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Provide Good Support For the Flowers With Versatile Material

Our flower shadow box is made from strong and adaptable materials with stock thickness from 9pt to 24pt. Our packaging solutions keep your delicate blooms safe during handling and presentation. They provide reliable protection and ensure your flowers stay fresh and vibrant for as long as possible. Whether it's a small bouquet or a large arrangement, our boxes are designed to accommodate different sizes and styles. Our high-quality materials include:

  1. Cardstock

  2. Paperboard

  3. Velvet or suede fabric

  4. Cardboard

  5. Corrugated cardboard

  6. Tissue paper

  7. Kraft wrapping paper

  8. Rigid boxes

To attract eco-conscious customers, you can opt for kraft paper for custom flower boxes as a sustainable and biodegradable option. It is breathable, allows air to circulate the flowers, and helps maintain their freshness for longer periods. Each of the above materials offers unique advantages and can be chosen based on factors such as the desired aesthetic, budget, and functional requirements for the specific floral arrangement or event.

Keep your flowers fresh and smelling lovely for longer with our sturdy yet eco-safe materials!

Personalize Your Custom Flower Box To Suit Your Needs

Create a deluxe and polished look that never goes out of style with our endless custom options.

We're here to personalize it exactly how you want, whether it's the size, shape, color, or design. Want it bigger or smaller? No problem! Need a special shape or style? We can do that too! Choose your favorite colors and patterns to match your style or event theme. With our personalization options, you can make your flower subscription box uniquely yours.

Half Price Packaging flower shadow boxes can be customized to various dimensions. From small boxes for a single flower to large boxes for a lavish display, we can do it all for you. You can choose from a variety of shapes, including square, rectangular, round, heart-shaped, or even custom shapes to match your brand identity. Moreover, brands have the freedom to pick classic white for elegance and simplicity or black flower window boxes for a timeless look.

Time to stand out tall with our practical, cute, and captivating flower boxes!

Highlight Your Branding Elements With Premium Printing and Exquisite Finishes

Leave a lasting impression on your customers with our crisp and vibrant printing!

We make sure your logo, tagline, or design is printed clearly and crisply for easy readability. Our printing services cover various techniques, including digital printing, offset printing, and screen printing, to meet your demands for vibrant full-color prints or precise spot color reproduction.

Half Price Packaging uses both CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key/Black) and PMS (Pantone Matching System) color models. CMYK is ideal for full-color printing, while PMS allows for precise color matching, ensuring consistency across different print runs.

From Valentine's Day boxes to wedding-themed and other special events, you have the flexibility to add names, dates, or personal messages to convert moments into unforgettable memories.

To make your monogram or other elegant patterns prominent, go for embossing or die-cut designs from our vast finishing library. These include matte/glossy/spot UV coatings, various laminations, foil stamping, holographic foiling, etc. These finishes improve the visual appeal and make your flower window boxes more durable and protected from dust, moisture, smudges, fingerprints, and other damage.

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Want to enjoy the perks of our exceptional services? Join us today and experience the difference firsthand with alluring yet functional flower box packaging. You can select from styles like our classic box with lid, sleek sleeve box, or convenient drawer style box. Looking for something unique? Try our magnetic closure box for added flair, or opt for the charming pillow box, flip-top box, or tray and sleeve box for a splendid presentation.

We provide exclusive discounts on wholesale or bulk custom orders. We also offer complimentary shipping and 3D design support for your ease and convenience. So don’t miss out on amazing offers and get your hands on our magnificent custom flower box packaging today.

For further details, reach out to us now at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected] and get an instant quote right away.

Frequently asked questions

Personalize your unboxing experience with a small surprise.

How do you package flowers in a box?
Choose boxes that are not bigger than 38 inches long, 24 inches tall, and 26 inches wide for your flowers. Put supports on the sides to keep the flowers from moving around. Also, use plastic strips or strong tape to close the top and bottom of the box. Don't forget to wrap the plastic strips too tightly; they might bend the box.
How do you keep a flower box fresh?
When you buy a flower box, it usually has a wet sponge inside. This sponge keeps your flowers fresh by giving them water. As the sponge dries out, you just need to add more water to keep your flowers happy and healthy.
What kind of flowers do you put in a flower box?
If your flower box gets a lot of sunlight, pick flowers that love the sun, like lavender, daylily, and geraniums. If it's in the shade, go for plants that like shade, such as fuchsia and touch-me-not. Think about the colors of your flowers, too, because they can change how your flower box looks.
What are two ways of packaging flowers?
Most people like bouquets that are wrapped in colorful plastic or thin paper. Florists usually tie these bouquets with ribbon, string, or tape, depending on how they look. Another common choice is to put the flowers in a glass vase.
How long can you leave flowers in the box?
Boxed flowers usually stay fresh for about a week or two, or maybe a bit longer if you take good care of them. One must check the foam they're sitting in every day. If it feels dry, add some water to keep it damp. Dry foam won't soak up water well, so it's important to keep it moist.