Learn More About Custom Printed Hang Tags

Custom Hang Tags for a Personalized Perfection

Half Price Packaging offers custom hang tags for various products, including clothes, bags, purses, shoes, and jewelry. Consider them small labels attached to your merchandise, providing essential information regarding price, size, and color. Our hang tags are available in a variety of sizes, paper stocks, and colors to suit your branding needs. Whether you need hang tags tied or hung, we ensure secure fastening to your products.

As far as drill hole size is concerned, 0.125" is the most popular hole size. However, we offer drill holes in any size, giving you the freedom to choose the perfect fit for your custom hang tags – catering to a wide range of preferences. From a small, discreet hole to a larger, more prominent one, we do it all!

Covering All Shapes; From Die-cut to Rectangular Ones

The standard size and shape options for custom-cut Hang Tags range from 1" x 3" to 5" x 7", offering a variety of choices in between.

For custom hang tags, we can customize any shape in any required size. From traditional rectangular or square shapes to eye-catching die-cut designs, there are endless possibilities for creativity. We specialize in crafting intricate designs, playful shapes, or elegant silhouettes for your die-cut hang tags, perfectly aligned with your vision.

To find the perfect custom hang tag size and shape, you can take the guide from our popular sizes here:

  • The dimensions of 2” x 3.5” mirror those of a standard business card, making it an ideal choice for convenient, rectangular custom tags.

  • Slightly longer at 2” x 4”, this size accommodates tag designs with both horizontal and vertical orientations, offering versatility in presentation.

  • For square-shaped tags, the 2.5” x 2.5” dimensions we provide give additional space. This size is perfect for minimalist designs that prioritize showcasing a logo or key pieces of company information.

If the size you need for custom die-cut hang tags isn't listed, simply request a custom quote. We'll work to meet your exact specifications.

CardStocks For Custom Hang Tags

We offer a wide range of material selection with thicknesses from 9pt to 24pt. The Kraft paper option is also available for those looking to target eco-conscious customers. They add a rustic look – effectively matching your sustainable products. Nevertheless, the 14pt and 16pt cardstock options are considered ideal for custom die-cut hang tags for several reasons, including but not limited to sturdiness, versatility, printability, and more.

14 pt. Cardstock

The go-to choice for business cards and postcards - sturdy and professional.

Balances quality and affordability

We offer it in finishing options, including gloss, matte, or high gloss UV coating on one or both sides (C1S or C2S).

Available for wholesale hang tag orders.

16 pt. Cardstock

Optimal for high-end brands or luxury products

We provide hang tag printing in both matte and gloss finishes on both sides

Best used for large hang tags with extensive text and images

Crafted from the thickest and most premium materials

Apart from this, feel free to browse our range of card and paper stocks. If you have specific preferences or need a custom stock, just let us know, and we'll provide a personalized quote.

Spark Curiosity With These High-End Printing and Coatings

At Half Price Packaging, we use state-of-the-art printing techniques to print custom hang tags with your graphics or desired designs effortlessly. We offer an extensive array of custom hang tag printing options to help your tags stand out. You can choose from Matte, Full UV, Spot UV, Silk, Inline Foil, and more, all on high-quality materials. You can also opt for hang tag printing on one or both sides. To meet sustainability goals, eco-friendly inks like soy-based and water-based are also readily available.

Our premium finishes include:

  • Varnish to protect the tag from moisture and wear

  • Various laminations include a thick protective layer for enhanced durability and can be glossy or matte

  • UV coating to add a high-gloss finish to particular areas of the hang tag, enhancing certain design elements

Reach out to us at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected] to get elegant custom hang tags with all the required information. Choosing Half Price Packaging for custom printed hang tags is a smart move.

Frequently asked questions

Personalize your unboxing experience with a small surprise.

What is the most common hang tag size?
The standard size for a rectangular hang tag is typically 2” x 3.5”, commonly found on many business cards. If opting for a slightly elongated shape, 2” x 4” provides a dimension that is ideal for a horizontally oriented tag design.
What kind of paper is used for hang tags?
Paper materials such as coated, kraft, insulating, corrugated, cardboard, and recycled paper, among others, are frequently utilized for garment hang tags due to their versatility and widespread availability in the market. Also, they include single-faced and double-faced paperboard.
What size font is a hang tag?
We advise utilizing a font size of at least 4pt (equivalent to 0.6mm in height) or larger. In addition, ensure that lines and stroke thickness are no thinner than 0.2mm.
What is the purpose of a hang tag?
Hang Tags are those little labels you find on clothes, showing info like size, price, and brand. But now, fashion brands are using them more for marketing, making them a powerful tool in the battle to stand out.
What is the best paper weight for hang tags?
Business cards are commonly produced on 12 or 14-pt cover stock, while thicker varieties use 18pt or 24pt (or greater) stock. This robust paper is also favored for a range of other print products like hang tags, door hangers, bookmarks, packaging, and table tents.