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Keep Your Valuable Goods Safe with Our Sturdy Box Packaging

It is a fact that people tend to keep many personal items and things even after their use. For instance, childhood toys, some old posters or calendars, old photographs, office stuff, and even tapes and recording collections. But the main issue is how to store these things. Half Price Packaging offers acid-free archival boxes, which is the best solution to keep things that hold a profound sentimental value to you and your customers. You can add a unique and personalized touch by decorating the archive box with ribbons, flowers, glitter paper, beads, and gift wrap paper.

These boxes are developed with eco-friendly and biodegradable materials like cardboard, Bux board, and Kraft. Our cardboard archive boxes are the best choice if you want to save your items over a long period as they are very sturdy and durable.

Get All the Creativity You Need

Half Price Packaging is a company that excels in making custom archival boxes. Our expert design team uses all the modern technology and trends to ensure that the finish quality satisfies your packaging requirements. If you already have a design, our team can help you give it an exquisite and personalized touch. We live in a digital age where most work is done online, but physical documents, receipts, and invoices still hold importance in a business environment.

The archive file boxes are a simple and effective solution for employees in offices and at-home users. The best thing about archive storage boxes is that they can be crafted into any shape and size, as requested by our clients. Moreover, our Halloween boxes are also very popular among leading brands in the market.

Discreet Packaging at Your Doorstep!

Half Price Packaging is a well-reputed firm that has been serving in the packaging industry for many years. We value our customers and provide 100% satisfaction to them. Our archive storage boxes are the ideal solution to keep your things secure over a long period. We aim to box your valuables in high-quality material with a fascinating graphic printing option. You can always contact our team for assistance or for any changes in the design of the custom boxes.

Our customer representatives are always available to answer your queries. Furthermore, USA, Australian, and Canadian citizens can avail of free shipping of these packaging boxes. We will deliver your boxes in 8-10 working days. You can message us or pick up your phone and call us at 866-225-2112. Or email [email protected] for custom archive packaging boxes.