Pillow Boxes Offering Flexibility and Variety

It is seen that people pay more attention to unique things. The same is true about the products packaged in differently designed packaging.

Pillow boxes are the finest example of design uniqueness. They are one of the most attention-grabbing packaging solutions available in the market. Resembling their name, cardboard and kraft paper made pillow boxes are long, curved, and pillow-shaped. They are elegant, sleek, and lightweight boxes and are ideal for packing all small and delicate products. Placed on retail counters, these boxes are capable of attracting people from far.

Table of Content

  1. Why Should One Choose Custom Printed Pillow Box Packaging?

  2. Uniqueness of Design

  3. Multipurpose

  4. Affordable Solution

  5. Care For the Environment

  6. Versatility With Variety

  7. Gift Pillow Packaging

  8. Window Pillow Boxes

  9. Custom Kraft Pillow Boxes

  10. Pillow Packaging with Handle

  11. Cardboard Pillow Boxes

  12. Last Words

Why Should One Choose Custom Printed Pillow Box Packaging?

There are multiple reasons for choosing custom printed pillow boxes. From creating a brand story to customer engagement, these custom boxes are found incredible to serve the purpose. Here are some aspects of these uniquely designed boxes that make them the first choice of entrepreneurs across industries.

Uniqueness of Design

The uniqueness of design is one of the key things that attract customers and help brands and businesses increase their sales. According to a survey by IPSOS, about 72% of American consumers make their buying decisions influenced by the packaging design of any product. And about 80% of buyers go for gifts if they are packaged in uniquely designed boxes.

In this regard, custom-designed pillow boxes are up to the mark. Their unique shape and style help packaged items to become prominent on the retail shelves and grab customers attention instantly. That is why soap, cosmetic, and food brands are using these boxes excessively and are enjoying high profits. So, it is rightly said by Steve Jobs. that,

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.


The other aspect that makes pillow boxes versatile is their multiple usages. These customized boxes are not limited to packing any specific product. You can use them for any product you want. This is because these boxes are customizable, and one can get them in any size per the product specific needs.

These cardboard made custom boxes are widely used in the food industry for products like candies, sweets, and spices.

Similarly, these boxes are also useful for toy packaging, cosmetics, and multiple other items. They are also a remarkable option for gifting to your loved ones on special occasions. At wedding ceremonies, they can also be used as party favors to make. In other words, you can take their advantage to set your products irrespective of product type and purpose.

Affordable Solution

The other aspect that makes these custom boxes a top choice for all is their affordability. It is a known fact that people always look for high-quality solutions but at the most affordable prices. In this regard, custom pillow boxes wholesale become their priority as packaging manufacturers offer these boxes at lower rates.

In other words, buying these custom made boxes in bulk always helps brands and businesses save money. On top of that, their manufacturing materials are also available at relatively cheap rates that help manufacturers offer lower rates compared to other types of packaging solutions.

Care For the Environment

One of the key reasons for choosing these pillow boxes is their nature-friendliness. As these boxes are manufactured out of rigid yet recyclable and reusable materials, they are up to the green packaging standards prevailing in the packaging industry.

Packaging manufacturers are aware of customers' changing preferences and are striving to provide clients with packaging solutions that can help them satisfy their customers. It is a known fact that about 70% of customers prefer buying products packaged in sustainable packaging.

That is why packaging manufacturers use materials that are in line with prevailing green packaging trends while manufacturing custom pillow box packaging.

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Versatility With Variety

Besides the technological advancements in the world, innovations are also taking place in the packaging industry. Nowadays, it is unthinkable to cling to an identical design as people priorities change with changing needs and trends.

Therefore, packaging manufacturers like Half Price Packaging are offering pillow boxes of various types, which entitle buyers to make the right selection when it comes to choosing pillow boxes for their products.

Gift Pillow Packaging

Gifts are a great source of love and affection, so when someone thinks of giving something priceless to their dear ones, they want to ensure that it is packaged in a way that fetches a smile to the recipient's face and looks attractive even before unwrapping the gift. This is the point where Gift Pillow boxes come in handy to serve the purpose. They are an ideal packaging solution for any kind of gift you may desire to present.

These boxes are available in various sizes and can be adorned with plenty of embellishments to enhance the charm of the packaged gifts. Their unique design and shape have enough power to grab people's attention at first sight.

Window Pillow Boxes

Custom window pillow boxes are classified under clear pillow boxes. These custom packaging boxes come with a die-cut window that makes the packaged products more visible and attractive. Buyers can see through the product before purchasing it, which provides them with satisfaction before using it.

These boxes ensure customers are not just bluffed with the attractive packaging. They are getting what they need in the best possible way. These custom boxes are primarily used for exhibiting chocolates and candies and lure buyers to buy them.

Custom Kraft Pillow Boxes

Are you looking for an eco-friendly and sustainable solution for gifts or product packaging? Custom kraft pillow boxes are there to meet your green packaging needs. As their name depicts, they are manufactured out of kraft paper that is known for its recyclability and easy decomposition in the environment. These boxes are fully up to the mark for attracting eco-minded customers to your products.

Pillow Packaging with Handle

If you are searching for an easy-to-carry packaging solution to help your customers carry their purchased items, you can get pillow boxes with handles. Owing to their customizability, you can get them with the desired features and functions. Packaging suppliers add handles to custom pillow boxes to enhance their effectiveness for easy product carriage from one place to another.

Cardboard Pillow Boxes

Cardboard Pillow boxes are famous for being practical and economical. They give an elegant and sturdy look. Cardboard-made Pillow boxes provide an additional layer of protection to the packaged product. Cardboard Pillow Boxes are also classified as Food Pillow Boxes and Apparel Pillow Boxes. Primarily shirts and clothes are encased in these boxes. Because they do not just make them look nicely presentable but also secure them from dust and other damage or misusage during transportation and on the display shelves while keeping them rumple-free at the same time.

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Last Words

Versatility in the packaging design and usage is one of the most cherished things for brands and retail business owners. Apart from the unique shape, custom pillow boxes are wonderfully exclusive and available in multiple sizes, styles, and materials. The above discussion is enough to understand that buying these custom boxes allows you to have a versatile packaging solution to make your products stand out in the market.

Half Price Packaging is one of the prominent names in the US packaging industry for such incredible packaging solutions. Here you will not just get the best quality solutions but also will enjoy special discounts and free shipping on bulk orders. Get started now!

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