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Being one of the most reliable and experienced tri fold brochure printers, Half Price Packaging is here to help you with your marketing goals. From distributing brochures at trade shows or exhibitions to designing tri-fold brochures as take-out menus for restaurants or providing informational brochures at educational workshops or seminars, we provide versatile options to choose from.

Our company offers a wide range of different types of stocks and papers, each with its own features and benefits. These include:

  • Recycle paper

  • Matte paper

  • Glossy paper

  • Cardstock

  • Textured paper

  • Coated/uncoated paper

  • Specialty paper and more

All these options are available in thickness ranging from 9pt to 24pt. Our skilled team is here around the clock to assist you in selecting a paper that complements your design and helps convey your brand message to your target audience effectively.

Opt for 80# text weight paper for your trifold brochure printing if you prefer a thickness that allows for easy folding.

For a sleek and sophisticated appearance, our 100 lb silk paper stands out as the perfect choice from our material library. It offers a substantial feel and opacity that prevents see-through, ensuring your brochure exudes quality and professionalism.

When it comes to brochures size, you have the flexibility to order custom brochures in any dimension you prefer. Go for the standard 8.5" x 11" size, or request a custom size tailored to your needs. Various size options are available for both the flat and folded configurations of the brochure.


Keep in mind that when ordering custom print trifold brochures, you select the size based on the unfolded dimensions. Once folded, the width will approximately be one-third of the paper's width, while the height remains unchanged.

Distinguish Your Brand By Printing Tri Fold Brochure In Unique Formats

In trifold brochures, the term "formats" typically refers to the layout or arrangement of content within the three panels.

At Half Price Packaging, there are several common formats or design options for trifold brochures, each serving different purposes and emphasizing various aspects of the content. Here are some common formats:

  • Flat/No Folding – no specific format

  • 2 Panel – half fold

  • 3 Panel – tri-fold/letter fold, Z-fold, Gatefold

  • 4 Panel – Accordion fold, double gate fold, double parallel fold, french fold, roll fold

  • 6 Panel – half fold then tri-fold

Each format offers its advantages in terms of presentation, organization, and visual appeal. So, choosing the right format depends on the specific goals and content of the brochure.

Market Your Brand In an Exciting & Practical Using Our Unlimited Customizations

Capture attention with captivating, high-resolution, and professional photographs in your brochure.

At Half Price Packaging, we utilize cutting-edge printing techniques, including offset and digital methods, along with CMYK and PMS color models. This ensures eye-getting colors, stunning graphics, easy-to-read typography, clean typefaces, and high-quality photos in your designs.

The expert designers pay special attention to the white space between images, text boxes, and graphics, ensuring that margins between panels are maintained. Besides that, we carefully balance design elements to prevent overlapping between folds.

To make designing your brochure easier, you can use our tri-fold brochure design templates which are available in various sizes.

These templates come with customizable InDesign files and examples to guide you in organizing your content. We also offer annotated PDFs to assist you further.

Additionally, we provide free 3D mockups and samples (both digital and physical) to help you visualize your design options before making a decision.

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Frequently asked questions

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What should a trifold look like?
Trifold brochures are made from just one sheet of paper, cleverly folded into three equal sections. When you open them up, it's like unwrapping a little booklet. The front cover is on the left, and when you flip it open, the inside unfolds to the right, revealing more information.
What kind of paper do you use for trifolds?
When it comes to choosing paper for brochures, 70 lb text is often the go-to choice for those looking for something lightweight and budget-friendly. It's similar to the paper you'd find in a book, which means it's not super sturdy and can tear more easily. However, if you are planning to create a brochure with multiple folds and want it to have a bit of thickness, 70 lb text is a solid option to consider.
How do you organize a trifold?
When designing your trifold brochure, prioritize clarity for your customers. Begin with concise information on the front cover and inside the left panel. Use the remaining inside panels for detailed descriptions of your products and services, ensuring vital information isn't confined to the far right panel.
What is the best size for a trifold brochure?
Two of the most prevalent brochure formats are the half-fold and tri-fold. A tri-fold brochure typically utilizes standard letter size paper measuring 8.5” x 11”. Once folded thrice, each side of the brochure measures 8.5” x 3.69”.
How many words can fit on a trifold brochure?
Focus your brochure on just one product or service. Since trifold brochures have limited space (350-450 words), keep your writing short and to the point.