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Browse Through Our Extensive Array of Eco-Friendly Materials For Sturdy Archive Storage Boxes

For durable and robust archive boxes, Half Price Packaging uses sturdy cardboard or corrugated cardboard for engineering the boxes. These materials provide strength and durability to withstand the weight of stored items and protect them from damage. We reinforce the edges of the cardboard boxes with extra layers of cardboard or adhesive tape to prevent them from collapsing or tearing during handling and storage. For proper assembly, it's essential to seal the seams and corners tightly to stop the boxes from coming apart. For this, we use sustainable dividers inside the boxes to deter them from sagging.

Our wide range of materials include:

  1. Acid-free and lignin-free corrugated boards

Stop acid migration and degradation of stored products over time.

  1. Long-fibered pulp cardboard

Constructed from softwood trees like pine and fir to create stronger and more tear-resistant cardboard for heavy-duty archiving boxes.

  1. Double-walled or reinforced construction

It includes double layers of fluting (corrugated cardboard) on the base, ends, and handle areas to protect against impacts.

  1. Plastic or polyethylene boxes

Offer waterproof protection and can be highly durable and reusable, but are less eco-friendly than cardboard options.

Apart from that, you have the option to select archive storage boxes made from either Kraft paper stock or colorful materials, with thickness varying from 9pt to 24pt. These materials are coated with matte polyester lamination, providing water-repellent and anti-abrasive properties to ensure durability and protection for your stored items.

Increase the Functionality of Your Archive Storage Boxes With Useful Add-ons

People often hold onto personal items, like childhood toys, old posters, photographs, and office supplies, even after they have served their purpose. However, the challenge lies in storing these cherished belongings.

Half Price Packaging provides high-quality acid-free archival boxes, offering the ideal solution for preserving items with sentimental value. With these boxes, you can guarantee the long-term protection of your belongings. For a distinctive look and increased practicality, we offer numerous features to make your archive boxes eye-catching yet effective. You can customize the archive box with decorations like ribbons, flowers, glitter paper, beads, and gift wrap paper, giving it a unique touch.

Other add-ons that we offer are:

  1. QR codes

  2. Sliders

  3. Inserts

  4. Die-cuts

  5. Hang tags

  6. Compartments

  7. Ventilation holes

  8. Transparent windows

With these added features, your archive storage boxes become even more useful for protecting and arranging your belongings. They make sure that your collectibles stay safe and organized for years to come.

Add a Personalized Touch With Advanced Printing Techniques & Luxurious Finishes

At Half Price Packaging, our goal is to make sure your packaging stands out and represents your brand perfectly, down to the last detail. We specialize in creating exceptional archive storage boxes with lids, utilizing cutting-edge printing techniques like offset and digital printing. If you have a design ready or need some guidance to create one, our skilled team has herewith both CMYK and PMS color models. Our experts are committed to outstanding and personalized results that cater specifically to your preferences and needs.

Our printing techniques ensure detailed reproduction of your logo and other design elements. You can also opt for our adhesive labels or stickers featuring your logo and branding elements. These labels can be custom-designed to fit the size and shape of your boxes and applied easily to the surface.

Coated and laminated surfaces provide a smooth and uniform base for printing. The finishes enhance the durability of the box, making it more resistant to tears, scratches, and other forms of wear and tear. For a more tactile and premium look, you can consider embossing or debossing your logo onto the surface of the archive boxes. This technique creates a raised (embossed) or recessed (debossed) effect to add texture and visual interest.

Besides that, we have the following finishes available at Half Price Packaging:

  1. Foil stamping

  2. Glossy and matte lamination

  3. Aqueous coating

  4. UV coating

  5. Soft-touch and silk lamination

  6. Textured finishes and more

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Frequently asked questions

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Are your archive storage boxes acid-free?
Yes, our custom archive storage boxes are made from acid-free materials, ensuring the long-term preservation of documents and preventing degradation.
Can archive storage boxes be used for off-site storage?
Yes, archive storage boxes are commonly used for off-site storage in archives, records centers, or other remote locations. They are durable and designed to withstand transportation and storage outside of the primary facility.
What is the typical lead time for custom archive box orders?
The lead times for custom archive storage box orders can fluctuate based on factors like order quantity, customization specifications, and supplier capacity. Nonetheless, our standard turnaround time typically falls within the range of 8 to 10 business days.
Can archive storage boxes be labeled or customized with logos?
Yes, our archive storage boxes can be labeled or customized with logos, text, or graphics. This customization option helps with organization, identification, and branding.
Are your cardboard archive boxes stackable?
Yes, our cardboard archive boxes are designed to be stackable, increasing storage area and organization efficiency. However, it's essential to consider weight limits and stability when stacking boxes.