the size of fonts. Primary info is typically displayed in 192 plus points, while the secondary curtails it down to 24-55 points. Moreover, tertiary info usually exists between 8 to 10 points.

Follow the Typography-Inspired Trends

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By following typography-inspired trends, you can meaningfully strengthen your visual communication in a crowded digital space. How? Holding onto trends enhances user experience and lets you breathe freshness and innovation into your designs. The two most top-rated trends are:

Attractive Geometric Shapes

Add geometric shapes like circles, triangles, and squares to produce an abstract art-like structure and place the info inside the particular shapes. You can use different finishing options to place specific typography textures to highlight the brand message without distracting your audience.

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Fascinate Your Customers with Retro vibes

In this design, you can use vintage trends of the 70s and 80s to invoke the emotions of your customers, including pure curiosity and nostalgia, to make them connected with your brand and product. These creative designs with stylish fonts will become a motivator to attract the audience to your product packaging.

Bonus: Other typography packaging trends comprise futuristic energy, minimalist approach, and nature-inspired design.


Packaging typography is the process of selecting the appropriate font style for your packaging boxes. It requires thorough research about your target audience to familiarize yourself with their norms and culture so you can reflect the same thing in your packaging design. The main guidelines that are followed by our packaging experts include contrast, space, hierarchy, and size.

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