Learn More About Ziplock Pouches

Thematically Designed Ziplock Pouches to Assure Product Integrity

These custom Ziplock pouches are made of a polyester resin composition, which ensures that food safety issues are fully addressed. Our stand-up pouches can be easily sealed using a flat iron or an impulse sealer to extend the shelf life of products. The thickness of these bags is 5.4mils thick which makes them highly resistant to environmental influences.  

Thanks to Half Price Packaging's advanced technology, we can now ensure environmental safety by using recyclable materials. The material is comprised of strong and eco-friendly paper stock to give your package a more natural and healthy feel and look. If the aluminum foil layer and kraft material are confusing you, contact one of our material analysts for further assistance.

Ziplock Pouches Are Available in All Shapes, and Sizes

Printing is a necessary component of Ziplock stand up pouches. These zip lock paper bags are engraved with our state-of-the-art offset and digital printing technologies. The procedure is quick and cost-effective. Cutting and printing can now be done concurrently thanks to technological adaptations. With practice, Half Price Packaging has become proficient in this process. Our finish is unsurpassed in the industry due to our cutting-edge procedures.  

Our stand-up pouches come in a variety of sizes ranging from 1gm, 2gm, 3gm, 5gm, 7gm, 26gm, 57, gm, and many more. Contact one of our talented designers, who will gather information on the size, weight, and dimensions of your product before turning your ideas into reality. Avail of our additional features such as gussets, rounded corners, windows, hang tabs, tear notches, and hang tabs to improve the overall looks of custom pouches and small ziplock pouches.

Why Half Price Packaging Should Be Your First Priority?

Our client's ideas and instructions are valued and respected by us. Half Price Packaging goes to considerable lengths to make your custom package appealing. Send your item anywhere in the USA, UK, and Canada with our free shipping and design services.

Contact our customer service representatives if you have any questions. They are available 24/7 to satisfy your packaging requirements. What exactly are you waiting for? Book your order now! Please email [email protected] or call  866-225-2112 for further information.