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Eye-Getting Assortment of Top-Notch Materials

We stand behind our promise of delivering quality and value to our clients, supporting them on their path to success and growth with eco-safe boxes that also tend to be long-lasting, resistant, and durable. From premium stocks to unique textures, we have multiple options available. You can choose from our collection of cardboard, paperboard, corrugated, buxboard, and many more. Our stock thickness ranges from 9pt to 24pt, giving you plenty of choices to match your needs.

We prioritize sustainability by utilizing premium, 100% biodegradable packaging materials that cater to consumers' environmental concerns. Our lightweight yet sturdy kraft materials ensure easy transportation while maintaining the integrity of our food packaging boxes.

Common Packaging Styles For a Variety of Food

At Half Price Packaging, we create boxes for food packaging based on factors such as your target audience, the type of food being packaged, your branding consideration, and practical requirements like shelf life and transportation. Whether you need luxurious packaging boxes for food like gourmet gifts or convenient small packaging boxes perfect for candies and nuts, we have a diverse range of styles to suit various needs. These include:

Stand-up pouches

Bags and sachets

Pillow boxes

Clamshell packaging

Gable boxes

Window boxes

Rigid boxes

Folding cartons

Corrugated boxes

We provide customizable options for food tray packaging in terms of size, shape, color, and more, ensuring that your packaging perfectly aligns with your brand and product specifications. If you have any specific requests or preferences, share them with us. We are here to ensure your packaging needs are fully met.

Enrich Your Packaging With Exquisite Printing, Finishing, and Add-Ons

If you're looking for inspiration for your custom food packaging boxes with logo, our expert designers can guide you with a range of sample designs to spark ideas. We value your input and encourage discussion to tailor designs to your brand's vision. At Half Price Packaging, we prioritize your satisfaction with proactive customer service.

We're dedicated to setting trends in custom packaging!

We provide a range of printing options for boxes, including offset, digital, and screen printing. Our printing techniques support both CMYK and PMS color models, ensuring that your branding elements are integrated clearly and all prints are highly legible. We deck up your customized food packaging boxes with enticing illustrations and captivating food graphics. With us, you are provided chinese food boxes with the trendiest design.

Our skilled team ensures that your food gable bags stand out with elegant finishes like:

Foil Stamping

Holographic Foiling


Spot Gloss UV

Aqueous/UV/Soft-Touch Coating

Soft-Touch/Silk Lamination

Glossy/Matte Lamination

Additionally, we offer protective options for takeout boxes such as varnish and anti-scratch lamination to safeguard your packaging and maintain its allure. We also provide the following practical add-ons to make your disposable food packaging boxes for all food brands and restaurants more useful and spectacular:

Hang tags

QR codes



Ribbons & bows



Get In Touch Today To Discuss Your Packaging Needs!

To place an order, either send us a picture of the box you want or pick from our categories or designs. Once confirmed, we start making your order right away. You can either provide a design template following our specifications for boxes for food packaging or let us help you create one for free. Your order of pillow food boxes will be delivered to your doorstep within the specified timeframe. Moreover, we will send you a digital proof for your approval, and you can request any revisions or updates in your paper food bags.

We offer the fastest turnaround time, along with complimentary design assistance and shipping services across the US, UK, and Australia.

Reach out to us now at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected] and get an instant quote right away for your custom food boxes!

Ensure Your Food Brand Recognition With Multi-Packaging Prowess

Are you tired of the packaging hassle that comes with offering a variety of sizes and formats for your food products? Leave behind the packaging headache and introduce simplicity with our multi-packaging specification management system. We're here to streamline the process and revolutionize the way you approach packaging.

With our remarkable solutions, you don’t need to stress about managing multiple sizes and designs. Our disposable food packaging boxes wholesale are made with custom dividers and compartments to accommodate various types of food in one box. Our multi-packaging boxes offer versatility, protection, and convenience. It meets various needs, boosts product attractiveness, and optimizes logistics.

So meet evolving marketing demands effectively with our cost-effective sustainable custom food packaging boxes with logo.

Frequently asked questions

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What is a paper box for food usually made from?
Food boxes made from either Kraft paper or plant fibers like sugarcane or bamboo are commonly used. Kraft paper food boxes are coated to resist oil and grease from food.
What are the safety issues associated with food packaging?
Chemical compounds present in packaging materials have the potential to seep into food, resulting in exposure to harmful substances like phthalates, bisphenols, and heavy metals. It poses a significant safety concern.
What are three food packaging requirements?
Utilize packaging material suitable for its intended purpose. Use materials that minimize the risk of food contamination. Guarantee the packaging process eliminates any potential for food contamination.
What should be included in food packaging?
Boxes for food packaging should contain: The name of the food. A "best before" or "use by" date. Any necessary warnings. Net quantity information. A list of ingredients (if there is more than one). The country or place of origin, if required. The lot number or use-by date. Any special storage conditions.
What is the most common food packaging?
Cardboard boxes, plastic wrap, and aluminum foil rank among the most ubiquitous materials. Cardboard finds its use in crafting cereal or cracker boxes. Plastic wrap excels at sealing smaller items like sandwiches or leftovers.