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The apparel pillow boxes uplift the way your brand should appear and give a unique presentation. Their unique shape and design, when the box's curving edges are folded down, takes on a pouch-like appearance. To make pillow boxes, multiple thicknesses of paperboard are folded flat and glued together. Both sides of these boxes include flaps that fold inward to lift the box into a pillow-shaped configuration. These amazing boxes in large size can store your clothing and protect the fabric from dirt, and present your luxury apparel brand differently.

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Eco-friendly Packaging Material

We collaborate with FSC-certified material suppliers to ensure a timely supply of items such as robust corrugated cardboard, eco-friendly Kraft, and durable cardboard. These boxes are sturdy, elite, recyclable, and aesthetically appealing.

Freedom of Customization

When there is too much congestion on the retail shelves, your customized apparel gift boxes should be so appealing that they jump off the racks and speak to the audience. Everything, including the material, styles, sizes, and printing, is customizable with us. To stand out in the market, you must retain your focus on your company's uniqueness and use distinctive designs, fonts, and color palettes for your bespoke garment boxes. Furthermore, we offer die-cut windows in any shape or size for your apparel box packaging, allowing the customer to see the fabric quality and color.

Explore Vibrant Colors for Apparel Pillow Boxes

Printed pillow boxes are one of your primary marketing tools to boost your brand's growth. Our latest printing technology guarantees a high standard for all the artwork and graphics to be imprinted on the custom packaging boxes for clothes. In addition, our expert graphic designers are always there to assist you in getting unique patterns for your apparel pillow box with logos. You can also share your designs with us to print the box according to your ideas. Moreover, you can add apparel sleeves to make luxury apparel packaging.

Add-ons for Apparel Branding 

Our customers may personalize the packaging of their garments by choosing from a choice of die-cut and window-cut patterns. In addition, we provide a variety of clear PVC window solutions that protect garments from moisture, dust, and grime. Finally, we will uniquely enhance your brand with metal foil stamping and embossed/debossed printing options to make it more striking. They are popular among our consumers.

High-quality Coatings and Finishings

Our coatings, such as Semi-Gloss AQ, Gloss AQ, Gloss UV, Matte UV, and Spot Gloss, may also improve the appearance of apparel cardboard pillow boxes. They increase the resilience of the packed garments against UV damage, abrasion, color-fading, and other deterioration.

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Why Us?

We offer a die-cutting option to add enchanting cutouts on the packaging to enhance their uniqueness. Half Price Packaging provides exciting and aesthetic apparel pillow boxes made of various materials, including cardboard, Kraft, and corrugated cardboard. Our delivery time is 8-10 working days. If you want to reduce the cost of custom packaging, you can buy the boxes in bulk and get our pillow boxes wholesale at minimum rates. 

For more queries and concerns, contact our effective customer support service from anywhere in the world via e-mail at [email protected], or dial 866-225-2112. Please place your order and enjoy the best online shopping experience with us.

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Spread Your Apparel Brand with Sustainable Packaging

With the advancement in technology, the entire apparel market is getting saturated. 

Half Price Packaging offers innovative pillow packaging boxes design that can boost your enterprise performance, improve your brand image, and make your brand expand and impress the potential audience. We pay attention to your concerns and make the best quality sustainable custom pillow boxes for your apparel that reflect your brand's standard and raise sales.

Adding unique customization features like die-cuts, foiling, printing brand logos, and any other details, etc., will eventually make them more attractive and appealing to customers. Furthermore, choosing the color scheme, templates, and material can also serve to improve the end look. All these customization features are provided for free. In addition, different pillow boxes like Kraft pillow boxes, luxury pillow boxes, food pillow boxes, gift pillow boxes, etc., are used for the respective products.

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