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User-Focused Best Packaging Design: The Key to Success

best packaging design

You might bring an appealing product from a store due to its catchy design. But guess what? As soon as you opened it, all the expectations fell into pieces. The packaging was frustrating to open or offered little to no information about what was inside. We all have our fair share of such a troublesome experience.

As business is the name of valuable deliveries there's positive news, good packaging players are pushing the boundaries to solve such designing issues with the packaging.

Let’s explore some of the best creative packaging designs by such players and learn how they are using design psychology to radiate positive buying signals for the consumers.

Defining the Criteria of "Best" in Best Packaging Design

the criteria for exceptionally best packaging design

The term "best" can be purely subjective, but when it comes to packaging design, there are several key criteria that would contribute to a winning design. What makes a design packaging concept truly the best?


  • Does it adequately safeguard the product during transport and storage?

  • Is it easy to open, close, handle, and use?

  • Is it made from eco-friendly materials and designed for easy recycling or reuse?


  • Does the design stand out on a crowded shelf and pique customer interest?

  • Does it clearly convey your brand identity, values, and product message?

  • Does it encourage customers to pick up the product and learn more?

Target Audience Appeal:

  • Does the design resonate with the ideal customer's taste and preferences?

  • Does it bring positive emotions and create a unique user experience?

  • Does the packaging consider the entire customer journey, from opening to product use?


  • Does the design stand out from the competition and offer something new?

  • Does it address a common pain point for consumers related to packaging?

  • Does it consider evolving trends and customer expectations?

The true mark of "best" packaging design lies in its ability to effectively serve multiple purposes.

Now is the time to delve into the strategies employed by leading packaging players and learn key pointers for creating winning designs:

1. User-Centric Design: Prioritizing the Customer Experience

packaging for people prioritizing the customer journey

The best packaging designs prioritize the customer journey, from the shelf to opening, using, and even disposing of the product. Here's how leading players put the user first:

Effortless Experience:

effortless experience

Frustration-free packaging is key. Think resealable closures, easy-to-tear perforations, or intuitive opening mechanisms.

Honest Coffee's single-serve pouches with tear notches ensure a convenient and mess-free brewing experience. They also incorporated clear labels with concise messaging that highlights key product features, ingredients, and instructions about the product use case.

Multi-functional Packaging:

multi functional packaging

Extend the life of your packaging by making it reusable or offering a secondary purpose. Take inspiration from Method's laundry. Why? Their detergent pouches are refillable, which reduces waste and encourages responsible consumption.

2. Emotional Connection: Building Brand Affinity

emotional impact of packaging on brand appeal

Packaging is also known for its ability to tell the story of the brand journey. By tapping into emotions and building positive associations, brands can build stronger customer connections. How do some packaging players achieve this?

Sensory Appeal:

sensory appeal

Engage multiple senses with tactile materials, enticing aromas, or even visual textures. Meow Meow Tweet lip balms have done a great job here. Their design displays adorable tins with whimsical names and textures, creating a delightful sensorial experience. Their Rosemary Eucalyptus Vegan Lip Balm is housed in a jumbo compostable paper tube, the scent is tingly, herbal and fresh, and the texture is a smooth balm.

The Key Takeaway?

  • Use visuals and messaging that reflect your brand identity and story.

  • Cater to individual preferences by offering customizable packaging options.

3. Sustainability: Designing with the Planet in Mind

sustainable packaging design for a greener future

Consumers today are increasingly environmentally conscious! By prioritizing eco-friendly materials and responsible production practices, packaging can become a positive force for change.

Minimalist Design:

minimalist design

Sometimes, less is truly more! Reducing unnecessary packaging elements and utilizing minimalist packaging design approaches that prioritize functionality without excess materials should be a way to go.

Apple's sleek packaging boxes use minimal graphics and recycled cardboard that smoothly showcase the product itself.

Sustainable Materials:

Packaging players whose designs align with eco-friendly practices opt for biodegradable and compostable, or recycled materials whenever possible. Grove Collaborative is a shining example of design inspiration. They use recycled cardboard packaging with minimal printing, thus minimizing their environmental footprint.

4. Leverage Innovation and Technology in Your Next Design

push the boundaries of design with packaging innovation

The future of creative packaging design is brimming with innovative possibilities. Leading players are using technology to create interactive experiences and improved functionality. Let's explore some emerging trends that will give you key insights:

Interactive Packaging:

Incorporate QR codes that link to product information, interactive games, or even augmented reality experiences. One can consider hidden compartments for surprise elements or features designed to spark curiosity. Companies like IKEA are already experimenting with augmented reality apps to get ahead with the trend.

AI-Assisted Design:

Leverage artificial intelligence tools to:

  • Analyze consumer trends

  • Optimize packaging layouts

  • Even generate design concepts that resonate with your target audience

It's a sure way to iterate the packaging design as per the user preferences. P&G, a giant in the consumer goods industry, is leveraging artificial intelligence to optimize their packaging design process. They utilize ai for packaging design to analyze such parameters for their business growth.

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Packaging design is often an underappreciated yet crucial aspect of product marketing.

A well-designed package is a proven way of attracting attention, storytelling, your brand packaging design, and ultimately driving sales.

So, if you want such benefits, consider incorporating the key elements and exploring innovative design approaches. That’s the reason we highlighted the key players from which you can take inspiration for your next packaging design for valuable input in the market.

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