Eco-friendly packaging's pros and cons

eco friendly packaging

In the era of E-Commerce, the packaging in which the product arrives has a massive influence on the audience, since the first impression is the last impression. Nowadays, companies' traditional bags are manufactured from plastic material might be in practice, but the customers have started to look for sustainability. And, in consideration of consumers' personal habits and choices, the modern technological world is moving toward eco friendly Packaging.

Major Pros and Cons of Eco-Friendly Packaging

It seems that the benefit of sustainable packaging will stay for the next few more years. But as a matter of fact, is this significant change fortunate? What are the advantages and disadvantages if we do so?

Let's discover it...

Pros of Ecofriendly Packaging

Eco-friendly Packaging ideas comes up with more benefits and helps to attain sustainable environmental results. It is safer & secure for human life.

The following are the factors which support the use of eco-friendly packaging.

Intensified Regulatory Acceptance

According to the 2021 Global buying green report, 67% of consumers prefer eco-friendly packaging boxes for the products they purchase. The product should be in recyclable material. These 67% were well aware of the environmental factors that affect human health. This recent research shows that people are becoming more fascinated with conservation matters.

Canadian and European Union tend to move to a greater extent toward Sustainable Packaging. These nations are about to apply massive taxes on non-ecofriendly Packaging. The European Union will strike additional tax in the new year on non-recycled Packaging. It won't be wrong to say that the future is about eco-friendly packaging.

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Less Aquatic Pollution from Plastic Packaging

Plastic bags and Plastic waste materials are significant donors to ocean pollution. It is not safe for humans and for aquatic life. The future is based on custom eco-friendly packaging because they have 100% recycled content and are made by industrial processes or through a landfill. It is naturally biodegradable, and companies design it in any size, color, and dimension. The consumer will appreciate that the bags are composed of them.

No Toxins and Allergens

Companies use petrochemical and synthetic materials to make traditional bags with toxins, but compostable Packaging is not toxic and does not contain any type of allergens. It allows the consumer to live a happier and more secure life.

Convertible Utilization

You can always reuse eco friendly kraft boxes many times to make other products, but it depends on the nature of the box's material. Bamboo is a great example. You can use it further in cutlery packages.

Lessen Prices

You can move to eco-friendly packaging wholesale, which is cost-effective. It is beautiful, captivating, and lightweight. It is beneficial for every single commodity. In addition, this type of packaging reduces shipping and elevated costs.

Better Brand Reputation

When you switch to sustainable packaging, your brand will be loved and can attain customer loyalty. Contrary, if you utilize plastic packaging, it can destroy your brand's name as people's aptitude are now toward safer Packaging for a healthy environment.

Broaden Customer Base

Eco-friendly packaging can help you broaden your customer base and allure new customers. Evergreen Packaging published papers that showed an increasing trend in customer choices of eco-friendly packaging.

Similarly, Trivium packaging and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) issued a report at the start of 2020 on the talking point of Sustainable Packaging. The report contains a survey. Its response rate is higher than 15000 South American, European, and U.S consumers.

These studies show that now you have a fantastic opportunity to uplift your company by using eco-friendly boxes.

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Cons of Ecofriendly Packaging

Though green packaging has a lot of merits, let's discuss its demerits too.

Costly for Small Entrepreneurs

The cost of switching can be expensive for some small businesses. The materials used in producing renewable sources are of more price than others. There is a chance of having high-cost issues in production procedures or at any point in your operations. The price point of traditional bags in comparison with plastic bags is lower.

Required Execution Concern

Sustainable packaging may not meet the criteria in terms of functional, performance-based, or practical requirements.

Moreover, sustainable packaging is not:


Waterproof Adherent to specific climates and temperatures

For their decomposition, favorable circumstances might be required. In the United Kingdom, nearly 90% of houses do not have compost heaps, and they also have a narrow range of industrial fertilizer facilities

Furthermore, eco-friendly packaging is still an under-research concept. So, it can lack idealized properties and traits.

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Time Taking Process

Some sustainable packaging materials require agricultural crops that take the whole season to grow. For Instance, Corn is a costly and renewable crop. Corn serves compostable packaging as well as food. It is under discussion that we can use it to feed poor and needy people rather than packaging.

Some Packaging Materials might not be Safe

Some types of sustainable packaging cannot stop contamination at markets or in food stores. They lack specific properties required to keep the product safe. And we can't neglect this factor at any point because nothing is more important than someone's life.

Sensitivity to Moisture

Some types of eco-friendly packaging are sensitive to moisture, and it is very thin and can unveil the object. If your product requires high-barrier packaging, then those types of eco friendly soap boxes are not the right choice for you. You can use boxes with lamination or other materials instead of them.

Misleading of Manufacturers

Companies can mislead customers by greenwashing. They sometimes claim that certain material is present in packaging production, which in actuality might not!

So, is this change worthy?

After considering the advantages and disadvantages, we can say that eco friendly packaging is healthier, maintains high standards, and is a more profitable business. It can uplift your company name, boost your product sales, and attract new customers.

But these plans can face challenges. For Instance, moving to sustainable packaging for small business holders is 25% costlier, as compared to traditional packaging. Moreover, some brand-new packaging alternatives don't perform as well as the traditional packaging, they mislead the consumer with their tactics.

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