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Choosing Between RSC Box and Die Cut Box: Optimal Packaging Solutions for Your Product

rsc box vs die cut box

Cost-effective, eye-catching, and durable packaging boxes are the demands of every company. But how can you combine all these aspects in one when loads of the best custom packaging boxes are available in the market? To simplify things, we have created a blog to compare the two legendary types of boxes - RSC Box vs Die cut box - to reduce the friction in your decision-making process.

RSC Box Vs. Die Cut Box: Fundamentals

rsc box vs die cut box fundamentals

What is an RSC Box? RSC stands for a regular slotted container. They are created from a single sheet of corrugated material with a standard/predefined size. Also, RSC containers are four-flap boxes that require tape to be closed to prepare them for shipping.

Die-cut boxes, on the other hand, derive their name from the production mechanism of die-cutting and have a front patch of various shapes to showcase the packed product.

A Comparison Between RSC Boxes and Die Cut Boxes

comparison between rsc boxes and die cut boxes


RSC Boxes come with a standard rectangular shape and have fixed sizes. Simply said, you cannot change these sizes according to your products. That's why one must choose RSC dimensions ONLY if they are nearly equal to your product dimensions. Still, the gaps that need to be filled by packaging fillers will remain. Moreover, the common sizes for RSC are:

Small Items: 4”x4”x4”

Medium Items: 9”x9”x9”

Large Item: 18”x18”x24”

Die Cut Boxes can be customized depending on the size and shape of your products. The exact size never lets your product roll inside the packaging boxes, making it a safer option.


RSC boxes are made of sustainable and recyclable corrugated materials. Brands change the thickness of the materials by choosing the flute type, including flutes A, B, C, E, or F.

On the contrary, custom die-cut boxes can be made in cardboard, corrugated, Kraft, and rigid. To meet the box’s strength to your product packaging, pick a thickness that varies between 9pt and 24pt.


Packaging your product securely in RSC box style requires an extra adhesive that could be tape or glue. Further, these boxes only have simple flaps without any locking mechanism, so they can’t hold their positions themselves.

Die-cut boxes are available in multiple custom box styles like straight tuck-top boxes, reverse tuck-top boxes, sleeve boxes, two-piece boxes, die-cut mylar bags, and handle bags. These boxes have special locks that don’t need any additional adhesives to keep their structural integrity intact.


Protection of the product during transit is always the main parameter in choosing the packaging.

RSC corrugated boxes will be useful if your product is more fragile and needs to cover a longer distance. But only when you add packaging fillers such as bubble wrap, packing peanuts, foam, and air pillows. Whereas die-cut boxes can be made to the exact size. They don’t need any sort of fillers, so they could hold your product in place. Also, you can add an insert for added protection.


Regarding affordability and cost-effectiveness, RSC boxes take a driving seat.

If you have budget constraints and are looking for better options to transport your products across boundaries, use RSC boxes. They have better stackability, and you can also use compartments to separate different products from each other in the same RSC box type. Die-cut boxes are a bit expensive because of the greater options for customization. One can change these boxes' size, shape, style, and design according to your needs.


RSC corrugated boxes have a disadvantage over die-cut boxes in the domain of quantity. MOQs are not applied to regular slotted containers; you only have to buy them in larger volumes. On the contrary, die-cut boxes can be obtained in any quantity, depending upon the offering of the packaging manufacturer and supplier.


Moreover, you need labeling and stickers for better brand identification so your customers can recognize your brand. RSC boxes do not allow you to print your brand assets because they are regular brown corrugated boxes. Die-cut boxes are shelf-ready packaging that helps you print your brand name, logo, and specific color scheme. You can also customize the design of these boxes in compliance with the incoming events as a treat for your customers.

Lead Time and Eco-Friendliness

Because of lower customization and standard sizes, RSC boxes don’t require much production time. While you can control and modify every aspect of custom die-cut boxes, they spend more time in production.

Sustainability in packaging is now the demand of every brand. The customer tends to choose packaging with little or no environmental impact at the end-of-life recycling process. RSC boxes and custom die-cut boxes are both manufactured with sustainable materials. They are reusable and recyclable.

What Should I Choose - RSC Boxes or Die Cut Boxes?

what should i choose rsc boxes or die cut boxes

It’s not the quest for personal preferences but a tangible issue that needs to be solved by considering your budget, branding, product nature, logistics, and consumer demographics.

For instance, if you are promoting your brand in the market, die-cut boxes will be the best option to go with. However, businesses choose RSC boxes when they have serious budget constraints. So, it depends on your goals and available resources to pick between the regular slotted or die-cut boxes.

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Final Remarks

RSC boxes are made of durable corrugated material with various types of flutes and are available in standard sizes. They are not open to loads of options when it comes to customization. Additionally, RSC boxes are the right choice for shipping your products, but you need packing material to make their sizes fit for your products.

Die-cut Boxes are entirely customizable boxes. Also, the front window in die-cut boxes helps your customers analyze your item so they can make better decisions. Using die-cut boxes to stack your products on the retail shelf is advised to stand out from the rest.

Half Price Packaging is ready to provide you with custom packaging solutions. We craft RSC as well as die-cut boxes. You can have them printed with your desired artwork or branding elements.

Reach out to Half Price Packaging now at 866-225-2112 to meet your demands, whether for RSC or die-cut boxes.

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