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The Cost Effectiveness of Custom Packaging through Custom Boxes Wholesale


Packaging has become one of the essential aspect of branding, and business companies are designing their marketing strategies keeping the value of packaging in mind. We live in a tough business world where consumers have a diversity of options when it comes to retail, cosmetic, or food products. The modern day customer has become quite smart and only stick to a brand that promises to deliver quality product and service every time.

Today, for many consumers, the first impression is the last impression. Marketing research and surveys suggest that in a retail or super store, a brand has less than 20 seconds to grab the attention of the customer. In a store, the products are divided according to categories, and in each category, there are several options for a customer. Experts consider packaging so important that even a good quality product will be ignored if the packaging and presentation of the product do not impress the customer. A neat and sophisticated packaging shows that a company is going the extra mile to fulfill the expectations of its customers and not compromising on anything.

The trend of custom products has increased in recent times, and it can be seen with examples such as customized clothes, bags, shoes, watches, and even electronic gadgets. The rapid and innovative advancement in technology has helped with the success of custom products. Technology has also influenced the packaging industry, and now business companies big or small can order custom boxes instead of the standard and ready-made boxes for shipping or displaying purposes.

The Modern Era of Custom Packaged Boxes:

Traditionally, business companies used standard boxes for packaging, and there were limited options available. But due to technological growth, a business company or even a startup company can order distinctive custom packaged boxes according to a given specification. For example, if you have started a cosmetic brand, then you can easily design and develop a new style of packaging for a variety of cosmetic products that you want to sell. A custom lipstick box will be entirely different from a custom eyeliner box.

In the traditional packaging process, the production of standard boxes in a particular or unusual shape required the use of a die. The die is necessary to give proper cut and shape to the box. Depending on the size of box required, and the complexity of the design, the cost of using a die becomes quite expensive. But with innovative packaging, there is no need of using any die for making boxes. Many of the companies and particularly the small and startup organizations think that custom boxes are expensive as it takes extensive amount of skill and resources to implement a specific design along with the other value added features. The truth is, many packaging providers offer custom packaging boxes wholesale rates that means you can avail considerable discount if you order the personalize boxes in large quantity. The reasons why custom packaging has become the talk of the town are

·         Improved Functionality

The word custom means that the boxes are made according to the design requirements given by you which means you are free to choose the size, shape, layout, color, font, image, tagline, and logo for the boxes for your brand. The boxes are usually made from cardboard, corrugated, or Kraft material which is tried and tested for stability, flexibility, and durability. The custom packaging not only provides a safe and secure packing for the product but to easily be displayed on retail shelves and racks as well.

·         Attractive and Stylish Design

Nearly all kinds of enchanting and alluring designs are possible on a custom box that can help your brand become more visible and captivate an increased number of customers. The modern trends show that customers are always fascinated by new design and style in the product packaging as they can connect with the product.

·         Promotional Purpose

The standard form of marketing involved spending a significant amount on print and media advertisement, but a recent study shows that creative packaging can be a cost effective solution to increase brand perception. Apart from the colorful designs, the custom boxes include an artistic brand logo, vibrant artwork, and other necessary information pertaining to the type of product. The precise and relevant information itself can compel the customers to buy the product.

·         Distinctiveness

One of the critical importance of modern style of packaging is also to achieve a competitive edge. Today, business companies are trying to integrate and make use of all the strategies that can help them attain success and sustainability. Custom packaging is one avenue that can promise success as it allows you to experiment the boxes with new and vivid designs that can help your brand to be distinctive. Once a customer is a fan of your product, then he/she can easily identify and recognize your brand amid other competitive brands.

The Cost Effective Marketing Solution through Custom Boxes:

It is a wish and dream of nearly every business company to maximize profits, minimize costs, and achieve economies of scale. If you are the owner of a startup business with limited budget and investment, then the custom boxes wholesale is the best thing for you as it can not only help you present your products but also give your brand more exposure in the market. It can also help to connect and build trust with the target audience.

The tradition of plain boxes for shipping and advertising purpose is becoming obsolete, and it is time to relish the opportunity of custom packaged boxes that have a trendy and elegant appearance. The affordable wholesale rates help you to implement a wide range of customizations on the boxes you want to develop and in a reasonable amount without any extra charges. Previously, there was no concept of custom options, and product manufacturers had limited option when it came to packaging. The introduction of custom boxes has uplifted and added a new dimension to the retail, food, and cosmetic industry. The best thing is that custom packaging can be used by anyone from a multinational to a startup company and even for your personal use. There are many people who want to try new options when presenting a gift to their loved one; they can achieve it quickly with the help of a sophisticated custom gift box.


The Need to Employ Service of Professional Packaging Company:

Half Price Packaging is one of the best online packaging company that provides authentic and affordable custom boxes wholesale. We employ top quality packaging and printing system that comply with the industry standards. We have an expert team that will guide you in the best manner to help you achieve your marketing needs and increase of sales through stylish packaging.

Our design team is skillful and knows the value of modern and distinctive packaging in today’s competitive environment. The design team is aware of the current trends in packaging and offer you an archive of awe-inspiring designs that you can choose for your product packaging. You can also share your own creative idea or concept, and the design team will add the required finishing touches to it.

We use superior quality cardboard, Kraft, and corrugated material for the packaging of the boxes. The final material is selected depending on the type, size, and purpose of the product. If it is a delicious pizza for delivery purposes, then Kraft material is most suitable. Our packaging material is robust, safe, durable, and eco-friendly, which means it will not add to the carbon waste. There are several shapes that we offer for the custom packaged boxes that include the standard rectangle, oval, square, and circular shape and modern sleeve and tray, tuck-end, pillow, and reverse tuck end shape.

Half Price Packaging is one packaging company that allows a maximum number of customization to its client and customers. We allow clients to pick a wide range of custom features, whether it is finish quality or printing options. We use modern digital and offset printing that allows our team to deliver astonishing visual display in the custom boxes from the logo to the artwork and the necessary information that needs to be imprinted. You can choose Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating, and Spot UV for the custom packaged boxes. We also custom fit die-cut window and handles to the boxes that make them easier to hold and carry while walking. Other value added design features include embossing, gold foiling/silver foiling, and raised ink.

No matter what your budget need is, we have got the right solution for you with our economical offer that reduces the total cost of custom packaging and provides you with an amazing discount on bulk orders. Our team always keeps you updated on the progress will only begin designing after you approve the demo design that we share with you. The custom boxes wholesale are best for startups and can help them enhance their brand name in a fantastic way.

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