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Product Overview

The cannabis community has greatly benefited from the use of child-resistant mylar bags. Cannabis businesses are required by the Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA) to use child resistant bags in their packaging. This makes sure that no little child under five is at risk of consuming the products.

Uniquely created child resistant mylar bags include a high barrier material that shields the stored items from the effects of moisture, oxygen, and light. In addition to being chemically stable, these child protective bags also have a high tensile strength. Due to these characteristics, mylar bags are among the most popular child-resistant bags in the cannabis industry.

Half Price Packaging takes pride in offering our clients the highest quality bespoke child resistant mylar bags at prices that are in line with the market, together with exemplary services and discounts.

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Salient Features of Our Child Resistant Mylar Bags

In the cannabis sector, storage is typically a high priority. Whether you cultivate marijuana or run a legal shop, you will eventually need Kush packaging. For long-term storage, child-resistant packaging bags perform remarkably well. Other packaging choices are available, but they are not nearly as effective as flexible child-resistant pouches.

Half Price Packaging offers child resistant Mylar bags that are: 

Able to Conceal Scent

The ability of child resistant bags to conceal scent is one of their most outstanding features. A considerable portion of cannabis users choose to use the drug covertly. Therefore, many users of cannabis for both medicinal and recreational purposes strongly value and adore this feature.

Excellent At Controlling Moisture

Another great benefit of utilizing custom child resistant Mylar bags is moisture control. Weighing marijuana is a critical and crucial component of this market. Owners of businesses must make sure that every product they package maintains its weight and effectiveness.

Poison Control

When marijuana is used improperly, the user may experience negative side effects. So always be sure to store things properly. The consequences could be dangerous, especially if a child consumes the chemical. These elements have compelled our company to implement various safety measures and precautions while manufacturing child resistant Mylar packaging for your products.

Enjoy Our Unbeatable Services

Knowing where to buy child resistant mylar bags and child proof bags is crucial after viewing many crucial components of these items. These days, there are several locations where you can purchase child resistant bags and ASTM bags that are childproof. It's important to constantly make sure the flexible bags you buy are from a reliable wholesaler.

Half Price Packaging makes sure that your child resistant mylar packaging has a trendy appeal, and we do it finely with our amazing printing quality. Besides our vibrant color printing, we offer metal foil stamping to give a touch of glimmer to your high-end product packaging. When printed with metallic foiling, your brand name and logo will stand out on the retail shelves. 

We offer massive discounts on our stand up mylar bags packaging. On top of that, you can avail free shipping services on your order all across the United States and Canada. You can expect a secure delivery of your right at your doorway within 8-10 working days.

Grab the opportunity and place your order now. Start ordering, get a quote, provide your requirements and artwork, and get your products within the promised time. You can use our live chat support for further details or queries; call us at 866-225-2112, or email us at

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