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Are you looking to store and deliver snacks, nuts, cookies, cereals and other meals in appealing  and stylish packaging? Do you want your bakery, cafe or home-cooked meals to become popular?  

Then look no further ‘Meal packaging bags’ are one of the most cost-efficient way to preserve and promote your products. Half Price Packaging is one of the most seasoned printing and packaging companies in the industry. We provide a selection of incredible meal packaging to various bakeries, cafes, restaurants, and even individual homeowners delivering home-cooked food. The custom boxes help to the food fresh for longer time. 

As long as they are appropriate for the food item, these custom bags and boxes can be developed in any shape, style, or design. The brilliant-minded professionals are ready to customize the bags to your exact specifications. You may raise your sales and attract the attention of your clients in the shortest time possible by just following our simple design process. Order Now!

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Preserve Your Food Items with Meal Packaging Bags

Half Price Packaging offers complete variety of food gable bags that keep your goods fresh. Look through our massive selection of flat pouches, flat bottom pouches, stand-up pouches, and gusseted bags to pack sumptuous meals.  

Our competent and enthusiastic graphic designers will provide you with free creative advice. They are constantly there to assist you throughout the custom packaging process. Do you have any unique ideas that can make the printed meal packaging bags stand out, then feel free to share the blueprint and we will turn it into a reality? After reaching out to us, simply communicate the creative idea to our skilled designers, who will do their best to transform your imagination into reality. 

Exclusive Printing Qualities for Food Gable Bags

The custom bags are developed from an aluminum foil layer that is 5.4 mils thick that easily preserves the freshness and aroma of food items. Printing adds an aesthetic touch to branded meal packaging bags while it also functions as a branding tool. It's entirely up to you! Tell our designers if you want single-shaded or multi-color printing.

Offset, digital, and screen printing processes are available in a variety of color schemes, including CMYK, PMS, and RGB. Discover us for such low wholesale prices on fully printed and cost-effective bagged packaged goods!

What if we told you about some of our fantastic add-on possibilities for customizing your online custom bags? Aren't you curious to find out more? You can get options such as embossing, debossing, finishing, foiling, tear notch, gusset, hang tabs, and windows to improve the overall looks and feel of the mylar bags.

Why Choose Us?

Half Price Packaging respect and values the client requirements. We go to considerable lengths to make your custom package appealing. Send your item anywhere in the USA, UK, and Canada with our free shipping and design services.

Contact our customer service representatives if you have any questions. They are available round the clock to satisfy your packaging requirements. Then what are you waiting for? Get an instant quote! Please email [email protected] or call 866-225-2112 for further information. 

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Why Us?

At Half Price Packaging, we proudly stand as the top choice for meal packaging bag services, driven by an unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Our expert team dedicates meticulous attention to crafting packaging solutions that not only preserve the freshness and quality of your delightful culinary creations but also elevate your brand's image. By seamlessly blending innovative design with durable materials, we produce meal prep boxes that both captivate and safeguard your products. Our steadfast commitment to affordability ensures that you can access premium packaging without straining your budget. Choose us to elevate your meal presentation, leaving a lasting impression on your customers and distinguishing your brand in the competitive market. Connect with us at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected] to secure the best deal.

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Happy Meal Boxes for Turning into a Happy Mood

Turn every meal into a celebration with our Happy Meal Boxes designed to uplift the spirits of your customers. These vibrant, eye-catching boxes are more than just packaging; they're a gateway to joy. Crafted with creativity and care, our Happy Meal Boxes add a touch of whimsy and delight to every dining experience. Whether you're serving up delicious fast food or gourmet cuisine, these boxes are designed to make your customers smile. With their cheerful designs and sturdy construction, they not only keep your food fresh but also turn each meal into a happy moment. Elevate your customer's mood and leave a lasting impression with Happy Meal Boxes that radiate positivity and happiness.

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Frequently asked questions

Personalize your unboxing experience with a small surprise.

Do you provide customization, or do you exclusively offer standard or pre-made boxes?
We offer both choices to accommodate your specific requirements. You can opt for customization tailored to your preferences or explore our pre-made samples to choose your favorites.
How can I request a price estimate?
Obtaining a quote is convenient with multiple options available. You can communicate your specifications through live chat, email, or by reaching out to us using our contact methods.
What is your standard turnaround time?
Our typical process for printing, production, and delivery usually spans 8 to 10 business days.
What sets CMYK apart from Pantone (PMS) colors?
CMYK and Pantone colors serve distinct color purposes. CMYK employs four colors to create a spectrum, while Pantone (PMS) offers a selection of solid, predefined colors.
What stock options do you offer?
We provide three primary stock choices: Cardboard stock, Corrugated Cardboard Stock, and Rigid Stock.