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Made easy to assemble and personalized in various shapes, sizes, styles, and finishes, our custom water-resistant labels and office & workplace presentation boxes work best for branding every type of business. Duo benefits: you can tempt top companies to buy your office supplies and keep your office equipment safe with boxes showing your logo.

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Cardboard Office Storage Boxes To Keep Your Workplace Clutter Free

When your workspace is free from clutter, it will be way easier to locate your valuables in your surroundings. Half Price Packaging provides high-capacity cardboard office storage boxes that keep your office atmosphere professional and distraction-free. You can also mark your contents in the reference area at the front and back of the office storage boxes to find your required documents or items instantly.

Enhance your productivity, organization, and contentment with our finely curated cardboard office storage boxes!

We make our boxes structurally strong and stable, ensuring easy loading/unloading of files and access to important documents. These boxes can protect irregular loads, and safely transfer bulk products from one place to another. Our team proposes extensive options for customizations in our ‘ready to pick’ collection of boxes. Half Price Packaging’s best sizing, styling, and material combination add value to your business.

Cardboard Office Storage Boxes With Lids: Your Organizational Tool

Are you worried about your important papers, bills, and records getting damaged during transport? Want to ensure that everything is within reach?

Our versatile storage solution saves you from the hassle of disorganized or misplaced piles of paperwork.

Our cardboard office storage boxes with lids are the perfect solution for storing your papers, documents, and more. The office storage boxes have removable lids and are fully collapsible occupying minimum space when not in use. Also, Half Price Packaging offers cardboard storage boxes in varying capacities ideal for carrying or storing larger items. For smaller products and better organization, use our compartment inserts to keep everything organized. Per your needs, inserts and sliders can be personalized with messages, brand logos, etc.

Storage Boxes With Exceptional Customizations Providing The Space & Security You Need

Our Office storage boxes are available in three standard sizes for storing or carrying your documents.

  1. Letter/Legal 15L x 12W x 10H inches
  2. Large Letter 24L x 12W x 10H inches
  3. Large Legal 24L x 15W x 10H inches

*The size of the cardboard office storage boxes affects their prices. Consult with our packaging experts to get affordable stationery boxes for your business.

Change the size and shape to what is suitable for your office needs for instance get the cube-shaped cardboard office storage boxes, if necessary for you. For bringing more durability to your office storage boxes, pick the right thickness as Half Price Packaging offers 9pt to 24pt variety for custom boxes.

Our Priority is Your Ease and Satisfaction!

Opt for our eco-friendly office storage boxes for a classic yet durable packaging solution!

Half Price Packaging offers E-Flute or B-Flute single and multi-wall corrugated cardboard boxes for office storage. Our FSC-certified material is completely recyclable and printed with water- and soy-based inks while all the adhesives are solvent-free. These features make our cardboard office storage boxes eco-friendly and sustainable.

Also, our cardboard storage boxes have strong gripping holes making the boxes convenient for carrying heavy items without coming apart. The lift-off lid is ideal to protect the box contents from dust and other environmental factors. Meticulously chosen dimensions allow for spacious and equally efficient packing while keeping them safe from external factors.

Professional-grade boxes offer effortless setups, particularly when they are designed with pre-creased flaps and packaging tape for secure seals. We can make them with a reinforced double bottom for sturdy and reliable storage. The biggest edge? These boxes add a clean, tidy look to any workstation, office, or room.

A Place For Secure File Storage

We provide all the storage boxes you need for arranging your office essentials. Apart from stylish designs, they are made to be easily stacked with the sole aim of saving space and providing maximum storage. An ideal choice for frequent moving and handling of records, they are available in every size – extra large to extra small and in between. Our multi-use cardboard office storage boxes are ideal for:

  1. Organizing your company files
  2. Tidying the cluttered workplace
  3. Keeping your storage places neat
  4. Move your possessions efficiently

For your office storage organizational needs, reach out to us now at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected] and get the best packaging solution you deserve for your business.

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Our commitment to quality and a customer-centric approach helps us to earn the trust of our customers and get a high rating on renowned review platforms like a 4.9 rating on TrustPilot and a 4.6 rating on Half Price Packaging has served more than 5000+ clients and meets your needs and expectations because of employing innovative packaging technology and 25 years of packaging expertise.

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Organize Your Office with Cardboard Office Storage Boxes

To find affordable solutions for your office storage packaging needs, contact Half Price Packaging & get the desired boxes. When you’re running a successful business, it’s essential to keep your storage or hard documents organized, clean, and ready to use. Get the most durable cardboard office storage boxes with lids from Half Price Packaging for keeping things organized in your office. For alternative storage options, try our standard-size cardboard office storage boxes or customize the size, shape, or thickness to comply with your needs.

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Frequently asked questions

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What types of office storage box packaging do you offer?
We offer various office packaging, including file and document boxes, binder and folder boxes, portfolio cases, and more.
Can I order office storage box packaging in bulk?
Absolutely. We cater to businesses of all sizes and offer bulk ordering options.
Do you offer free samples of office storage box packaging?
Yes, we do offer free samples so you can check the quality and design of our packaging before placing a large order.
Can my logo and branding be on the packaging of the office storage box?
Definitely. We offer fully customizable designs, allowing you to include your logo, branding, and any other specific designs you want on your office supply packaging.
Can the office storage box packaging be flat-packed for shipping?
Our office storage box packaging can be delivered flat-packed to save on shipping costs and storage space.