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Pillow Boxes Providing Versatility With Variety


What Are Pillow Boxes?

As the name shows, pillow boxes are long, curved gift box made of card, shaped like a pillow. Pillow boxes are a simple, sleek elegant and lightweight packaging box ideal for holding small delicate items. Their novel design makes them a guaranteed attention grabber.

Why To Choose Custom Printed Pillow Box Packaging?

Pillow boxes are preferred over other boxes because they are unique and give a mesmerizing visual and are highly durable. Custom printed pillow boxes give your packaging the heft of luxury. People have a misconception that high quality would always demand more funds but on the contrary pillow box packaging promises durability with style keeping the cost minimum.  The versatility of custom printed pillow box packaging makes it more demanding. Uses of Pillow box packaging are not limited to a certain product rather they can be used in any industry for packaging any kind of product.

Versatility With Variety

Along with the modernization of the world, the packaging industry has also gone wide and has made tremendous innovations. Today it is impossible to stick to one design as people’s preferences change with new trends. So, pillow boxes are available in different types which allows customers to make the right choice for their product.

1. Gift Pillow Packaging

Gifts are a source of love and emotions so when a person thinks of giving something valuable to their loved ones, he wants to make sure that it is packed in a way that brings a smile on their face and looks appealing even before opening the gift this is where Gift Pillow boxes makes their point. They are a perfect packaging solution for any sort of gift your heart desires to present.

2. Window Pillow Boxes

Window Pillow boxes are categorized under transparent pillow boxes. These boxes have a die cut window option that makes the product more attractive. Customers can have a look at the product before buying it which gives them satisfaction before consuming. They can be sure that they won’t be bluffed by just an alluring packaging. They are mostly used for displaying candies and chocolates enticing the customers to buy them.

3. Custom Kraft Pillow Boxes

Nowadays people are following the “go green drive”. Custom kraft pillow boxes provide the nature friendly packaging as they use kraft paper which can be recycled and gives a decent high-end look to the package. Kraft Pillow boxes are a complete eco-friendly packaging solution and budget friendly too.

4. Pillow Packaging with Handle

People always look for packaging that gives them ease and comfort.  Pillow boxes are already known for easy handling and assembling but the option of adding a handle makes it more durable and easier to carry. It helps in hassle free display as well as transportation.

5. Cardboard Pillow Boxes

Cardboard Pillow boxes are popular for being economical and practical. They give a sturdy look but with elegance. Pillow boxes give an extra layer of protection to the product it withholds. Cardboard Pillow Boxes are further categorized as Apparel Pillow Boxes and Food Pillow Boxes. Mostly clothes and shirts are packed in these apparel pillow boxes because they not only make them look pleasingly presentable but also protect them from dust and other damage or mishandling during transport and on the display shelf, keeping them wrinkle free at the same time.

6. Personalized Pillow Boxes

A dull boring box attracts nobody. Customization and personalization are the trending heart winners of the packaging industry. Even a small entrepreneur can brand himself up by using the personalized pillow boxes as they allow you to interact with the customers before your product is even bought. Big Business companies can advertise themselves economically with custom printed pillow boxes with logos just by adding the brand’s catchphrases.

7. Food Pillow Boxes

Who doesn’t know about the famous pies from McDonalds? I bet you can recognize it even from a distance. Did you ever wonder why it is placed there? Well, this is what food pillow boxes are used for. Food Pillow Boxes serve multiple purposes, the apparent being means to attract potential customers. They also keep the freshness and flavor intact. The aroma of the food packed inside doesn’t go away. Food Pillow Boxes act as an effective layer of protection for moisture and don't let any foreign odor get mixed up. They also protect the food items from the transportation damage.


It won't be wrong if one claims that pillow box packaging has introduced the luxury packaging with more cost effectiveness. These custom pillow boxes have limitless uses and can be customized according to your package requirements. This is the reason why printing packaging companies are offering a vast option range to get your custom box packaging done at nominal prices. At half price packaging, we give you the leverage to let your imagination run wild while we help you customize your packaging requisites. 

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